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Beihai Silver Beach is a tourist attraction of Beihai City. It is located in Yinhai District of Beihai City, Guangxi. It starts at the fishing port of Qiaogang Town in the West and reaches Guansha in the east. It consists of the west, East and sea beach areas. It stretches about 24 kilometers from east to west. The width of the beach is between 30 and 3000 meters. The land area is 12 square kilometers and the total area is about 38 square kilometers.

The area of Beihai Silver Beach is larger than that of Dalian, Yantai, Qingdao, Xiamen and Beidaihe Beach Baths, while the average slope is only 0.05. The beach is made of high-grade quartz sand. Under the sunshine, the white and delicate beach will give off silver light. So it is called the Silver Beach. The Silver Beach in Beihai is called "the first beach in China" because of its characteristics of "long flat beach, fine white sand, clean water, soft waves and no sharks". Guangxi is proud of its "Guilin mountains and rivers in the north and Silver Beach in the North Sea in the south". The Beihai Silver Beach Resort has pure sea water, abundant land and coastal vegetation, elegant and quiet environment and fresh air. It can accommodate the largest beach sports and recreation projects in the world, and is the most ideal beach bathing ground and sea sports venue in southern China. On January 4, 1997, former President Yang Shangkun wrote "the first beach in the world" in the Silver Beach of the Beihai Sea. On July 2, 2012, Beihai Silver Beach ranked third in the first "Top Ten Most Beautiful Beaches in China" network selection.

History of scenic spots

Silver Beach is the main tourist spot in the Beihai Sea. It has always been famous for its beautiful beaches. On October 4, 1992, it was approved by the State Council to establish a national tourist resort. The resort is located in the southeastern coast of Beihai City, east to Guantouling, West to Guantouling, and the Silver Beach stretches about 22 kilometers from east to west.

Main attractions

The Beihai Silver Beach Resort consists of three vacation units (Silver Beach Park, Beach Park, Hengli Ocean Sports Resort and Entertainment Center) and land-shore residential villas and hotels. Sea bathing, sea sports, beach golf, volleyball, football and other beach sports, as well as large-scale music fountain viewing, tourism and entertainment are the main contents of the Beihai Silver Beach tourist resort.

Silver Beach Park

Beihai Yintan Park is located in the middle of Beihai Yintan Park, which was built in 1990 and opened to the public in June 1991. It is 8 kilometers away from Beihai City. The Silver Beach stretches about 24 kilometers from east to west, with a width of 30-17,000 meters and a total area of 38 square kilometers. It is composed of high-grade fine snow-white quartz sand. The beach is flat and wide without reefs. It has the characteristics of "flat beach, fine sand, clean water, soft waves and no sharks". The beach area of Yintan Park is 80,000 square meters, and the bathing area is 160,000 square meters. It can accommodate more than 10,000 people swimming at the same time.

The Beihai Silver Beach bathing ground is wide, the sea water recedes quickly, the tide rises slowly, the beach self-purification ability is strong, the swimming safety factor is high, the transparency of the sea water is more than 2 meters, which is more than twice the average standard of the coastal sea water in China, and the annual average water temperature is 23.7 C.

Beach Park

Beihai Beach Park is an important part of Yintan National Tourism Resort. The beach bathing ground in the park is 1500 meters long and Taiwan's lawn is 100,000 square meters. It covers an area of more than 300 mu and has a huge scale.

The park has the largest laser music fountain in Asia, the world's first Kowloon Jade Boat, the largest beach in Silver Beach, and the giant stainless steel sculpture Tide. Hotel, shopping mall, barbecue, series of fast food, beach volleyball, football, golf practice ground, water motorcycle, racing car, skating, octopus car, dolphin, sea lion show.

Valentine's Island Park

The Beihai Silver Beach Valentine Island Resort Park is located in the Beihai Silver Beach National Tourist Resort. It covers an area of 1500 mu. It has primitive forests, bays, streams, hills, inland lakes and their huts.

The total area of Beihai Silver Beach Valentine Island Resort Park is 1500 mu, including 800 mu of woodland, 250 mu of pond and 450 mu of sand.

Silver Beach paradise

Yintan Paradise covers an area of 220 Mu and is carefully designed by a group of famous architects. The central area of the park is the ancient Roman circular square, with Aphrodite large-scale music light fountain and water stage. Around the square, between the European style circular pillars, the ancient Greek and Roman gods such as Aphrodite, Athena, Mars, Apollo and so on, there are also collision boats, gourmet street, beach barbecue, bamboo house, etc. Beach volleyball court, football field, shopping mall, dolphin hall (under construction), etc.

Tourism information

price information

Beihai Silver Beach Ticket is free 1. There are battery cars in Beihai Silver Beach Park. They can tour around the sea for 10 yuan per person. 2. There are karts on the beach. There are single and double cars. The prices are different in the low season and the peak season. They are 50-80 yuan/10 minutes.

