Side wall ruins

Home Scenery 2019-01-03

The local people call it "Genghis Khan Wall", also known as "Jinjie Trench". It is the ancient Great Wall ruins spanning the left banner of Sunite, covering 100 square meters. The ruins of the Great Wall here are 3 meters wide and more than 2 meters high. They are made of gravel and soil. The Great Wall was built on the basis of the construction of Poluhuo in the fifth year of Mingchang in the Jin Dynasty (1194). It began to be used in Chengan for three years (1198). Digging ditches on the side of the wall and defending the site at a higher position. The site of the Great Wall is located on the right side of Huduga, Demuqi and Hashiyatu in Chonghu Rige Geyinghu, Ulan Shangdu. It is clear in the area of Xirihaolai and Ganzhul Chagan Chu Road Map. The site of the larger courtyard along the wall is evident as Harazagain Hashiyako moves west.