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Sun Tzu

Sun Wu (about 545 BC - about 470 BC), long Qing, late spring and autumn. Qi State Le An (today) Shandong ProvincePeople in the North . China's famous military strategist and statesman in the spring and Autumn period, also known as "soldier saint" or "grandson" (Sun Wuzi). Zhi Sheng, a strategist It is known as "the master of the hundred soldiers" and "the originator of Eastern military science".

Sun Wu moved from around the end of sixth Century to the beginning of fifth Century, from Qi to Wu. Wu kingdom Heavy ministers Wu Jun (Wu Zixu) commended and presented thirteen articles of art to the king of Wu and Lu Lu. He led the army of Wu to defeat the army of Chu state and occupy the capital city of Chu state, almost to the end of Chu state.

It has a masterpiece. Sun Tzu's art of war The thirteen article, praised by later generations of strategist, is known as "the holy book of military science" and is placed in the first place of the seven books of Wu Jing. He wrote " Sun Tzu's art of war "In China and even in the history of military history, military academic history and philosophy, it occupies a very important position, and has been widely used in politics, economy, military, culture, philosophy and other fields. Translated into English, French, German and Japanese, the book has become the most famous book in the world.

Paul Mauriat's History

Qi aristocracy

Sun Wuzu had an exact lineage beginning with Yu's father, Shun's descendant. When King Zhou Wu cut down Zhou, Yu Qi father was the official of Zhou Guotao. He took charge of the production of pottery and managed the 100 workers engaged in pottery making. Because of its well managed and well equipped facilities, King Zhou married his eldest daughter to the son of the father of the king, and sealed him up in Huaiyang County, Henan. . Hu is known as Hu Gong and became the first generation of monarch of Chen Guo.

From the beginning of Hu Gong man, after ten generations and twelve monarchs' hereditary imparting, in the time of Huan Gong, there was civil disorder in Chen state. The son of Chen Li Gong was not established because of civil strife and ran to Qi state. He was the direct ancestor of Sun Wu. Chen finished his activities in Qi State, to sun Tian, the fourth generation. Tian Wu Yu He has become a "top doctor". Tian Huan Zi ( Tian Wu Yu Five sons: Da Takeko. Tian Kai (Tian Tian Zi) Tian Jin ), Chen Zhaozi (Tian Zhao), Tian Shu, Zi Qi. Among them, Tian Shu was nineteen years in Zhao Gong (521 BC), because Feng Lean was meritorious, Qi Jing Gong, Tian Shu, surnamed sun, sun Shu (Sun Wu) was Sun Wu's grandfather, Sun Shusheng was born with Sun Wu.

Military career

In 512 BC (three years of Wu King and Lu), he consulted with Wu Zi Xu, preparing to enter the army in the West. At this time, Wu Zi Xu "seven recommendation of grandson", so that he agreed to receive Sun Wu. In seclusion, Sun Wu has written the art of war. He came to see King Wu with his own art of war. King Wu appointed Sun Wu as Wu Jiang and often discussed all kinds of military and political issues with Sun Wu.

In 508 BC (seven years of Wu King and Lu), Wu adopted the strategy of "cutting diplomatic relations" by Sun Tzu, and urged Tung to rebel. Then, he made the Shu Jiu deceive the Chu people and said: "Chu's teacher is in the presence of Wu, and the power of Wu Weichu can be replaced by Chu. In October, Wu Jun took the Chu people to defeat Chu Chu in Yu Zhang. Then he conquered the nest and captured Chu's father.

In 506 BC (nine years of King Wu and Lu Lu), Wu Jun pursued the strategy of Sun Tzu, who ate food from the Chu people because of the strategy of feeding the enemy. Finally, under the direct command of Sun Wu and Wu Zixu, after five wars, it took only ten days to get into Chu Du Ying.

After he died, he succeeded in taking revenge. The ministers such as Sun Wu and Wu Zixu continued to assist the governor in their efforts to save money and grain, enrich the Treasury, build weapons and expand the army. After three years, Wu's national strength was restored.

