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Shougang Institute of Technology ( Shougang Institute of Technology ), located in Beijing City Shijingshan District It is an engineering college founded mainly by the Ministry of education, mainly based on metallurgical, electromechanical, building and other engineering specialties.

Shougang Institute of Technology was founded in 1978, its predecessor is Beijing iron and Steel Institute Branch. In 1994, approved by the Ministry of education, it was renamed Shougang Institute of Technology. After 1999, the college began to explore and practice higher vocational education. In 2015, the college was awarded the title of "capital civilization unit".

As of December 2018, the college covers an area of 167 thousand square meters, with a building area of 91 thousand square meters. It has 7 two level colleges, 31 vocational colleges and 15 adult professional education specialties. The number of collections is 27TB, 350 thousand volumes of library collections, 2408 students in full-time vocational colleges, and 1200 students in adult professional education.

Historical evolution

Shougang Institute of Technology was founded in 1978, its predecessor is Beijing iron and Steel Institute Branch It is an engineering college established by the Ministry of education.

In 1994, it was renamed Shougang Institute of Technology by the Ministry of education.

Before 1999, the college mainly trained undergraduate students, mainly for Shougang Group.

Since 1999, with the vigorous development of Higher Vocational Education in our country, the college has established its distinctive professional characteristics and adapted to our country. Industrial Development and Industrial economy High quality of structural adjustment practical personnel The goal of running a school has started. Higher Vocational Education Innovation and practice.

academic research

Achievements in construction

The Institute has won two awards such as the Beijing higher education teaching achievement, the municipal excellent teaching team, the municipal university teaching master and the university young teaching master, the municipal quality course, the city level exquisite teaching material and so on a series of educational teaching achievements and the honor. In January 2016, the "Beijing professional continuing education base project" completed two years of construction goals and passed the expert review and acceptance.

Over 800 papers have been published in various national publications, and some have won awards from municipal or industry associations. The "Beijing professional continuing education base project" approved by the college has been approved for construction for two years.

There are altogether 164 kinds of textbooks and monographs edited by college teachers, and more than 700 papers have been published in various publications and international academic conferences in China. Some research projects that our teachers participated in research and development have filled the gaps in China's metallurgical industry technology.

Academic resources

The library has an area of 6400 square meters and 330 thousand volumes of books.

School running conditions

Establishment of departments

As of 2014, the Institute has an economic management department, a computer department, an electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department, a building and environmental protection engineering department, a foundation department and a college of adult education. It has international economic and trade, automation, machinery design, manufacturing and automation, civil engineering. Metallurgical Engineering , Metal material engineering And so on 6 adult professional and marketing planning and chain operations, foreign accounting, modern business management, human resources management, computer technology and application, computer application software, computer multimedia technology, computer network technology (Communication), electronic commerce, computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), automatic control engineering, applied electronic technology, building decoration, construction engineering, environmental monitoring and protection, environmental protection engineering, product commercial design, electromechanical application technology, logistics management and other 21 higher vocational education major.

· Department of Information Engineering

General Majors

Computer application technology, Computer network technology , software technology, computer multimedia technology, e-commerce.

Art Majors

Computer art design

6 professions, and according to the needs of the personnel market, there are many professional directions. There are 615 full-time students.

There are 26 faculty members in Information Engineering Department. Among them, there are 9 senior professors and associate professors, 1 doctoral candidates and 11 postgraduate students; 18 "double quality" quality teachers have formed a team of teachers with rich teaching experience and strong teaching and scientific research ability. At the same time, employing many famous professors and business experts in the field of information technology as part-time professors, we have built a stable and high-quality part-time teaching staff from the front-line of teaching, scientific research and production to jointly promote the development of department teaching and scientific research.

· Department of mechanical and electrical engineering

There are 22 faculty members in the Department of electrical and mechanical engineering, including 6 senior teachers and 14 lecturers. Since its establishment in 1979, the Department has set up a bachelor's degree in metallurgical machinery, machinery design and manufacturing, machinery manufacturing technology and equipment, industrial electrical and automation. The existing computer aided design and manufacturing (Beijing key professional teaching reform major), mechanical design and manufacture and automation, mechatronics technology, Production process automation technology Electrical automation technology and automotive testing and maintenance. The patented product of the full hydraulic shedding machine developed by the Department has filled the gap in China and has become a pioneering achievement in China's metallurgical industry.

