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Southwest Jiaotong University

Southwest Jiaotong University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. The first batch of national "double first-class", "211 project", "characteristic 985 project", "2011 collaborative innovation plan" focuses on the construction of research universities with graduate schools. It is located in Chengdu, a famous historical and cultural city in China and a national central city.

Founded in 1896, the school, formerly Imperial Chinese Railway College of Shanhaiguan, is the first institution of Higher Engineering Education in China. It is the birthplace of higher education in civil engineering, mining and metallurgical engineering and Transportation Engineering in China. It is also one of the earliest two sources of "Jiaotong University". The school is famous both at home and abroad for its reputation of "Tangshan Jiaotong University" and "Tangyuan". It is known as "Oriental Cornell". Chairman Mao Zedong wrote the name of the school. Since its establishment, the school has been named Tangshan Institute of Technology of Jiaotong University, Guizhou Branch of National Jiaotong University, China Jiaotong University, Northern Jiaotong University and Tangshan Railway College. In 1952, some faculty members were transferred to Tsinghua University and Tianjin University. In 1964, they moved to Sichuan in accordance with the spirit of "the third line" built by the central government. In 1972, they changed their name to Southwest Jiaotong University. In 1989, the main body of the school moved to Chengdu. In 2002, they expanded their new campus in Xipu, Chengdu. There are three campuses, Jiuli, Xipu and Emei, covering more than 5,000 mu. Xipu Campus is the main campus.

In 123 years of schooling, the school has always adhered to the mission of the University and served the strategic needs of the country. It has formed the spirit of Jiaotong University of "being honest and respectful, constantly striving for self-improvement", the "double strict tradition" of "rigorous learning, strict requirements" and the motto of "diligent study, dutiful inspiration, resolute action, loyalty and duty". With Mao Yisheng, Zhu Kezhen, Lin Tongyan and Huang Wanli as the representatives of more than 300,000 elites, three "two bullets and one star" Yuan Xun, 61 academicians at home and abroad and 24 masters of national engineering survey and design have been produced among teachers and students. Almost all academicians in the field of rail transit have come out of their own schools since the reform and opening up. Comrade Deng Xiaoping highly praised the school: "This school has produced many talents."

The school has four major disciplines: engineering, science, arts and students. It has 26 colleges, one Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school, one Affiliated Hospital (Chengdu Third People's Hospital), two graduate schools (Qingdao Graduate School and Tangshan Graduate School), and Chengdu Third People's Hospital and the west of the People's Liberation Army. The General Hospital of the Ministry of War Zone has jointly established a Medical College with two first-level national key disciplines of mechanical engineering and transportation engineering, 10 second-level national key disciplines of vehicle engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, 19 doctoral degree authorization points of first-level disciplines, 39 master degree authorization points of first-level disciplines, and 11 post-doctoral research flows. Station. Transportation engineering discipline ranks first in the country (A+) and enters the national "double first-class" construction sequence. Civil engineering discipline ranks seventh in the country (A-). Material science, Engineering Science and computer science rank first in the ESI world.

The school has 13 national scientific and technological innovation platforms and 36 provincial and ministerial research bases, such as the National Laboratory of Rail Transit and the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power. It has established the most complete discipline system, talent system and scientific research system in the field of rail transit in the world, focusing on high-speed railway, maglev transportation, new urban rail and real. Basic research and original innovation have been vigorously carried out in the fields of super high speed (1000+) air pipeline and super high speed railway. A basic research system of railway large-scale system dynamics, marked by the world-recognized Shen's theory and Zhai Sun's model, has been constructed. The scientific and technological achievements have been selected four times as "Ten Scientific and Technological Progress of Chinese Universities". The total number of national science and technology awards in the field of rail transit ranks first among universities, scientific research institutes and industrial enterprises in China, making indelible contributions to the development of rail transit in China. In addition, the school has also made many important achievements in the fields of national defense science and technology, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, big data, physical science, humanities and social sciences.

