Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce

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Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce  is a famous dish in Chengdu, Sichuan, which was created by husband and wife of Guo Zhaohua and Zhang Tianzheng. Usually, beef scalp, beef heart, ox tongue, beef tripe and beef are used as main ingredients to make brine and then sliced. Then add chili oil, pepper and other accessories to make red oil on top. Its fine production, beautiful color, tender and delicious, spicy spicy, very palatable.

In May 2017, GQ magazine published the latest "American Food and Beverage Rankings for 2017" by Brett Martin, a restaurant specialist in Houston's Pepper Twins restaurant. Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce was named the "Appetizer of the Year". The English name of this dish has been translated into "Mr and Mrs Smith" (and).

September 10, 2018, "Chinese cuisine" officially released, "Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce" was named "Chinese cuisine" Sichuan top ten classic dishes. 

According to legend, in the last years of the Qing Dynasty, there were many hawkers in Chengdu's streets and alleys. It is a delicious, cheap and delicious food, especially popular with rickshaw pullers, porters and poor students.

In the 1930s, Guo Chaohua, a Chengdu native, and his wife worked together to make and sell Cold-Mixed lung slices. The couple operated by themselves, walking through the streets and carrying baskets for sale. The choice of leftover materials from beef shop is cheap and delicious. This kind of cold mixed cow is called "couple waste film". Because the word "waste piece" is not good to listen to, coupled with the ingredients in the ox lung piece, then take the "waste" homophonic "lung" and renamed "Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce". Later, they found that the ox lung's taste was bad, so they cancelled the ox lung.

In 1933, Guo and his wife set up a shop near the Chengdu Banbianqiao (the right side of the back door of the People's Park today) for sale. The shop was officially named "Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce". The plaque was written on a black background and was written by Zhao Yunyu, a calligrapher. After several changes, the store moved to Tidu West Street in downtown streets, expanding the scale of operation, adding beef noodles and other varieties, diners can not only taste lung slices, but also pasta to alleviate hunger.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, during the period of public-private partnership, Guo's couple's lung slice stores, like other traditional restaurants, were incorporated into state-owned units. After several generations of efforts, Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce have become well-known Chinese and foreign cooked food takeaway products.

Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce, warm the spleen and stomach, warm the liver and kidney, warm the blood, protect the gastric mucosa, invigorate the liver and the eye, increase the resistance to high temperature, promote human growth and development. 

Among them, bovine stomach contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid and so on, suitable for patients with asthenia, deficiency of Qi and blood, malnutrition, weak spleen and stomach.

1. can't eat with chestnut. The same amount of beef and chestnut can reduce the nutritional value of human body, so it is not appropriate.

2. can't eat with brown sugar. Brown sugar is rich in vitamin C and B. Beef has the functions of nourishing the spleen and stomach, tonifying the middle and qi, resolving phlegm and breathing wind, strengthening muscles and bones, relieving thirst and salivation. Two grams of each other, eating together can cause bloating.

3. it's not good to eat beef at night. Eating iron-rich foods such as beef at night interferes with the liver's circadian clock and may lead to abnormal blood sugar levels.

4. eat in moderation. People with infectious diseases, liver diseases and kidney disease should be careful to eat beef; people with high cholesterol, high fat, the elderly, children and weak digestion should not eat more.





















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