In 494 BC (Gou Jian three years), Yue King Gou attacked the kingdom of Wu. Wu Jun was schemed by Wu Zixu and Sun Wu and arranged many "cheat soldiers" at night. They were divided into two wings, lit with fire poles and attacked by Vietnamese troops. After several defeats, Gou Jian had to ask Wu Quru for peace.

Floating high hidden

When Sun Wu was more than 50 years old, his best friend Wu Zixu was killed. Sun Wu no longer worked out the foreign war of Wu, and went to live in the countryside to revise his art of war. Not long after Wu Zixu was killed, Sun Wu could also be disappointed by worrying about the country and worrying about the people. He died in 480 BC. Wei Zhuang Gong The first year of the year. From retiring to the end of his life, Sun Wu never left Wu and died in the suburbs of Wu Du.

Main achievements

Military achievements

In 532 BC (thirteen years of King Zhou Jing), after the internal disturbances of Qi, Sun Wu resolutely went to the Wu Kingdom in the South and concentrated on studying the art of war and thirteen pieces of art of war. In 512 BC (twenty-three years in Wei Ling Gong), Wu Zixu was repeatedly recommended by Wu's counsellor. Sun Wu took his tactics and thirteen articles to see Wu King. In reply to Wu Wang's questions, Sun Wu's discussion was astonishing and unique, and his views were deep and deep. He aroused deep sympathy from the King Wu of the tyrant, praised Sun Wu's views repeatedly, and gave Sun Wu's performance in the 180 place of the maid of honor, and tested Sun Wu's military ability in person. He appointed Sun Wu as a general. 506 BC (fourteen weeks in King Chou), Wu Chu war began. Sun Wu commanded Wu army to attack by thirty thousand divisions, thousands of miles away, go deep into big powers, five battles and five Czechoslovakia, and directly attack Chu capital. It created a miracle that won less victory in Chinese military history, and made outstanding achievements for Wu state.

Political achievements

Sun Wu emphasized that the victory or defeat of war does not depend on ghosts and gods. It is related to political clarity, economic development, diplomatic efforts, military strength and natural conditions. Sun Wu not only believes that the world exists objectively, but also believes that things in the world are constantly moving and changing, emphasizing that in war, we should create conditions actively, give full play to people's subjective initiative, and facilitate the transformation of opposites towards their own direction.

It is precisely because Sun Wu summed up and summed up the rich philosophical philosophy in the specific science of military science that he established his thoughts in the late spring and Autumn period. Confucius , Lao Tzu The parallel position is also known as the three bright stars over the ideological circle in the late spring and Autumn period. Sun Wu's military theory is not without shortcomings and mistakes, but far beyond the art of war of the same age. It also deeply influenced the later generations with its excellent insight, and was widely praised by the militarists at all times and in all over the world.

Character evaluation

General comment

Sun Wu was honored as a descendant. Grandson , Sun Wu Zi , Soldier saint ( Zhi Sheng, a strategist And so on. In 1123 (five years in Xuan he), the court of the Northern Song Dynasty pursued Sun Wu as "Hu Du Hou". According to the Tang Dynasty tradition, the song room set up temples for the ancient famous people, and seventy-two famous generals also included Sun Wu.

Sun Wu and his military thoughts are renowned for both ancient and modern times, and are renowned both at home and abroad. They have far-reaching influence on later generations and have a very high position in world military history. His military science of Sun Tzu is regarded as "the first military book in the ancient world" by the international community. Now it has been concerned and applied not only in the military field, but also in economy and sports.

Historical evaluation

" Wei Ling Zi "Who is the one hundred thousand person who is the best player in the world? Yue Huan Gong Also. Who is the seventy thousand person who is the best player in the world? Yue Wu Qi Also. Who is the thirty thousand person who is the best player in the world? Yue Wu Zi Also.

" Redords of the Grand History of China "So name of a king of Wu in the Spring and Autumn period Sun Tzu knew that he could use his troops and he thought he would. The West broke into the strong Chu, entered the Ying Dynasty, the North Wei Qi Jin, the prominent princes, the grandson and the powerful Yan. The secular division is called the teacher brigade, which is the thirteen article of Sun Tzu, Wu Qi's art of war.

