Soup with pepper

Home Food 2018-11-10

Soup with pepper, a well-known snack in Central Plains, originated in Xiaoyao Town, Xihua County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, and Beiwudu Town, Wuyang County, Luohe City. Especially known as Xiaoyao Town, Hu hot soup.

The main ingredients of pepper soup are pepper soup, pepper, hot pepper, cooked mutton (beef), mutton bone soup, gluten, flour, noodles, yellow cauliflower, agaric and so on. It's a traditional soup famous for breakfast in northern China.

Hot pepper soup is a kind of soup which is made up of many kinds of natural Chinese herbal medicines in proportion, then added with pepper and chili pepper and used bone soup as the base material. Its characteristics are rich soup flavor, beautiful soup color, sticky soup, spicy and delicious. It is very suitable for other breakfast. At present, it has developed into one of the snacks that Henan and Shaanxi and other neighboring provinces like and know. It is a special soup food in Henan Province of China. It was introduced into Shaanxi Province and was loved by everyone. It is often served as breakfast. Its characteristics are spicy, delicious, nutritious and appetizing. It is suitable for pastries such as fried sticks, steamed buns, onion cake, pan helmet and thousand-layer cake. It can be mixed with tofu brain about 1:1, called "two blends", which reduces the degree of spicy, not only looks better, but also very popular.

There are many arguments about Hu's soup. Because its main ingredient pepper was introduced into China only in the Tang Dynasty, although folk legends of pepper soup originated in the Zhou Dynasty and Cao Wei Dynasty, its upper limit should not be earlier than that of the Tang Dynasty.

Pepper was introduced into China in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, it was quite believable. The spicy hot soup is a folk snack. There are few books on it. According to experts'textual research, the ancestors of paste and spicy soup should be sour and hot soup and porridge. According to the "Taiping Huimin Herbal Prescription" which was widely circulated in the Song Dynasty, adding spicy, warm and fragrant drugs to food was estimated to be the social trend at that time, so paste and spicy soup was improved on the basis of these two foods. The function of sour and spicy soup in sobering up and eliminating food is probably to add meat to meet the taste of more people and to invigorate Qi and deficiency. It is supplemented by spicy aroma of ginger, pepper, anise, cinnamon and other spices to soothe the liver and refresh the spleen. Therefore, the main flavor of Henan spicy soup is sour and spicy. Until the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, the central plains were turbulent, and the rivers and mountains to the north of the Yangtze River were mostly reduced to the hands of Diyi. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng was the capital of Dingdu, and the commodity economy developed rapidly. Folk snacks flourished with various patterns. "Taiping and Huimin Pharmaceutical Bureau Prescription" and other popular medical works at that time believed that adding spicy, warm and dry drugs to food was good for morale, so spicy food was quite popular. A kind of meat gruel with sour and spicy soup with sobering and digestion functions has become the rudiment of Hu hot soup.