Social security in Luzhou

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Social security in Luzhou

By the end of 2017, the total number of participants in basic endowment insurance in Luzhou city was 2662800, an increase of 130700 compared with the end of the previous year. At the end of the year, 1031700 people participated in the basic endowment insurance for urban employees, an increase of 104500 over the end of the previous year. Among them, 668000 insured employees increased by 86400, and 363700 retirees participated, an increase of 18100. From the perspective of the categories of insured employees, the number of employees of government organs and institutions participating in endowment insurance was 118500, an increase of 45000, including 36400 retirees, an increase of 14000. The number of employees who participated in pension insurance increased by 580900 (including 80900 retirees and retired employees). There were 327300 enterprise retirees participating in the insurance, an increase of 16700; the annual average receiving level reached 22590 yuan, an increase of 1156 yuan, an increase of 5.4%; the community management coverage of enterprise retirees at the end of the year was 99.2%. The number of migrant workers insured was 90600, an increase of 0.31.

As of the end of 2017, there were 171 social service institutions providing accommodation, 22047 beds, and 15377 adoptive and assisted people. Among them, there are 157 service institutions for the elderly and the disabled, 20011 beds, 14139 people for adoption; 2 service agencies for children's adoption and assistance, 400 beds, 70 adoptive assistance; 2 service institutions for mentally handicapped and mental patients, 1101 beds, 1061 adoption assistance; 10 other social service institutions providing accommodation, 535 beds and 107 adoption assistance. A total of 1135 community service facilities were established, including 8 community guidance centers, 21 community service centers, 500 community service stations, 61 community care institutions and facilities, 325 community mutual aid elderly care service facilities, and 220 other community service institutions and facilities.

In 2017, Luzhou sold 407 million yuan of welfare lottery tickets and directly received 13.792 million yuan of social donations. The expenditure on natural disaster relief was 22.698 million yuan.