Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley Scenic Area

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Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley Scenic Area

Xueshan Rainbow Valley Scenic Area is located 3 kilometers east of Yishui County, Shandong Province. It mainly includes Snow Mountain, Dashan and Mashan, with a total area of 2 million square meters.

Snow Mountain is lush and rocky. Since ancient times, there has been the saying of "Seventy-two Sceneries of Snow Mountain". Snow Mountain culture has rich connotations. The scenic spots include Xianzi Lake, Rainbow Valley, Valley of Lovers, Happy Valley, Field Valley, Grass Skiing, Skiing, Drifting, Fishing Pool, etc. It is a high-end tourist area integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation, entertainment, participation and performance.

Brief Introduction of Scenic Spots

Xueshan Rainbow Valley Scenic Area is located 2.5 kilometers east of Yishui County, with a total area of 350 hectares. The main scenic spots include fairy lake, rainbow valley, Valley of  Suitable for young and old people, spring, summer and autumn are good seasons for sightseeing.

How can you see a rainbow without experiencing storms? Who has seen the rainbow every day? Who has smelled the fragrance of 999 roses? Who has tried the stimulation of "real guns and live ammunition"? Who has the mystery of traveling in space?

Introduction to Scenic Spots

Rainbow Valley

The main landscape of Rainbow Valley is mainly through the implementation of artificial rainfall using sunlight refraction to create a sunny rainbow view. Create a strong style in the rain, through the rainbow gate, surrounded by the rainbow on the head, under the feet of streams, sidewalk with pavilions, terraces, towers, pavilions, there will be rainbows everyday, bathed in auspicious rain.

Valley of Lovers

999 Rose Galleries lead you into Valley of Lovers, where couples can make love pledges with concentric locks. The Song-style Moon Temple is opposite to the Moon Pavilion in the valley. The mountains in front of the house are full of flowers and the springs behind the house are murmuring. It is an ideal place for couples to enjoy the fragrance of love on the sniffing path and to perform the traditional marriage customs. It is also an ideal place for couples to relax and entertain.

Happy Valley

Have you ever experienced flying at high altitude on the top of a mountain? Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley Happy Valley Scenic Spot creates a super-class atmosphere of joy on the top of the snow mountain, as well as rainbow jumping, mad bull, reverse bucket tray, bumper car, 3D painting area, sliding rope, etc. It is a happy home for children and young people, let you linger and forget to return!!!

Field Valley

The field Valley covers an area of more than 500 mu. Now it has been built into a tunnel war zone, a close forest gun war zone, a blockade war zone, a shooting range area, a trench field in the valley and blockhouses all over the country. The war scenes are realistic and it is a domestic military experience field. Take you across time and space, back to the era of "fierce battles", trenches and positions set up according to actual combat requirements, "desert operations", "conquering cities", "gun battles in dense forests" and other tactical combinations and brand-new entertainment, so that you can experience the thrills and excitement of war.

Peacock Valley

The lake is clear and green with tropical flowers and trees. Peacocks are sculpted in the garden gate. Water pavilions, zoos and flower gardens are built in the park. There are rare birds and animals such as green peacocks and black swans. They are quite distinctive places for visitors.

Grass skiing

Skiing is an avant-garde sport, which can bring motion and excitement to the athletes just like skiing. The seven-color rainbow is accompanied by an angle of 56 degrees. The skateway has 108 meters. It can fly down in 8 seconds. It can enjoy the excitement of the race and the exciting and safe entertainment.

Kids Corner

Children are always the most important factor in the family. Rainbow Valley has invested millions of dollars to build a children's playground, which basically includes all the children's playground facilities in China. Fishing pool project is a popular entertainment for children. To return to the real fishing project, experience the joy of childhood and enjoy the joy of victory. Call on your little friends to experience it!

Children's Development Zone

The coexistence of safety and stimulation is a popular project in China to cultivate children's independence and strong physique.