Silver Beach can be reached in about 15 minutes by taxi from the city centre at a cost of about 20 yuan. Silver Beach can also be reached by bus No. 3, No. 17, No. 20, No. 21, double-decker sightseeing line, No. 102, No. 106 or Beihai double-decker bus sightseeing line.

Traffic information

Bus No.3 (Seaside Park-Yintan)

Running time: 6:20-21:00 military free fare: 2.00 yuan per person 10 meters pure electric air-conditioned bus

Note: In order to speed up vehicle turnover, a No. 3 section bus from Beibuwan Square to Yintan will be opened. The fare is 2 yuan. Please pay attention to the ride.

Seaside Park - Second Transport - Old Bus Terminal - Second Small - Passenger Transport Center - Beibuwan Square - Post Office - Huamei Square - Chongqing Crossing (Sichuan Road) - Southwest Road Crossing (Sichuan Road) - Station Front Crossing - Ocean Window - New Century Road Crossing (Sichuan Road) - Peace Primary School - Suifeng Jinwan - Beihai High-Tech Zone - South Sichuan Crossing - Qiaogang Waterworks - Qiaogang Apartment - International Passengers Yungang-Yintan Harbour-Yintan No.5 Road-South Intersection of Guangdong Province (Yintan No.4 Road) - Beach Park-South Intersection of Shanghai (Yintan No.4 Road) - Yintan

Bus No. 17 (Beibuwan Square-Yintan)

Running time: 07:00-21:00 one ticket fare: 2.00 yuan per person 10 meters pure electric air-conditioned bus

Yintan - Yintan No. 3 intersection - Shanghai intersection (Golden Coast Avenue) - Yintan New Area (Golden Coast Avenue) - Yinhai Vocational School - Golden Coast Avenue - Yintan Avenue - Low-rent Housing District - Yinhai Industrial Park - Civil Service Community - Hexing Bureau Committee - Hetang Xincheng - Beihai Jiuzhong (Station Front Road) - Railway Station (Station Front Road) - Talent Building - Timely Garden - Haicheng Traffic Police Brigade-Library-Darunfa-Jing'an Crossing-Sichuan Crossing-Post Office-Beibuwan Square

No. 20 (Railway Station-Yintan)

Ticket price 2 yuan, mileage: 11.2 km 10.5 m LNG air-conditioned bus

Railway Station-Beihai Jiuzhong-Hetang New Town-Hexing Residence Committee-Jiangsu Crossing of Guangdong Road-Civil Servant Community-Zhejiang Crossing of Guangdong Road-Wanda Square of Guangdong Road-Low-rent Housing Community-Haiyun Jiayuan-Rongqi Huatang District-Beihai High-tech Zone-South Crossing of Sichuan Province-Qiaogang Style Street-Qiaohai Apartment-International Passenger Port-Yintan Harbour-Yintan Road-Rome Plaza-Yintan Guangdong intersection of No. 4 Road - Beach Park - Shanghai intersection of No. 4 Yintan Road - Yintan. [23 stops]

21 Road (Nanzhu Bus Station-Yintan)

The first bus is 7:00 and the last bus is 21:00. The fare is 2 yuan. The mileage is 17.3 kilometers and 10.5 meters LNG air-conditioned bus.

Nanzhu Bus Station, Airport Frontier Inspection Station, Public Security Bureau, Hubei Crossing, Quality Supervision Bureau, Beixing Crossing, Shanghai Crossing, Yinwu Garden, Jingui Market, Procuratorate, Building Material Market, Guangdong Crossing, Haicheng District Traffic Police Brigade, Timing Garden, Beihai Jiuzhong Railway Station, Highway Transport Administration Office, Beihai International New City, Ocean Window, New Century Road Crossing, Heping Primary School, Suifeng Jinwan-Beihai High-tech Zone-South Crossing of Sichuan-Qiaogang Style Street-Qiaohai Apartment-International Passenger Port-Yintan Harbour-Yintan No.5 Road-Rome Square-South Crossing of Guangdong-Beach Park-South Crossing of Shanghai-Yintan.

Tourist Line (Beibuwan Square-Yintan)

First bus: 8:30 last bus: 20:30, fare: 2 yuan, mileage: 12.1 kilometers, 11 meters diesel double-deck air-conditioned bus

Beibuwan Square - Post Office - Huamei Square - Chongqing intersection - Southwest Road Entrance - Station Front Entrance - Ocean Window - New Century Road Entrance - Peace Primary School - Beihai High-tech Zone - South Sichuan intersection - Qiaogang Style Street - International Passenger Port - Yintan Port - Yintan Bay - No. 5 Road - Rome Square - South Guangdong Road Entrance - Beach Park (there is no such station on the return journey) - South Shanghai Intersection (No site for return trip) - Silver Beach

102 Bus Line (Garden Expo Park-Jiahe. Guanshanhai)

First bus: 06:30, last bus 21:30, fare 2 yuan, one way: 22 km 10.5 m LNG air-conditioned bus