" Tai Shi Gong's Preface "No faith, honesty, courage, no soldier, sword, and the same way, can be cured within the body, outside the strain, gentlemen than Germany."

" The History of the Han Dynasty "Criminal law Chronicles": Sun Wu and Lu Lu, who are good soldiers in the world. He who knows or learns his laws will win, and he will not know the old men.

The ten notes of Sun Tzu: the sage's use of force, but time and motion must be used. I have seen many strategies in war books, and Sun Wu is deeply committed.

Tang Taizong and Li Wei asked: "I read all the military books without Sun Wu," Sun Wu's thirteen articles, without real and false. It is impossible for a soldier to understand the potential of the army. "I mean, if I do not fight, I will surrender to others.Among the victorious, the middle. The deep trenches are built on their own. In the contest, Sun Wu wrote books, and the three waited.

" Fan Chuan collection "Thirteen articles written by his grandson, who were thousands of years old after the death of the warrior, who made the soldiers, the losers, and the deeds of exploration, all of which were written against books written by Wu.

The theory of sun and Wu in the three Soviet Games: the ancient saying that the soldiers were not born out of the sun. The right and wrong is the right and the right is the same.

Ming Shi Lu: with the view of "Wu", the book of Wu is mixed with the book of ancient power. It is called "no mercy" and "no winner". The book of martial arts must be taught, but martial arts can not be as good as books.

Military leader famed for combat against Japanese pirate invaders Yu Yu read Sun Wushu and sighed, "art of war, its arsenal!" Use the weapon to get the library. Art of war! It is very important to employ soldiers. In the past few years, I have known the Sun Wuzhi method for a long time, but I have not been able to understand it. In the first place, there are no detailed programs.

Wei Liao Zi: there are one hundred thousand of the people in the world and who are in the world. There are seventy thousand of them who are in the world. There are thirty thousand people in the world who are willing to win.

Han Fei There are all soldiers in the territory, and those who have written the book of Sun Wu have them, and the weaker they are, the more they speak and the less they have.

Bai Gui We are still in production. Yi Yin , Lu Shang Stratagem, Sun Wu Employ troops Shang Yang The law is also. It is because of its lack of wisdom and contingency, courage is not enough to decide, benevolence can not be taken for granted, and can not be observed.

Sima Qian The secular world is known as "teacher brigade", which is the thirteen article of Sun Tzu, Wu Qi's art of war. "A soldier is not strong, but he is not virtuous. Yellow Emperor , soup Wu Yixing, Jie , Zhou The second is collapse, but careless! The law of Sima has never been carried out. Prince Tai, sun, Wu, and Prince can be Shaoxing and Ming.

Ban Gu After the spring and Autumn period, it will destroy the weak and swallow the small, and be the Warring States. The hero of the hero, as a supplement to the situation, was overthrown as a trickery. Wu Yousun Wu, Qi had Sun Bin, Wei had Wu Qi, and Qin had Shang Yang, all of which were birds and Li Sheng. When this happens, the joint will be transferred to each other to replace the female and the male. Qi Qi was strong in martial arts, Wei Hui died in martial arts, and Qin Zhao was a strong scholar. The world is contending for utility, while the speaker is sun and Wu. Sun Qingming is the only king.

Wang Chong Sun Wu, Lu Lu, the good of the world. He who knows or learns his laws will win, and he will not know the old men.

Cao Cao The sage's use of force, but time and motion, must be used. I have seen many strategies in war books, and Sun Wu is deeply committed. The Sun Tzu is also known as "Wu" and "Wu Wu". He wrote thirteen pieces of martial art for Wu King and Lu Lu. After 100 years old, there is sun Bing, who is also after Wu. The auditor's remark should not be slandered. However, the world did not say that Wen Fanfu had lost his will in the world.

Zhu Geliang Sun Wu is able to make things better than the world.

Liu Xie "Sun Wu Wu Jing, like a jade, does not know Wen by practicing martial arts.

Li Shimin I read all the military books without Sun Wu; Sun Wu's thirteen articles did not come out of reality. It is impossible for a soldier to understand the potential of the army. "I mean, if I do not fight, I will surrender to others. Among the victorious, the middle. The deep trenches are built on their own. In the contest, Sun Wu wrote books, and the three waited.

