Suining City honor

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Suining City honor

International Garden City

Seven Star City of public welfare and charity in China

National Ecological Demonstration Area

Global green city

Green economy demonstration city

National Green Model City

National modern logistics demonstration city in circulation field

National Garden City

China living environment model award

National Health City

National excellent city of comprehensive management of social security

China's financial ecological market

The hometown of Chinese Guanyin culture

China Excellent Tourism City

Home of poetry and wine

Hometown of Chinese folk art

Home of calligraphy

National comprehensive pilot area of new urbanization

In September 2017, "2013-2016 excellent city of comprehensive management of social security" and "Chang'an Cup" of national comprehensive management of social security

November 2017, National Civilized City

In November 2017, the national advanced city (District) of Ideological and moral construction for minors

Pilot cities of national urban medical consortium construction

In July 2020, Suining City was confirmed as the national health city in 2019 by the national love and Health Commission.

On October 20, 2020, it was selected into the list of national double support model cities (counties).