· Department of architecture and environmental engineering

Engineering majors offered

Building Decoration Engineering Technology Building Engineering Technology Building Engineering Management Environmental Monitoring and control technology environmental engineering technology metal materials and heat treatment technology metallurgy technology

Metallurgical Technology (high end metal material direction)

Art Majors

Product design, decorative art design

Practice teaching and certificate

The building and environmental protection engineering department has excellent teaching and training conditions. There are a large number of training rooms in the training base, such as the art training room, the decoration construction technology training room, the engineering cost training room, the model production training room, the instrument analysis training room, the environmental monitoring training room, the water pollution control technology simulation operation training room, the air pollution control technology simulation operation training room, the environmental evaluation comprehensive training room, and more than 20. There are also building drafting and computer-aided design theory and practice integrated teaching classroom. Among them, the environmental protection training base has been selected as the excellent training base and the Beijing public demonstration training base. Building and environmental protection engineering department, relying on several well-known enterprises, has created a large number of training bases for cooperative education outside school. Students' practical training bases at home and abroad have been greatly improved through practical training. Students can not only get a diploma when they graduate. After training and examination, the qualified person can also get the national professional qualification certificate of relevant profession. Among them, the rate of obtaining evidence by the senior and senior workers is above 80% ~ 90%, thus achieving the "double certificate" education.

· Department of economic management

The Department of economics and management of Shougang Institute of Technology always focuses on meeting the needs of the society for talents. Higher Vocational Education The purpose of educating people is to train high technology applied talents with distinctive features in production, management and service. The professional setting accords with the needs of Beijing's economic development, and the training objectives are accurate. Teaching idea And advanced teaching methods. We should pay attention to the cultivation of students' practical and entrepreneurial ability, constantly develop students' social practice activities, establish cooperative relationship and training bases with well-known enterprises in many related industries, and strive to achieve zero distance between modern education and employment skills. All previous graduates have obtained " Double certificates "With the good professional ability and dedication spirit being praised by the employment agencies, the employment rate of graduates has reached over 95% annually. The Department of economic management is now open. Marketing and planning , Business management Accounting, foreign affairs, human resources management, Physical distribution management Five majors. The organization is set up as office of economic management department, marketing and human resources teaching and research section, business and accounting department.

· Foundation Department

The basic department is one of the major departments of the college, and is responsible for teaching all the public basic courses and humanities quality education courses in the college. Under the Ministry, 4 teaching and research sections, namely mathematics, foreign languages, social sciences and sports, have been set up. Advanced mathematics Economic mathematics, basic English Deng Xiaoping's theory, legal basis, moral cultivation, physical education and other compulsory courses and psychological quality education. National Defense Education Many elective courses such as music appreciation, art appreciation, Japanese and so on, among which higher mathematics is the top quality course. In addition, the basic department also takes part in the teaching of postgraduate degree courses and annual courses. Graduate entrance examination The tutoring work of all courses and the teaching task of Shougang company's English training for overseas staff members. The basic department has a highly professional and experienced teaching staff. There are 28 full-time teachers, including 19 senior and senior teachers. A number of teachers have been selected as "excellent teachers in Beijing", "Beijing economic and technological innovation pacesetter" and "Beijing model worker", and won the prize in Beijing University Teachers' teaching competition.

Faculty strength

The Institute has 199 full-time teachers. Among them, 67 teachers and 5 doctoral candidates have secondary titles and titles, forming a high level "double qualification" teaching staff.

School Honors

Introducing the world's largest IT vocational training organization - software created by India APTECH company

The engineer accredited course system, the course of training courses, to train national and international certified software engineers. Introducing American Standford Spoken English The training system adopts modern multimedia teaching facilities and means to enable students to receive the most advanced oral English training. Achieving zero distance between education and employment is a distinctive feature of Higher Vocational Education in Shougang Institute of Technology.

In Beijing, the capital city of Beijing, where the education market is becoming more competitive, the employment rate of Shougang Institute of Technology graduates has been keeping the leading level of similar institutions in the three consecutive years. In 2004, students were organized to participate in the electronic competition of Beijing university students for the first time in three. The group took part in the 2001 prize. Chinese Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in modeling Since then, four consecutive years have achieved excellent results.