Li Jing Love is in the first place. If love comes before love, it will do no good to save it. Therefore, the book of Shang Dynasty is careful to end its past. Therefore, the law of Sun Tzu is not published in all generations.    Si Ma Zhen "Sun Tzu's art of war, thirteen. Beauty is cut and good will come.

Du you There is a saying: "time is not as good as geography, but geography is not as good as human beings." Honesty means military skill. I think Sun Wu's thirteen article is jenis road. Therefore, we should know that the past teachers are successful. Today, I am very familiar with the meaning of Sun Wu Shu.

Du Mu Since ancient times, books written by soldiers have been published in later generations, and can be taught to posterity. The thirteen articles of his grandson, thousands of years after the death of the warrior, have made the soldiers, the losers, and the deeds of the investigation. They all compared with the books written by Wu.    Ou Yangxiu Wu's book is in the army, and the soldier's skill is not one, but it is not surprising that it is not poor.

Su Xun Sun Wu thirteen, the soldier thinks teacher. However, I commented on it. Today's book is about rare power and secret machines. Wu Qi and Wu are one of them. They all write books and soldiers. Sun Wu is known as the world. However, Wu Qi's army is also lighter than the rule of law.

Su Shi The ancient saying that the soldier is not from the grandson. The right and wrong is the right and the right is the same.

He Qu Fei It's not like Han Xin, Cao Gong. Although Wu is a soldier, he does not see himself in his own book. Han letter is not written by himself, but Cao Gong is not for posterity. However, he claims that all two men learn from martial arts. If we learn about it, thirteen of the world's military practitioners will be able to recite it, so that they will know what the world is for Han Cao.Han Cao did not succeed in the later ages, but those who read the books of Vol. Wu were not necessarily able to fight in the war. Wu's book and Han Cao's techniques are everywhere, so that Wu's book is not transmitted, but the two person is the soldier, who does not want to speak to the martial arts, so it is so strange that he is not able to do anything. Drive the market people to death, but if Han Xin and then can cut Chen Yu, and put it to the teacher and death, Wei Ruocao can then Ke Zhang embroidery. The reason for this weapon is that it is inherent in the Han Dynasty. Chen Zhizhong: "since the six classics are scattered and all kinds of works are made, each has its strong points and knows that the soldier has never had a grandson.

" Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang " name of a king of Wu in the Spring and Autumn period Knowing that Sun Tzu could use his troops, he thought he would go to the west, break the strong Chu into the Ying, the North Wei Qi Jin, the prominent princes, the grandson and the powerful Yan.

Dai Xi Sun Wu's thirteen book. There are all kinds of laws, such as Qi Zheng, falsity and reality, strength and weakness, oligarchy, hunger and satiety, labor and leisure, and others, and host and guest. Subtle and profound, ever-changing and impoverished. If we use force, we will win from those who are defeated. It is a good person. However, the martial arts exercise is more than the strategy and not the benevolence and righteousness. It can overcome the enemy's victory as a plan of enterprising instead of making the country convenient for the long run. It can be the ruler of the spring and Autumn period and not the Zuo of the three generation of kings.

Zheng You Xian It is also the preparation of the world. The world can speak without knocking. To speak for the law, as far as the benefit is concerned, then it can be taught at that time and passed on to posterity. The Confucianists flow, but the bitter "Yi" is the book. As a soldier of the army, it is delicate and not to be studied if he tries to be armed. Cover "Yi" for words, and three talents, all things, yin and Yang as God, is the benevolence see the benevolence, the wise see the wisdom, people daily use and do not know. Wu is also the law. It includes four kinds, one hundred cages, and the other is the change of Qi and Zheng. In the nine divisions of the Fu, the hundred Masters said that they were good, but they saw the meaning of Yi, such as the God of the sun, moon and stars. They pushed forward the glow of the trail, but could not test it. The ten houses are noted, and the more they see the thirteen methods, such as the five colors and five colors, the details of their eyes and ears can not be heard, but they can not be read.

