South Australia Island Tourist Area

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South Australia Island Tourist Area

Nanao Island is the only island county in Guangdong Province. It is composed of 37 small islands with a land area of 130.90 square kilometers (including 128.35 square kilometers of the main island) and a sea area of 4,600 square kilometers. There are more than 70,000 permanent residents.

brief introduction

Nan'ao Island is the only island county in Guangdong Province. It has beautiful scenery and the most attractive place is Qing'ao Bay. It is composed of South Australia Island and 37 nearby islands. The island has beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. South Australia is situated at the boundary of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwanese provinces. It is near the international route of the West Pacific Ocean. Since ancient times, it has been a necessary berth and transit station for trade along the Southeast coast. Nan'ao Island is rich in tourism resources, with the cross-cutting characteristics of "sea, mountain, history and temple". Blue sky, blue sea, green island, Jinsha and Bailang are the main tones of Nan'ao's eco-tourism. There are Australian Bay Provincial Tourist Resort, Huanghua Mountain National Forest Park and Island Nature Reserve known as "Natural Botanical Garden" and "Migratory Bird Paradise", as well as the first island wind farm in Asia, as well as the long-standing General Bingfu, the ancient well in Southern Song Dynasty, the ruins of the Prince Tower, as well as numerous cultural history, historical sites, temples and so on. All of these, like the exotic flowers coming out of the water in clusters, constitute a beautiful island scenery.

Qingao Bay, known as "Eastern Hawaii", is like a crescent moon in the Bay and a flat Lake in the sea. The golden and soft sandy bay stretches over 2400 meters, with gentle slope and clean sandy quality, extending to 100 meters below the water, without reefs and silt; the seawater has no mausoleum pollution and the tide does not change its clear and blue color; the mountains are rocky and rugged with steep mountains; the windbreak forest belt with a depth of 100 meters surrounds the bay, which is lush in all seasons, with crystal-clear and golden sandy bay and clear blue water. It has become a distinct three-dimensional level and is one of the two A-class bathing beaches in Guangzhou Province.

geographical position

Nanao Island is located on the sea surface of Eastern Guangdong, at the center of Kaohsiung - Xiamen - Hong Kong's three major ports, and is near the main international route of the Western Pacific Ocean. Nan'ao Island has a coastline of 77 kilometers and 66 large and small harbors. Among them, Yandun Bay, Changshan Bay and Bamboo Habitat have the advantages of building deepwater harbors, building 10,000-ton wharfs and developing ocean transportation. Qing'ao Bay on Nanao Island is a gentle beach with fine sand, clear water and moderate salinity. It is a natural beach and one of the two A-class bathing beaches in Guangdong Province. There are more than 50 cultural relics and monuments and more than 30 temples on Nanao Island.

Climatic characteristics

South Australia Island is located in the subtropical zone, the Tropic of Cancer crosses. The warm winter and cool summer marine climate is very pleasant. The average annual temperature is only 21.5 C, and the air is fresh. There are no polluting industries. The air contains 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, which is 10 to 20 times higher than that of ordinary cities. In midsummer season, the sea breeze is blowing and the climate is refreshing. It is a good place for summer and summer. Every summer, domestic and foreign tourists come here for summer, rest, sightseeing and summer.

Main attractions

Nan'ao Island is known as "the Pearl of the East Guangdong Sea", which is rich in tourism resources and has the characteristics of "sea, mountain, history, temple" style overlapping.

Blue sky, blue sea, green island, golden sand and white wave are the main tones of Nanao's eco-tourism. Denghai island, seaside, sea breeze, bathing sea water and seafood are the happy choices for friends from all sides to visit the island. There are not only Qingaowan Provincial Tourist Resort known as "Eastern Hawaii", but also Huanghuashan National Forest Park known as "South China Sea Natural Botanical Garden". It has Wuyu Nature Reserve known as "Migratory Bird Paradise". It also has the largest island wind farm in Asia. It has a long history and 158-term military mansion, as well as legendary ancient wells and princes of the Southern Song Dynasty. The ruins of buildings, as well as many influential cultural and historical sites, monuments and temples at home and abroad, all of which are like exotic flowers coming out of the water in clusters, constitute a beautiful Island Scenic line.

After efforts in recent years, the infrastructure of Nanao County has been improved day by day, and a number of scenic spots and service facilities have been built, initially forming a county-wide tourism network centered on the Qingaowan Bay. National "4A" tourist area.

Traffic information

Nanao Bridge is the first real cross-sea bridge in Guangdong Province. It started in Laiwuwei, Chenghai, and connected with Laimei Road, provincial highway S336. Finally, Nanao Changshanwei Kuluping and Ring Island Highway are 11.08 kilometers long. The total length of the bridge is about 9.3 kilometers. It was opened to traffic on New Year's Day, 2015.

161 Bus Route: Pass Qishan Passenger Station - Chaoshan Road - Shalu - Shanzhang Road - Jinhu Road - Changjiang Road - Songshan Road - Pearl River Road - Taishan Road (Passenger Transport Center Station) - 324 National Road - Laiwu Road - Nanao Bridge - Nanao County Town. Stops: Qishan Passenger Transport Station, TV Tower, Bus Terminal, Jinsha Township West, Dongxia Middle School North Campus, Longhu Village North, Huaxin Garden, Pearl River Road Middle, Passenger Transport Center Station, Shanfen Taishan Crossing, Waisha Town Government, Nanao Bridge West, Changshawei, Dachuanao, Qianao Festival Village, Xiangyun Square, Tourist Center, Shanding Dayuan (County Terminal). The whole fare is 14 yuan per person.

Ferry: Due to passenger flow, season and other reasons, Laichang Ferry currently sails four flights a day, and flights are not opposite. They are: 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. each ship enters the island, 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each ship leaves the island, and the holidays are adjusted appropriately.