In 2001, he won one of the two prize in China, the first prize in Beijing and the two prize in 2002. One prize in Beijing was awarded in 2002, one in China in 2003, and two in Beijing in 2004. Shougang Institute of Technology has taken a solid step in the construction of a multi-disciplinary, multi professional and multi level school running system. There are 6141 students in the school, including 222 graduate students, 2887 full-time full-time higher vocational education, and adult specialty. Diploma Education 3032 people. Shougang Institute of Technology as a city Ordinary institutions of higher learning Relying on cross regional, cross industry, cross ownership, and transnational operation Shougang Group, we will further develop our school running strength and train high-quality applied talents to serve the capital's economic construction and development.

personnel training

To achieve "zero distance" between education and employment is the goal and distinctive characteristics of talents training. In Beijing, the capital city of Beijing, where the education market is increasingly competitive, the employment rate of Shougang Institute of Technology graduates has reached over 99% for several consecutive years, maintaining the leading level of similar institutions in the region. As a general institution of higher learning in Beijing, Shougang Institute of Technology relies on Shougang Group to create a new pattern of "multi industry and many fields" and build a world-class iron and steel enterprise to further develop its advantages and cultivate more high-quality applied talents, so as to serve the capital's economic development and the transformation and development of Shougang.

Teaching construction

College professional construction is closely related to the market, dynamic assessment and accurate positioning. Starting from the requirements of the society for the quality, knowledge and vocational skills of the talents, we should renew the concept of vocational education, constantly reform and improve the professional training program, and build a professional platform to meet the needs of the market. Among them, the two specialties of computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and environmental monitoring and control technology are the pilot projects of professional teaching reform in Beijing universities. Mechatronics technology, computer aided design and manufacturing two majors participated in the three year IHK vocational qualification certificate training program carried out by Beijing higher vocational colleges and Germany. The project has completed two phases of graduate training, and the students obtained the excellent examination results through the German side. There are high-level training conditions such as FESTO electromechanical control training room, PLC training room, environmental testing training room, environmental engineering training room and so on. Relying on well-known enterprises, there are a number of school enterprise cooperation training bases, so that students can get professional quality and vocational ability training and training during school.

Traditional culture

School motto

Shougang Institute of Technology motto: Striving for truth, unity and innovation

School running idea

High end leads diversified run school enterprise cooperation innovation development

Meaning: increase the training of high skilled talents, establish more perfect talents introduction, use and training system, enhance teaching and training, link up secondary and higher vocational education, set up the functions of public training, competition training, skill evaluation, employment service, etc., adhere to the basic school running system of school enterprise cooperation, improve the school enterprise joint education mechanism, focus on strengthening professional construction, comprehensively promote the teaching reform of integrated curriculum, improve the training system for staff and workers, and continuously explore the way of cultivating talents that are welcomed by enterprises with the open mind and courage of reform.

School badge

Interpretation of Shougang Institute of Technology logo: the Chinese character "SG" and the Chinese character "work" are used as the design elements.

It is transformed into a matching hand shape. The building, structure, steel block and six side nut are combined with the Chinese character "work" to highlight the industry advantages and school running characteristics of the college, which are mainly metallurgical, mechanical and electrical, construction, economic management, and modern service industries.

The matching hand shape conveys knowledge and skills, symbolizing the harmonious situation of teacher-student interaction, teaching and learning, and unity of knowing and doing.

The graphics are concise, dynamic and unique, and all parts of the body are riveted, symbolizing the good momentum and vitality of the harmonious development and prosperity of various undertakings in Colleges and universities. It embodies the concept of running for real, innovation, self-improvement and unity and the connotation of school motto. It shows the broad development space, beautiful hope and brilliant tomorrow of Higher Vocational Education in Shougang Institute of Technology.

School song

To the glory of tomorrow

Lyrics: Li Wei

Composing: Lin Guohua

On the Yongding River, peach and plum are fragrant.

The smiling face of the sun bloomed in the splendor.

Roaming the sea and lighting up the dream.

The youthful spirit is flying in the struggle.

Under the Shijingshan, the ink is fragrant.

Flowers of wisdom bloom in life.

Climbing mountains, refining steel,

The spirit of struggle is shining in the times.

Ah! Shougang Institute of Technology, the sacred hall,

Here we learn the nutrition of knowledge.

Virtue is learned and thrived.

We are holding hands together to hold up the sun of tomorrow.

Ah! Shougang Institute of Technology, the hall of success.

We are the backbone of the times.

Striving for truth, unity and innovation.

We seek excellence and strive for tomorrow's glory.