Zhu Yuanzhang In my view, the book of Wu is miscellaneous from the book of ancient power. It is called "no mercy" and "no winner". If the truth is false, it will be shallow. Gou Junru and Tang Wu, using troops and running divisions, do not need to be honest and cheat. But the truth is that the trick is to win the winner. Cover with benevolent are invincible, depending on the operator will die, the view of martial arts is also contrary to its operation. The book of martial arts must be taught, but martial arts can not be as good as books.

Military leader famed for combat against Japanese pirate invaders Yu Yu read Sun Wushu and sighed, "art of war, its arsenal!" Use the weapon to get the library. Art of war! It is very important to employ soldiers. And to read and read, I will say, "this is good for the good and the good for the wood." Over the past few years, I have been in the east of Zhejiang Province, but I know Sun Wuzhi's law. In the first place, there are no detailed programs.

Huang Dao Zhou Sun Tzu's art of war, ten, three. Women can try, laws first. Left and right hands, behind the heart. The decree is ripe and laughs. The easy team was very solemn. The great prestige is well known.

Zheng Duan Ancient and modern men of war, the first to promote grandson. Grandson can push Huang Di. Tai GongMeaning, and Wu Hou Wei Gong also pushed the meaning of Sun Tzu, saying that the soldier took the grandson as the ancestor, and the grandson's Micro intention did not pass.

Wei Yuan In the book of "Yi", the book of "soldiers" is also known as "hyperactivity". I can see soldiers in love. The book of "Lao Zi" is that "the world is not weak in water, but the strong ones can not be first." I see the form of soldiers, and Sun Wu's book of words and deeds is "victorious, not good, good people." Therefore, those who are good at employing soldiers have no wisdom or courage. I see the essence of soldiers. Therefore, the "Yi" of Fu Jing is also known as "Lao", and the "sun" of the army is also full of all kinds of Tao.

Historical controversy


Sun Wu's hometown has been written by predecessors, that is, "Sun Tzu warriors and Qi Ren" in the biography of Sun Zi and Wu Qi. The historians are still controversial. Guangrao Say, benefit the people Say, Boxing Say, Linzi Talk about co-existence. Modern people are exploring Hometown of Sun Tzu In the process of the localization of Sun Tzu's hometown, there were differences between "ancestral home" and "birthplace". Those who hold "Le an" say "Hometown" as their hometown. According to Sun Wu's grandfather sun Shu, "eating in the happiness", it is concluded that Le An is Sun Wu's hometown. Those who hold "non Le an" say "birthplace" as their hometown. They believe that the place where they live and live for a long time is their hometown.

Guangrao say

Sun Wu, a happy man in Qi, has only one saying in history. From the Song Dynasty Ou Yangxiu's "New Tang Dynasty Prime Minister genealogical table", Deng Mingshi's "ancient and modern surname Book differentiation" to the Qing Dynasty Sun Xingyan "Sun Tzu's art of war preface", and other history secretary is very clear. The newly discovered "Zhenguan clan records" in the Tang Dynasty. Sun Suo The epitaph inscriptions such as Sun Qi and Sun Renlin have further confirmed the history books. Pre Qin Period Yi An county in Qi county and the Eastern Han Dynasty Qingzhou Le An county (sun's County surname), Sun Wu descendants of "the same surname" is the same clan on the same ground. Experienced historians textual research, this distinguished family living on the same ground is today's Guangrao county. In the seven years (1918) of the Republic of China, Qingzhou's "Le An county annals" and twenty-five years (1936) "Guangrao County Chronicles" were also carried out by Sun Wu. Through textual research and newly discovered historical data, experts and scholars agreed that the main body of Le An in the former Qin Dynasty was believed to be valid in Guangrao County, Sun Wu County, Guangrao county.On the theme of carrying forward Sun Tzu's thought Sun Tzu International Cultural Festival, Guangrao, China Every year in the hometown of Sun Tzu, Guangrao county.

