Social security in Guangan

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Social security in Guang'an

As of 2019, there are 64000 urban and 217000 rural minimum living allowances in Guang'an City. The per capita subsidy level of urban and rural minimum living security will be increased by 27 yuan and 8 yuan respectively (according to household insurance and standard compensation). All the eligible objects of assistance and support for the extremely poor were included in the scope of relief and support, with a total of 28000 people, of which 5000 people were provided for in a centralized way. There are 11000 beds available in the service institutions for the poor in rural areas. There are 49100 new urban employment, 12700 unemployed re employment, 4300 employment difficulties and 1532100 rural labor transfer. The overall employment rate of the city's poverty-stricken labor force has exceeded 95%, and the zero employment poverty-stricken families with labor force have been eliminated dynamically. The registered unemployment rate in cities and towns is 3.2%. A total of 8716 village level public welfare posts have been developed, 7882 people have been employed, and 35.53 million yuan of post subsidies have been issued; 4727 people have been trained for poverty alleviation through employment; and 49500 people have been transferred from other provinces to poor labor forces. The city's urban and rural residents' old-age insurance covers 1974200 people, 706400 people participate in the insurance payment; 661100 people participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees; 105800 people participate in the endowment insurance of government institutions; the number of workers injured and unemployed insured reaches 187600 and 157100 respectively. The rate of full and timely payment of social security benefits reached 100%, and the total income of social security fund was 9.182 billion yuan. We continued to promote social security to help the poor, paying 15.02 million yuan of endowment insurance for 150200 poverty-stricken people of the right age, and issued 4.2 million social security cards in total. Completed the city's 1889 public institutions staff recruitment related work. Continue to deepen the reform of professional title system, coordinate and promote the Municipal Bureau of education and sports, the Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the Municipal Bureau of water affairs and other units have successively introduced the classification and evaluation system of professional and technical talents in related industries. "Guang'an high quality grain and oil industry development professional and technical personnel ability improvement class" was successfully held. For the first time, the evaluation of municipal level continuing education base for professional and technical talents was carried out, and four units, namely municipal Party school, municipal people's Hospital, Guang'an radio and TV University and Guang'an District Party school, were approved. A total of more than 700 copies of qualification certificates for various professional and technical positions have been handled, including 416 deputy senior and 63 senior senior professional titles recommended to the Department of human resources and social security, 743 teachers with senior titles in primary and secondary schools have been evaluated, and 1730 middle-level titles and 1204 junior titles have been evaluated by the District, county, park and municipal authorities. There are 2207 entrepreneurship training personnel in the city.