String Music Heze String Music

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String Music Heze String Music

Heze string music is one of the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage announced by the State Council. It is a well-known traditional folk music in southwestern Shandong Province, and it is popular in Heze and Heze surrounding areas. Heze string music has a long history, elegant style and elegant music.


Heze string music has a long history, elegant style and elegant music. It is mainly distributed in the villages of Yuncheng and Juancheng counties in Heze City. Usually it is played by four kinds of silk string instruments: Zheng, Pipa, Yangqin and Ruyigong. It can also be played only by Zheng and Yangqin, or by Zheng and Yangqin, Pipa, or by soft bow Hu, Yuanhu and Erhu. The flexible combination and free collocation of musical instruments can be said to be the oriental folk symphony.


In Heze, string-rope music is a way for folk artists to entertain themselves. It can be played in temples, family courtyards and other places during temple fairs, holidays or winter leisure. The metropolis plays two or three instruments and can play other instruments when it is short of hands.

Heze string music has ten sets of ancient music, each of which is a set of Yeba Ban. Artists call it "touching eight boards". Because each of the eight phrases of the song has eight boards, the whole song has four boards in addition to the structure. It is called "Ye 68 board" and "Touch 8 board". The instruments used constitute different parts of the voice.

The melodies of these voices are derived from the eighth slab of the mother curly leaves. So we can collide wildly and form a unified and harmonious whole. The melody of Heze string music is elegant and melodious, and the harmony is melodious and melodious. It has both antique style and distinct local color.


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