Yuanboyuan (first stop) - Quwan Village, Yintan Avenue, Shanghai Road, Yintan Avenue Pass, Shanghai Road, Golden Coast Avenue, Yintan Road, No. 3 Road, Yintan Road, No. 4 Road, Haikou Road, Beach Park, Guangdong Road, No. 4 Road, Guangdong Road, No. 4 Road, Guangdong Road, Golden Coast Avenue, Guangdong Road, Yintan Avenue, Yintan Avenue, Hangzhou Road, LianRenfang District Hangzhou Road Guangdong Intersection - Wanda Square - Guangdong Road Zhejiang Intersection - Guangdong Road Civil Servant Community - Jiangsu Intersection of Guangdong Road - Century City of Guangdong Road - New Century Road of Guangdong Road - Hetang New Village - Jiuzhong - Railway Station - Beijing Road Jingtai Intersection - Beijing Road Fruit Market - Beijing Road Darunfa - Darunfa of Beihai Avenue - Garden Street Intersection Beihai Avenue Sichuan Crossing-Fugui Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Guizhou Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Wuzai Village Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Yunnan Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Tibet Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Kunming Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Export Processing Zone-Jinhai Crossing of Beihai Avenue-Jiahe Guanshan Seascape Area-Xinying Residence Committee-Jiahe.Guanshanhai (terminal station)

106 Bus Line (Beibuwan 1-Yintan Park)

First bus: 08:00, last bus 20:30, fare 2 yuan, one way: 16 km 10.5 m LNG air-conditioned bus

No. 1 Beibuwan (First Station) - Coastal International - Beibuwan Crossing of Shanghai Road - Champagne County of Shanghai Road - Huhai Crossing of Shanghai Road - Baowu Village of Shanghai Road - Beihai Road Crossing - Jingui Market of Beihai Avenue - City Procuratorate - Guangdong Crossing of Beihai Avenue - City Transportation Bureau - Library - Darunfa of Beijing Road - Fruit Market of Beijing Road - Jingtai Crossing of Beijing Road - Railway Station Zhanqianlu City Transport Management Office, Zhanqian Road, Sichuan Crossing, Ocean Window, Sichuan Crossing, New Century Avenue, Nanjing Crossing, Jiangsu Road, Nanjing Crossing, Guangdong Road, Jiangsu Crossing, Guangdong Road Civil Servant Community, Guangdong Road, Zhejiang Crossing, Wanda Square, Yintan Road Crossing, Guangdong Road, Golden Coast Road Crossing, Guangdong Road, Fourth Road, Guangdong Crossing, Beach Park Haikou-Yintan Park (Terminal Station)

Best travel time

The Silver Beach of the Beihai Sea is suitable for sightseeing all the year round. April-October is the best time to travel. The scenic spot is located in the Beihai area of Guangxi. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, with mild climate, long summer and short winter, abundant annual precipitation, abundant sunshine, 19 degrees annual average temperature, abundant sunshine, four seasons, no severe cold in winter and no severe summer. Of course, because it's on the beach, we should pay attention to the weather and see if there are cold air or typhoons and other bad weather, so as not to affect travel.

Characteristics of scenic spots

In the seductive swimming season of seven to eight months on the Silver Beach, bathed in the bright sunshine under the blue sky and white clouds, played on the white beach, swam in the gentle waves, meditated in the gentle sea breeze; soared in the blue sky by sea parachute, sailed in a thrilling motorboat, sailed through the wind and waves, as well as leisurely and relaxed beach sports, delightful bird performances, and enjoyment. Aim The exotic style of singing and dancing, extremely eye-catching the horizon, sea and sky are connected, fishing sails point.

Tan Chang Ping

The Beihai Silver Beach is more than 100 meters wide and more than 20 kilometers long, covering an area larger than the sum of Xiamen, Qingdao, Dalian, Yantai and Beidaihe beaches. The beach is wide and can accommodate 100,000 to 150,000 visitors to the bathroom at the same time every day.

Sand white

Silver beach of Beihai Sea is soft and white. The beach is made up of high-grade quartz sand. Under the sunshine, the white and delicate beach will give out silver light.

Shui Wen Jing

Because of the slow rising tide and fast ebb tide, the Silver Beach of the North Sea has a natural circulation of the sea water, which makes the sea water very clear.

Soft wave

The Silver Beach of the North Sea is gentle, because the beach is flat, the tide is flat, the water potential is from shallow to deep, swimming more than 100 meters away, the water depth is still not overhead, it is a good beach for a good swim.

Good air

Negative ions are high. Negative ions in the air can regulate the excitation and inhibition of the central nervous system, improve the function of the human cerebral cortex, eliminate fatigue and promote the metabolism of the body. "Hawaii" air can be bottled and sold, as can the North Sea, known as "Eastern Hawaii".

No shark

The swimmers here are safe and don't worry.

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