Strange slope Scenic Area

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Strange slope Scenic Area

Weipo Scenic Spot is located at the foot of Maoshan Mountain in Qingshuitai Town, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, facing the wilderness, backed by mountains, 1.32 kilometers west of 102 National Highway running through the north and south, and 30 kilometers east of Fushun Coal.

The weird slope is 80 meters long and 15 meters wide. It is an arbitrary slope with a trend of high in the West and low in the east. It was discovered in April 1990. At that time, two young traffic policemen drove a Beijing brand Jeep down the mountain road, and when they stopped, they suddenly felt that the car was automatically taxiing on the slope. They were shocked and brave enough to try several times, but still they were puzzled and left in perplexity.

Strange slopes appear, mysterious additions. Experts, celebrities and scholars have flocked to explore mysteries, some of them are about the role of magnetic field, some are about gravitational displacement, and some are about visual impairment. However, various statements are contradictory and can not justify themselves. After the discovery of the strange slope, after years of development and construction, the scenic spot has taken shape here, forming a group landscape with total integration, landscape alternation, dynamic and static combination, Tiangong made, and various interesting. There are more than 20 scenic spots.

Main attractions

Ring Hill

Xiangshan, humming:

Following the discovery of the riddle of weipo, people found "Xiangshan" and "Buzzing Top", which together with weipo were called "three riddles". "Xiangshan" is located on a hillside about 100 meters east of the strange slope. It has a square area of more than 200 square meters. If you stamp hard with your feet, there will be a sound of "empty space" below. It has a deep sound, so it is named.


"Buzzing top" is to walk along the sound hillside to the top of the hill. If you hit the ground with a wooden pestle, you will hear the sound of "buzzing" immediately. Its sound is mellow and lingering.

"Five Mountains": The scenic spots are rolling and magnificent, with mountains and emeralds. Yunmao Mountain, Wolong Mountain, Guibei Mountain, Changkong Mountain and Dagushan Mountain have their own features. Yunmao Mountain is quiet and deep, and its top is covered with white clouds all the year round. Wolong Mountain is a unique, round and open mountain, which is similar to Wolong's graceful meandering. The bottom of the mountain is broad and flat, with pine and locust trees alternating. It is known as "Pine Forest and Sophora Valley". Every year from late May to early June, the valley locust blossoms and fragrances overflow, and the flowers fall like snow, so it has the reputation of "flying snow in June". Tortoise Hill has three peaks and crescent lakes. It looks like three tortoises playing with water. Changkong Mountain turns northward and westward, facing the Maoshan Reservoir, where mountains and rivers meet, "autumn and water are the same as the sky".

Big Gushan

Dagushan Mountain is steep, surrounded by three fields and one side by one mountains. The scenery of the five mountains is interesting and elegant. It's really "the mountains are not high, but the immortals are named after them", so it's called the scenic area "the five mountains".

"Three lakes and one spring": there is one lake in the north, South and east of Weipo, and another in the east, namely, Lihua Lake (Maoshan Reservoir) in the south, with vast waters, beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, and infinite beauty of spring and autumn flowers; Crescent Lake in the north, with clear water and pleasant scenery around it; Yinshan Lake in the east, between the Songlin and Huaiguan valleys, with beautiful piles; Xiamei Spring, with a Moyu Pavilion, surrounded by a work fence, The spring water is brown all the year round, flowing like a beautiful legend.

Maya Mountain Hall Stele

Maya Mountain Hall Stele: There is a small hill on the strange slope, named "Maya Mountain". On the south side of the hill is a seven-eye tablet of the Dragon set up by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for Shangshu of the Ministry of Hubu. The tablet is 300 centimeters high, 87 centimeters wide and 23 centimeters thick. The inscription has been eroded by wind and rain. Only the word "Qianlong" can be seen dimly. It is said that two stone tablets stood side by side at that time. One of them disappeared sometime. The existing one also moved more than 100 meters away from the original ground. There are many legends about the mysterious nature of the tablet. In order to protect the monument, it has been moved between the monster castle and the tortoise and snake garden in the scenic area.

Wolong Chan Temple, Weipo, Shenyang: Located in Nanrui, Xiangshan, more than 300 meters away from Weipo. It covers an area of 6000 square meters and has a construction area of more than 1000 meters. Inside the temple, there are Daxiong Palace, Tianwang Palace, East-West Palace, Han Baiyu Yinlan, 99-level buildings. It is a magnificent, magnificent and magnificent Buddhist holy place with carved railings and jade masonry and brilliant gold and blue. It is a Buddhist holy place with morning bells and evening drums and cigarettes.

Amusement Shooting Range: Located in the depression northeast of the strange slope, there are various shooting instruments. The crisp sound of real guns echoes in the valley, creating a "more secluded shooting mountain" artistic conception.

Weibo: On the west side of Weibo, it covers an area of more than 1000 square meters. The building has a peculiar shape and is similar to the old castle. The theme of science and education is highlighted in the castle. The fairy tale world is displayed by means of sound, electricity, light and machinery.

Turtle and Snake Garden: With natural science as the keynote, collecting dozens of snakes, turtles, poultry and other animals, as well as nearly 100 kinds of specimens, is a good place for visitors to conduct popular science education.

Labyrinth: Between Weipo and Xiangshan, it is similar to the Eight Diagrams, concealed maze, circuitous and tortuous, which makes tourists interested and happy.

Concentric Cable Bridge: It is an air passageway connecting Xiangshan and Wolong Mountains. It is 118 meters long and 18 meters from the highest point on the ground. It is composed of 20 wire ropes. Tourists climb on the cable bridge like treading on thin ice, shaking, thrilling or not.

518-day steps: the only way to climb Wolong Mountain from Pine Tree and Huaigu Valley. The twists and turns of the steps lead to a sense of detachment. The scenic spot also organizes various garden activities every year, including the annual "Huaihua Festival" in late May and the "Peng En Temple Fair" in April 18 of the lunar calendar.

Taiwan strange slope

"Water flowing upwards" has become a reality in Dulan, Donghe Township, Dongxian County, Taiwan. There is a strange slope in Dulan, beside which there is a small spring. The water does not flow, but it flows upward. The viewers are all amazed.

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