Stone Old Man Sightseeing Park

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Stone Old Man Sightseeing Park

Shilao Sightseeing Park is located in Qingdao City to Laoshan Scenic Area, east of the fishing banquet in the Tang Dynasty, with an area of 1200 mu. Starting at the end of 1999, the planned area of the first phase of agricultural sightseeing park construction is 1200 mu. It is a comprehensive agricultural demonstration enclosure with the functions of modern urban agriculture, eco-tourism, leisure and vacation, organized and constructed by Shilao Village as the main investment body. On the basis of the first stage, the project of Shilao Sightseeing Park includes the second stage of construction of folk villages and the third stage of construction of fishery demonstration gardens, forming a large agricultural demonstration park with three major themes of agricultural sightseeing, folk villages and fishery demonstration, concentrating on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mountains and seas, with a total investment of 210 million yuan in the third stage.

Brief introduction of scenic spots

Qingdao is a beautiful tourist city. There are cities in the sea. There are seas, red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky in the city. The most beautiful is Laoshan. If we compare this long coastline to a necklace, then the stone linking the city with the famous Laoshan scenic spot

The old man is the most dazzling pearl on the necklace. Behind the Stone Old Man who has stood for centuries, there is a newly built Stone Old Man Sightseeing Park.

Agricultural sightseeing park is located in the only way from Qingdao city to Laoshan scenic spot. It is only five kilometers away from provincial Convention and Exhibition center, city stadium, science and Technology Exhibition Center and international golf course. Located on the back of the mountain and the sea, the vegetation site conditions are good. The whole mountain is beautiful, with unique scenery, which integrates coast, mountain forest, humanities and high-tech agriculture. The Shilao area is legendary and beautiful, with abundant local products, unique tourism cultural materials and numerous local products to provide tourism business services. It has basic tourism functions such as theme sightseeing, entertainment and leisure, holiday catering, popular science education, folk activities, conference training, intellectual fitness, ecological commodities and so on. It has been awarded the National Agricultural Comprehensive Development Project Area, Qingdao Science Popularization Education Base, Qingdao Water and Soil Conservation Demonstration Site, the most popular tourist attraction in Qingdao and Qingdao Credit Tourism Demonstration Site.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The old man's sightseeing gardens are mainly agronomic gardens (different seasons can participate in picking melons, fruits and vegetables), tea gardens (can be picked, fried, purchased on site), Dashuzu, agricultural treasure shed, Huaxi, Qingchahai, Xiaoyao Valley, Aiyilin, Wenwu Pavilion, Liuhe Tea Tower, secluded villa, Tianjie, hanging trellis, double-view pavilion, bell tower, Tianyun Dian, Zhizi Pavilion, tea Goda residence and other scenic spots, with ecological agriculture. The functions of industry sightseeing, characteristic wooden house accommodation, folk worship, conference training, characteristic catering and outdoor sports, fitness and leisure, student science popularization, etc., are condensing the essence of Qingdao mountain and sea scenery.

Tianyun Palace, Wenwu Pavilion, Tiantian Wonderland: In the deep valley at the top of Wolong River, between the trees, it is a magnificent Tianyun Palace. Legend has it that those who go to the Temple of Heaven's Luck can turn around from time to time and live a safe life. In addition, the Korean Culture Museum displays Korean folk customs.

Scenic spots

Tea Garden: Tea Garden introduces traditional fine tea varieties from South China, which are planted on sunny slopes with moderate soil acidity and alkali, irrigated with sweet Laoshan mountains and waters, moistened by sea fog, intensive cultivation of high-quality basic fertilizer, completely pollution-free production, fine processing and stir-frying. The tea produced is of good quality, rich color and fragrance, and is a treasure of Laoshan tea.

Taisheng Hall: The Taisheng Hall above Bibo is a green window or a pocket botanical garden. Treasure flowers and trees settle here, poetic and picturesque, national color, some strong and straight, some graceful, purple and red, green, they are self-contained, showing people a beautiful life, but also put forward the proposition of green and environmental protection.