benefit the people say

In 1987, compiling "Huimin County annals, characters," Huimin County The relevant departments of the people's government carried out the textual research work of Sun Tzu's hometown and set up a special preparatory group for Sun Tzu.After the strategic Department of the Academy of Military Sciences, Peking University Experts have consulted the official history and found that the tradition of Sun Tzu's hometown in Huimin County is unequivocal. In from May 22 to 25, 1989, the first international seminar on military science of Sun Tzu was held by the people's Government of Huimin County. Since then, the International Symposium on Sun Tzu's art of war has been held. Huimin County They were invited to attend the meeting in the capacity of Sun Tzu's hometown, and Huimin County regularly held the debate on the art of war between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Le An say

The most important historical data are: Tang Zhaoyuan and the year. Esay Love Compiled by the yuan and surname. Sun Xing After the "Le" and "Sun Wu", there are Han, bin, and Wei in the Han Dynasty. Qinghe River Sun Huan, a native of Jin Dynasty, was born in the Jin Dynasty, and he lived in the Wei Dynasty. The two is "the new Tang Dynasty Prime Minister genealogy table": "Qi Tian Zi Zhong Zhong", fourth generation. Sun hung Zi No Yu, no Yu two sons: Huan, Shu. Zi Zi Zi occupies Qi, and the Qi doctor has a merit. Born, the word rises, Qi Qing. By Sheng Wu, long Qing Qing, the four clan of Tian and Bao were confused and ran to Wu as a general. The former is considered to be the earliest record of Sun Wu's hometown. Later, he was considered to be the "iron proof" of Sun Wu's hometown in Le An. After that, many references to Sun Wu were described as "the happy people in the late spring and Autumn Period".

Linzi say

According to Zuo Zhuan Xiang Gong twenty-eight years and Shandong Tongzhi, Sun Wu's grandfather Chen Wenzi lives in Linzi fish. According to the concept of the hometown in the modern sense, Linzi fish is Sun Wu's hometown.

Cause of death

The earliest evidence of Sun Wu's old age is "Tang Taizong Li Wei's public questioning right": "if Zhang Liang, Fan Li, Sun Wu, take the lead, do not know where to go." Later, "Qu pin school record, energy" also said: "thirteen articles of Sun Tzu, Xing Wu, Wu several tyrants. It is full of concealer, but it does not want to be the thunder of Xu Jiang. What's more, it is worth noting that the "Han Yue Ji Shu Ji Wu biography" in the Eastern Han Dynasty clearly records: "today, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu," the great tomb outside the witch gate, Wu Wang's Qi Sun Wu tomb, goes to the county ten li. So Sun Wu is obviously floating high and hidden.

As for the ending of Sun Wu, some historical books also say that he was killed by killing. Han Shu Criminal law records He said: "sun, Wu, merchants and white disciples were all killed and killed. The name of "Yan Shi Gu Zhu" is "killing": "Sun Wu,"Sun Bin , Wu Qi , Shang Yang , White Also. "Tang Li" Taibai Yin meridian "Shan Shi Pian" also inherited the saying that "sun, Wu, Han and Bai are all killed and descended from posterity". Sun Wu and Wu Qi, Shang Yang, Han Fei and Bai Qi were put together in this theory. After Wu was killed, Sun Wu could be implicated. He or because of the same admonish with Wu Zixu, infuriated the poor man and suffered misfortune, or because he was Wu Zixu's close friend, Fu Fu killed Wu Zixu and then angered him. However, Sun Wu was first seen in the book of criminal law of Han Dynasty. There is no record of the biography of Shiji, nor does the book of Han have its origin and origin.

Main works

The works of Sun Wu's life are mainly thirteen pieces of art of war. Sun Tzu's art of war A total of 5000 words. In addition, Sun Wu has some books on the art of war. However, most of them were lost because they were separated from thirteen articles.

" Sun Tzu's art of war "Expounds the laws of winning the enemy in war, how the army should be organized and built, the strategic principles that must be followed when fighting, the tactical tactics to attack the enemy, some special fighting methods, and the logistic work of the army. Sun Tzu's art of war The short 13 words and 5000 characters reflect the complete military ideology of Sun Wu.

