Suni embroidery of the Yi nationality

Home Culture 2019-07-12

Suni embroidery of the Yi nationality

Sani embroidery is a unique technology with a long history. There are many kinds of flower picking techniques, such as picking, embroidering, filling, receiving, buttoning, single-sided picking and double-sided embroidery. From an early age, Sani women inherited the techniques of hemp planting, hemp weaving, spinning, weaving and embroidery from their elders. Whether they could embroider or not was regarded as a standard to measure women's abilities.

The main products are: clothing, Baotou, waistband, tie, flower shoes, children's caps, umbrella sets, tablecloths, curtains, wall hangings, letter inserts, backpacks, backpacks, wallets, wallets, small handbags and so on. In Sani people's home life, embroidery involves a wide range. Sani embroidery is delicate, delicate and balanced in design, brilliant in color, and is popular with tourists both at home and abroad.

Folk embroidery of the Yi nationality is a kind of costume culture spread among the people. The delicate embroidery methods of flower selection, embroidery and hollow-out make the folk embroidery of the Yi nationality a unique scenery in Yunnan's national customs.

Yi girls began to learn embroidery around the age of 10. Generally, mother-to-daughter and female companions learn from each other in their leisure time. Before the reform and opening up, Yi folk embroidery was sellable for its own use. After the booming tourism industry in Shilin, tourists at home and abroad are very fond of the Yi embroidery in Shilin and are scrambling to buy it. Yijia women seize the business opportunities and use embroidery to make wallets, wallets, wall hangings, waistbands and cushions of various specifications for sale to tourists. Yi embroidery has become a commodity, which opens the door of commodity economy for Yi women who work in agriculture for generations. They sold their embroidery in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. They set up a tourism service industry with their savings from embroidery sales. Many women collect folk embroidery products for processing and selling, forming unique tourist commodities and selling them to famous tourist attractions in the country; some set up national embroidery factories, on the basis of collecting and processing folk embroidery products, mass production of tourist commodities with national characteristics by computer embroidery machines, some of which are sold in well-known tourist attractions throughout the country; and others have started to set up national embroidery factories. The hotel receives tourists from all over the country. In the practice of selling embroidery, Yi women also learned to talk with foreign customers in English and Japanese.

Nowadays, the embroidery market has been formed by the Shilin Lake, and there are also Yi folk embroidery exchange venues in the county. In order to further develop Yi embroidery, the county women's Federation regularly runs embroidery training courses to train women of all ethnic groups in embroidery skills. "Ashima embroidery bag" has won the gold medal of China International Technology Products Exhibition. The colorful Yi embroidery dresses up a new generation of "Ashima" and "Ahei". The humanistic customs in Shilin tourism are more beautiful and moving. Yi embroidery has become a small well-known tourist commodity, which also opens up a new way for the Yi family in Shilin to become rich and increase their income.