Xiaoyaogu: There is a background music system in the sightseeing park, roaming in the mountains, and the elegant music sounds like the rhyme of the sky.

Ailin: A festive scenic spot full of emotion, joy and joy suitable for wedding photography. There are new man sculptures, profound lover trees, various festive stone carvings, pavilions and so on.

Scenic spot honor

The scenic spot has been awarded the honorary titles of "National Agricultural Comprehensive Development Project Test Zone", "Shandong Credit Tourism Demonstration Base", "Qingdao First High Efficiency Agricultural Demonstration Park", "Qingdao Ecotourism Demonstration Site", "Soil and Water Conservation Demonstration Base", "Science Popularization Education Base" and "Consumer Satisfaction Unit" successively, and the first batch of ” In the evaluation work, it passed smoothly. It has become an important business card and window for Qingdao to show to the outside world.

Category honor

National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site of 4A Class Tourist Scenic Spot


Qingdao Shilao Sightseeing Park, facing the sea with blue waves and thousands of hectares, is a seaside tourist resort with its unique natural environment and rich types of eco-tourism resources, more than 20 kinds, fresh air and pleasant climate in all seasons.

The natural scenery of the sightseeing park is very beautiful, with blue sea and sky, green hills, lush vegetation, mountain and sea scenery in a panoramic view. The sky and sea are full of clouds and shadows. The mountain breeze is slow and green, and when clouds and mists rise, the mountains and seas blend like fairyland.

New high-efficiency agricultural production greenhouse, 100 mu improved Laoshan green tea production base, tropical rare plants exhibition hall, a variety of crops are novel and unique.

Shilao Sightseeing Park integrates natural beauty, moving myths and legends with modern high-efficiency agricultural production. It has unique features and complements each other. It has high value of sightseeing and entertainment.

protective measures

The theme of Shilao Tourist Park is to cherish life and respect the environment. The concept of ecology and environmental protection is highlighted. All construction, development, production and operation activities are based on the premise of not destroying the original geological features and forest vegetation.


Tea-picking, Jiujiu Chongyang Festival mountaineering competitions, civic agricultural park exhibitions and sales activities, etc.

Native products

Jimolao Wine, Longshan Millet, Rose Essential Oil, Chinese Ejiao, Shouguang Chicken, Rose Pillow, Yantai Apple, Wine, Golden Tin Insert Craft Teaware, Laizhou Jade Carving, Laizhou Brush, Laiyang Pear, Swan Egg, Hemp Embroidery, Haiyang Drawing Yarn Crafts, Qingdao Beer, Laoshan Mineral Water, Qingdao Shell Carving Crafts, Zhangyu Wine, Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Golden Hook Haimi, Guyu Soup circular

Gourmet snacks

Nearby there are Gegentara barbecue sheep and teenagers camp barbecue. The main ingredients of Gegentala roast sheep are from Inner Mongolia, and it is better to reserve them three hours in advance. Roasted whole sheep and roast lamb chops are the most popular. Also popular are the Mongolian Singers - you can't help but drink when you see them singing bold songs in front of you with liquor. Youth barbecue world continues the original tradition, you can self-help barbecue. The best thing is that in the evening, people can dance and sing around the bonfire while drinking. It is better to cook seafood around Shilao Village. There are many specialty shops on both sides of the road leading to the "old man stone". It's right to see the popular taste of the food in the street! __________ Shilao Village is the best outpost seafood hotel to make seafood - not only seafood is complete, the practice is pure, and has won a lot of returnees with the usual practice. Want to eat dumplings, to recommend Wang Jie roast dumplings, where the taste of seafood dumplings is absolutely first-class.

Having been living in the noisy city for a long time, and used to eating all kinds of vegetables, you can go to the ecological dining room for a change of fresh taste. Here are the peasant woodcutter series of mountain treasures, more intelligent series and beautiful fitness system, not only make you full of food, but also make you full of eyesight. Wild vegetables and flowers everywhere can be tasted; summer cicadas and autumn insects can be served, and herbal medicine and diet therapy are a major feature.