Afterlife influence

Sun Wu's military views and military management thoughts are a valuable historical legacy for Chinese military history. He wrote the "so far". Sun Tzu's art of war It is the earliest, most complete and systematic military book in China. When it was in the Northern Song Dynasty, it was listed as the first of the seven books of Wu Jing, and was praised as the sacred book of military science. The whole book is divided into nine parts: total combat, attack, attack, form, potential, virtual reality, military contention, change in the following ranks, March, terrain, nine places, fire attack, and thirteen rooms, and 5900 words. " Sun Tzu's art of war "Reveals the laws of war, discusses the principles of war, military governance, and subduing theory, with simple materialism and dialectics, and is known as the" soldier "and" soldier's originator. " Its rich ideological connotation and brilliant dialectical philosophy are valued by militarists and statesmen at all times and in all over the world. " Sun Tzu's art of war It has been translated into English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Czech Republic and North Korea. It is regarded as "the first military book in the world" in the world. Now it has been paid attention and applied not only in the military field, but also in economy and sports.


Training female soldiers

After Sun Tzu saw King Wu, he presented thirteen pieces of war books. After watching Wu, the king praised him. In order to investigate the ability of Sun Tzu to command troops, Wu chose 100 more ladies in court to practice by Sun Tzu. Sun Wu divided the maid into the left and right teams, designated the two favorite kings of the King Wu as the left and right leader, and assigned his driver and accompany him to serve as a military official to carry out the military law. But the ladies did not listen to orders, laugh loudly, and form chaos. Sun Wu then summoned the military officials and chopped the two captain according to the art of war. When King Wu saw Sun Wu, he would kill his beloved Ji, and immediately sent someone to tell him that he knew that the general could use his army. Without these two beauties attendant, there is no taste for the few people to eat. General, please forgive them. Sun Wu said without mercy, "since the minister is ordered to be in the army, he will not suffer from his fate." Sun Wu insisted on killing two captains, appointing the two teams as the team leader and continuing to train. When Sun Wu beat the drum again, the maids moved forward and backward, kneeling, climbing and rolling, all in line with the rules and the formation was very neat. She lost her love and was unhappy in her heart. Sun Wu then said to him, "it is a common rule of the military to enforce the rule of the army to prohibit rewards and punishments. We must be dignified to the soldiers. Only in this way, will they obey orders and fight to win the enemy. After listening to Sun Wu's explanation, the anger of Wu and Wang Lun dissipated and Sun Wu was called the general. Under the training of Sun Wu, Wu Jun's military quality has been obviously improved, and finally become one of the five heroes in the spring and Autumn period.

Family wine

In 506 BC (fourteen weeks of King Chou Jing), Wu rate army was in a strange mood and turned against the Huai River.However, from the perspective of the shore, there are few enemies, and sixty thousand Wu troops are attacking thousands of miles. Wu Cha is counting on it. One day, the war is coming, Wu called the brewed wine before the army. The sergeant is delighted. All weapons are weapons.The smell of incense and its rising spirits. It is wonderful that Laughton has to do away with it for days. The army is very strong.See, Wu life people withdraw the wine, Zheng color road, such wine, and the rain of the sky, until our army wins, can drink it!The next day, four drums, Wu Jun, such as fierce tiger, five defeated Chu army, finally break the Ying City, win victory. This wine and chariot carry it. A feast with the Chu army. Since then, Wu will win the wine in the military sergeant. This wine is also a tribute to the king of Wu. Wang Daxi was surprised. Later, this wine was named for Wu, and Sun Wu was called "Sun Wu feast" after drinking.

Commemoration of future generations


Sun Wu's cemetery is located in Yuan he Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, where the tomb of Sun Wu is recorded. Suzhou is Sun Wu's second hometown and successful place. Xiangcheng District is also the place where Sun Wu's retirement is. According to Yue Yue Shu "," Imperial view "," Geographic victory "World famous places," Hidden expression in Wu men "Wu Wu Zhi" and other documents and records and textual research, Sun Wu tomb is located in Xiangcheng District, which has also been recognized by academic experts at home and abroad and Sun Wu descendants. In May 2005, the people's Government of Xiangcheng District built Sun Wu cemetery for posterity to visit and pilgrimage.


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