The school has set up four major talent cultivation programs, namely, the Green Seedling Program, the Eagle Program, the Yanghua Program and the Kunpeng Program. There are 2610 full-time teachers, including 7 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (including 5 double academicians), 16 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (including 14 double academicians), and 16 national "1000-person Program". There are 11 people in the "Ten Thousands Plan", "29 scholars in the Yangtze River", "22 outstanding young people", "10 young people", "three excellent young people", "one young person" and "six young people". There are eight national teaching teams, five national teaching teachers and nine innovation teams of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology. In addition, 42 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering and 5 Nobel laureates were employed as part-time (honorary) professors.

The school has set up a four-dimensional and top-notch innovative talent training system, which includes value-building, personality-building, ability-building and knowledge-exploring. It is committed to fostering social responsibility and sound personality, professional integrity and professional ability, humanistic feelings and scientific literacy, historical perspective and global vision, innovative spirit and critical thinking. Uygur's "Five Youjiao Adults" comprehensively implements the training of Undergraduates in all categories. Mao Yisheng College (Tangchen College) and Zhu Kezhen College have been established to train top-notch innovative talents. The school has 29101 full-time undergraduates, 13 517 master students, 2227 doctoral students and 900 international students. It has 3 National virtual simulation experimental teaching centers and 8 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 4 pilot projects of national educational system reform, 29 national teaching achievement awards, including 1 first-class award and 6 first-class awards, ranking ninth in the country. There are 36 national quality courses, 24 national quality resource sharing courses and 8 national quality video open courses.

The school adheres to international education, has established cooperative relations with 203 universities and research institutes in 59 countries and regions, such as the University of Illinois, Champaign, Milan University of Technology, Russian Jiaotong University, etc., and has established "Southwest Jiaotong University-Leeds College", "2+2", "Benshuo 4+1", "China" in cooperation with the University of Leeds, UK. Fa 4 + 4"and other overseas study, study tours and visits cover all grades. As a designated University of the Chinese government, it cooperates with the Ministry of Railways of India to build the Indian Railway University. There are three foreign specialized innovation and intelligence introduction bases and three international academic journals.

The school insists on the collaborative innovation of government, industry, education and research. In-depth cooperation with China Railway Corporation, National Energy Group, China Railway, China Railway Construction, China National Railway, China Railway, China Railway, China Railway and China diplomatic relations. To build a world-class university with Chengdu, to build a "Wisdom City of Huanjiao University", and to help Chengdu build a world rail transit capital. The school actively serves the national strategy, supports the construction of Tibet University and Xinjiang Agricultural University, and precisely alleviates poverty in Malkang City, Aba County and Ebian County. The school has six industrial research institutes, including Shanghai Research Institute, Shenzhen Research Institute, Qingdao Research Institute and Tianfu Research Institute, and six National University Science and technology parks, state-level science and technology enterprise incubators and national technology transfer centers. It has established a "science and technology-incubation-industry" mutual aid achievement transformation model and has taken the lead in exploring and developing Post Science and technology in the whole country. The reform of mixed ownership of achievements is known as "Xiaogang Village Experiment" in the field of science and technology.

The world is full of traffic. Southwest Jiao Tong University, guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively deepens reform, and further promotes "double first class" speed up construction, characteristic construction and high quality construction, and actively connects with the national strategic needs such as "one belt and one road", "transportation power", "education power", and China high-speed rail going out. Promote the strategy of Strengthening University master, internationalization and digitalization, accelerate the action plan of four major disciplines, namely "engineering peak, science revitalization, liberal arts prosperity and life span", firmly move towards the general goal of "comprehensive research-oriented first-class university with distinct traffic characteristics", and firmly build a world in rail transit field. The first Southwest Jiaotong University is dedicated to the realization of the "great dream" of "gathering great masters, bringing forth great talents, making outstanding contributions and making evergreen career" and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

(Data as of June 2019)