Other flavor snacks: clear oil pan silk cake, sugar crisp pancake, shepherd's purse spring roll, nine turn large intestine, milk soup cattail, fried double crisp, milk soup shark fin, sweet and sour carp, clear soup tremella.

Entertainment facilities

The planned area of Shilao National Tourism Resort is 10.8 square kilometers. The completed projects include Qingdao International Beer City (Universal World), Dolphin Show Hall, Ocean Amusement Park City, International Golf Course, Cultural Expo Center, Sports Center, Langhai Park Leisure and Holiday Property Center, Ocean Amusement Park (Shilao Bath), Golden Coast Hotel, International Convention and Exhibition Center, etc. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2000. It can carry out beach bathing, sunbathing, seawater bathing and participate in various recreational activities in the resort area.

There are many recreational facilities in Shilao Sightseeing Park, such as water roller, Zhuge Trojan horse, clown shooting and Xiaoyao Valley.

Accommodation conditions

Qingdao Hailin Shanzhuang Hotel is a three-star foreign-related tourism hotel, located in the Shilao tourist scenic spot, with quiet environment and pleasant climate.

Wolong Jian Chinese cuisine is covered with many leisure wooden houses of different styles. There is no noise in the city. We live here. Only the pine breeze and the song of birds accompany us. The sounds of nature echo in our hearts. Here, you can see the mountains and the sea, surrounded by endless green, zero distance to communicate with nature.

Ticket description

Old people with old age certificate, students with student certificate half-ticket;

Children under 1.2 meters are free of tickets and 1.2-1.4 meters are half-votes.

Team 50 or more 8% discount;

folk culture

In the garden, there are Tianyun Palace, Wenwu Pavilion, Tiantian Wonderland, Wufushi, Zhizi Pavilion and other folk facilities. Taking local folklore and legend as the theme, it reflects the people's pursuit of good weather, happiness and auspiciousness. There are also outdoor outreach training facilities on the mountain for team training. The Korean-Chinese Cultural Museum with Korean characteristics can provide Korean guests with folk interactive services.

Expert opinion

Shilao Tourist Park, as a town enterprise, has an increasing influence among the citizens due to its geographical location and location. The concept of eco-tourism and suburban leisure and vacation advocated by it has gradually been accepted by most citizens. With the development of Qingdao's economy and the renewal of people's tourism concept, the development potential of Qingdao is enormous.

Other information

International Beer Festival: 8:00-21:00;

Shilao Sightseeing Park is a comprehensive scenic area with modern urban agriculture, tourism, leisure and vacation as one of its superior geographical advantages. It makes the climate pleasant all year round and is suitable for sightseeing. Among them, special tourism activities are:

Relying on the superior environment, special venues are opened every spring. Afforestation and the "adoption" activities of precious flowers and trees are organized jointly with relevant units and tourists. While enriching tourists'journeys, tourists' enthusiasm for the motherland's great rivers and mountains is stimulated.

Fruit picking activities: Various kinds of fruits and vegetables are planted in the sightseeing garden. Every harvest season, all fruits and vegetables are open to visitors. Tourists can pick fruits by themselves.

"99" Mountaineering Events: Every year on the Double Ninth Festival (September 9th of the lunar calendar), mountaineering competitions are organized according to folk customs and traditions, attracting a large number of visitors. It not only relaxes the body and mind, but also places the thoughts and blessings on relatives and friends through such activities.

Tourist Service Center: Free brochures;

Tourist bus is 10 yuan per person, tour guide fee is the lowest 30 yuan and 50 yuan for 50 people or more.

Traffic Information

Bus routes

Take No. 104, No. 301, No. 304, No. 380, No. 504, No. 612, No. 629 and No. 1 Shilao Sightseeing Park Station.