As the theme of rainbow culture drifting, the total length of drifting channel is about 1 kilometer. The theme of rainbow rotating drifting is ingenious in design. The main body is graceful in shape. The slideway is all made of terrazzo. It has high safety factor and good experience. It integrates ornamental, interesting, safe and hydrophilic. Take a rainbow kayak, down the river, sometimes turbulent, splashing waves, a body of water beads, refreshing the whole body; sometimes gentle, mountain breeze habits, green hills, bamboo, bird song, flower fragrance, countryside beautiful scenery one by one, all the way roaming, all the way cheering, experience the dynamic feeling of life in the ups and downs of the water, feel the joy of speed in the rippling water, experience the wonderful rapidity of viewing the rainbow. Feeling!


Skyscraper Linhai Snowfield, Artificial Professional Snowway, 15,000 square meters, blood boiling, playing heartbeat, stimulation, undulating forest road and professional ski track meet, professional ski track, happy ski area, interesting ski circle. Tourists contact with ice and snow at zero distance, enjoy themselves, experience the endless charm of the ice and snow world, and experience the long-awaited ice and snow customs. Two days of ice and fire, infinite joy, speed and passion on the ski field!


Yimeng Red Sister-in-law's plot, deducing the anti-Japanese war stories of predecessors; automotive stunts, Guinness World Record holders and other wonderful performances.

Beautiful scenery

Since ancient times, there has been the saying of "72 sceneries of Snow Mountain". There are many wonderful stone sceneries and pines of various shapes, such as "hot Kang", "cool Kang", "tortoise bridge", "immortal bridge", "lantern bowl stone", "thunderbolt stone", "cock stone", "clam stone", "horse stone" and so on.

Tourist guide

Located in the outskirts of the city, the transportation is convenient, mainly including snow mountain, big mountain and Mashan, with a total area of more than 5000 mu. Qisong, dense forest, red leaves, cliffs, strange rocks, streams and cliffs are integrated in the scenic area, and there are many myths.

In the scenic area, you can walk in the rain of Rainbow Valley and touch the rainbow; in the camouflage ditch, you can shoot colorful projectiles and thrill; in the village garden, you can enjoy the pleasure of peasants, simple and warm; in autumn, you can spend your holidays in leisure, elegant and comfortable; in Stonehenge, you can break through and show your wisdom; in Valley of Lovers, you can talk about love and romance; in the sunflower forest, you can see sunflower arrays, which are exquisite and there are also slides, grass paths and comfortable. Fish pond and other unique and innovative recreational projects. Suitable for young and old people, spring, summer and autumn are good seasons for sightseeing.

Entertainment items

Rainbow Valley, Grass Skiing, Fishing, Mad Bull, Rainbow Jumping, High Altitude Flying, Laser Gun Collision Vehicle, Primitive Climbing, Strange House, Human CS, Drifting, Skiing;

Performance project

Sister-in-law Theatre brings you back to the era of fierce wars. The excellent performance of the theatre always makes you utter praise. You would like to see it three times a day. Large-scale performances in Deep Mountain Theatre (New Year's performance) and classical music performances in Rainbow Valley.

Delicious food

Linyi high-stake steamed bread, Linyi dumplings, Yimeng pancakes, fried string, Tang people, pineapple rice, bean spray, etc.


Convenient transportation and navigation. Baidu Map is the best choice.

Traffic guide

Yishui Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley Address: 2.5 km east of Yihe Villa, Yishui County, Linyi City


G25 Expressway, Anzhuangkou Expressway, the first intersection to the West (left), straight to 2 kilometers, turn left to reach.

Passenger traffic

Distance from Yishui County Railway Station: 15 km from Yishui County Railway Station: 20 minutes;

The distance from Yishui County bus station is about 3 kilometers and the distance from Yishui County bus station is about 10 minutes.

Taxi situation: It costs about 10 yuan to take a tricycle from Yishui bus station to the scenic spot.

Self-driving route: Beijing-Shanghai Expressway - under the exit of Green Camel - 229 Provincial Highway travels about 30 kilometers along the northeast direction - Yishui-Yihe Villa travels about 2.5 kilometers eastward to the scenic spot. It takes about an hour to get off the expressway.

Ticket Price

Rainbow Valley ticket 88 yuan Children's ticket 45 yuan

Ticket description

(1) Children under 1.2 meters are free, and children's tickets are purchased between 1.2 and 1.5 meters.

(2) Free admission for the elderly, the disabled and the military

Rainbow Valley Opening Time: 8:00-17:00