Steamed Abalone with Sharks Fin and Fish Maw in Broth

Home Food 2018-11-02

Buddha jump wall, and the name of the altar full of fragrance, Fu Shing, is a famous local cuisine in Fuzhou, Fujian, belonging to the Department of Fujian cuisine. According to legend, it was developed by Zheng Chunfa, the owner of Fuzhou Chun Chun Garden Restaurant in Qingdao light year. Buddha jumping wall is rich in nutrition, can promote development, beauty, delay aging, enhance immunity, is a good tonic.

Making this delicious food is very cumbersome. There are more than a dozen kinds of materials for Buddhist jumping wall, such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish lip, Yak Hide gum, almond abalone mushroom, hoof tendon, mushroom, cuttlefish, Yao Zhu, quail eggs, etc. To fully reflect the taste and characteristics of each kind of food, it is necessary to make the more than ten kinds of food materials into a single dish separately, then gather them together, add broth and Shaoxing wine, and simmer for more than ten hours, so that the taste can truly reach the mellow characteristics. 

In 1965 and 1980 in Guangzhou Nanyuan and Hong Kong respectively, Fuzhou cuisine, which mainly cooks Buddha's jumping wall, caused a sensation, and set off Buddha's jumping wall fever all over the world. Restaurants opened by overseas Chinese are mostly used to call themselves authentic Buddha jumping wall dishes to attract customers. The Buddhist jumping wall also received the heads of state of Prince Sihanouk, President Reagan of the United States and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. On September 10, 2018, "Chinese cuisine" was officially released in Henan Province, and "Fotiaoqiang" was rated as "Chinese cuisine" in Fujian Province.

Because "Buddha Jumping Wall" is to simmer dozens of raw materials in one jar, which not only share the same meat flavor, but also maintain their own characteristics. It tastes soft and tender, rich in meat and spicy, and is not greasy. At the same time, its nutritional value is very high. It has the functions of Invigorating Qi and nourishing blood, clearing lung and moistening intestines, preventing and treating deficiency cold. When attending the table, it is even more wonderful to serve with a dish of castor-coated radish (shredded white radish), a dish of oil mustard, a dish of ham mixed with bean sprouts, a dish of fried bean sprouts with mushrooms, and a dish of fried bean seedlings with silk rolls and sesame pancakes.

Almost everyone knows and has imagined this dish, but few people have ever really eaten it. Mr. Liang Shiqiu, who is erudite, talks about it in Yashe and finally turns to red-cooked meat, not to mention ordinary people.

The Buddha's jump wall stewing device has been used for many years in Shaoxing wine arena. There are Shaoxing famous liquor and materials blending in the altar. The Buddha stew the wall to pay attention to storing and preserving the flavor. After loading the altar, the lotus leaf is used to seal the mouth of the altar and then cover it. The kind of fire used to simmer Buddha jumping from the wall is a strictly pure smokeless charcoal fire, which is simmered for five or six hours after a vigorous fire is boiled. Nowadays, some hotels advertise the fragrance of their dishes, which is a little less implicit than the Buddha's jumping wall. True Buddha jumps the wall, in the process of stewing almost no fragrance emerges, but when stewing into the altar, just slightly open Lotus leaves, there will be wine fragrance, straight into the heart and spleen. The soup is dark brown but thick but not greasy. The aroma of wine is mixed with all kinds of aroma when it is eaten. It is fragrant and fragrant. It is four rotten without rot and tastes endless.

Nutritional efficacy

Fotiaoqiang uses a variety of seafood products and a little meat raw materials, which are put into a special porcelain jar for a long time to simmer. It is delicious, non-greasy, kidney-tonifying, blood-tonifying and body-strengthening. It has high dietary and therapeutic value:

1, promote development

2. Enhancing immunity, beautifying face, inhibiting the formation of thrombus, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, lowering three heights, preventing and treating male prostate diseases, increasing hematopoietic function and accelerating wound healing

3, Cosmetology

4, anti aging promotes growth and improves coronary heart disease.

5. Lowering blood pressure

6. Reduce cholesterol and soften blood vessels.

7. Improve immunity, regulate menstruation, moisten intestines, promote growth and development.

8. Improve the immune function of the body.

9, delaying senility

10, cancer prevention and treatment:

11. Lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering cholesterol to treat 

Health tips

1. Foamed scallops: Wash the scallops, put them in a bowl, add a little soup, onion and ginger, put them in the drawer and steamed.

2, flower mushrooms: letinous edodes can be produced at the end of spring, with chrysanthemum grain.

3. Fish maw should be soaked in oil. When sea cucumber is soaked in water, sea cucumber should not be stained with oil.

4. At last, all kinds of raw materials should be put into the jar and simmered on a small fire. Don't be impatient, otherwise the effect will not be achieved.