Shixiang Lake

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Shixiang Lake

Shixiang lake is named after Shixiang temple, an ancient temple in the lake area. It is said that it was the place where Yan Yan, a general of the Three Kingdoms, rode an elephant to heaven. There are Shixiang temple in the lake, the "Giant Buddha in Western Sichuan" with a sitting posture of 15m, and other scenic spots, such as Ziyan rock, shuiniao Bay, Fuling Bay, Pearl Island, Qinglong Island, gonggou, Huagou, Erlong playing with the Pearl, etc. The forest coverage rate of the scenic spot is more than 90%, and its excellent natural ecology is like a piece of jadeite inlaid on the Chengdu Plain.


geographical environment

Shixiang lake, located in Pujiang County, Chengdu, is located at the 86 km exit of Chengdu Ya'an Expressway and a national ecological demonstration area.

It has unique natural resources. The large-scale ecological park has become a paradise for animals and plants to coexist. It is a pure land for urban people to cultivate their body and mind. In the morning, the lake is covered with smoke, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, and the sunset is shining. The forest is full of green shadows, and Confucianism and Buddhism are infiltrating the heart. This scene allows the visitors to purify their body and mind and enter the highest realm of the unity of heaven and man.

historical background

As early as the Southern Song Dynasty, Confucianism flourished around Shixiang lake. The ancient Heshan academy is a typical example.

Features of scenic spots

Over the past few years, people who have been to Shixiang lake have expressed their opinions with different perspectives and feelings: some people say that Shixiang lake is "a sea of flowers and a paradise of vision"; some say that Shixiang lake is "a little Switzerland in the East, a little Holland in Asia, Davos in China, and a royal garden in Chengdu". Some people praise it as "a land of dreams, a land of ease and a paradise for human settlements". All visitors here are full of praise. After visiting the lake in 2002, President Jiang Zemin praised the development and construction of the scenic spot "which not only absorbed the advanced experience of foreign countries, but also carried forward the Chinese cultural tradition". The laurels are numerous. Thousands of families speak thousands of words, which can be summarized as follows:

a landscape of lakes and mountains

Shixiang lake is a fairyland like water maze. The beauty of Shixiang lake lies in the scenery of lake and mountain.

Shixiang lake is named after a stone elephant temple in memory of Yan Yan, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms. The characteristics of the lake are small and exquisite, the lake water is clear, 800 mu, there are many harbors on the surface of the lake, winding and deep, there are nine gullies and eighteen forks, which are mysterious and unique. Tourists go boating, many do not know the way home, just like a natural "water maze." Shixiang lake is located in the primeval forest of ten thousand mu. It is hidden under the shade of flowers. You can take a boat and go boating. It's like a fairyland or a painting. The flowers bloom symmetrically in front of the blue water. People sit on the boat. The clouds float in the water, and the waves and scales float in the water.

Boutique scenic spot

Shixiang lake is the first boutique scenic spot integrating the original ecological environment and flowers

As soon as you enter the ecological scenic spot of Shixiang lake, you will see a distinctive feature. All flowers of Shixiang Lake become a sea. These flowers are not planted in greenhouses or flowerpots, but in trees and lawns. The flowers in Shixiang Lake grow naturally in the natural environment, which is a different way from urban flower show and greenhouse cut flower production. There are two basic concepts for planting flowers in Shixiang lake. One is: the performance stage of flowers was originally in nature. Only when a flower is allowed to return to the fields and mountains where their ancestors have been growing for millions of years, and grow in the excellent original ecological environment, can they grow freely and perfectly, and show the most pure and beautiful in front of human beings

The second is to let tourists stay in the nature and enjoy the grand scale, variety, colorful and spotless flower feast between the pure mountains and rivers. The trees and forests of Shixiang lake are formed naturally rather than artificially. The flowers of Shixiang lake are blooming in nature. Shixiang Lake completely integrates the original ecological environment and flowers. Therefore, to enter the Shixiang lake is to walk into the nature, and you can feel the harmony between man and flower, between man and nature, and between man and man.

Natural classroom

Shixiang lake is a unique natural and wild "plant kingdom" and "plant diversity protection" natural classroom.

When Sichuan Province and Chengdu City chose "plant diversity protection" as the main content of environmental education base, after extensive voting of citizens and repeated investigation and demonstration by experts, Shixiang lake ecological scenic spot was finally awarded as "Sichuan Environmental Education Base" and "Chengdu environmental protection education base". Some people ask, Sichuan has a lot of trees and forests. Why choose Shixiang lake ecological scenic spot instead of other places? Why? Compared with other plants in Sichuan, the plants in Shixiang lake are more informative, interesting, readable and practical.

Shixiang lake is a subtropical humid monsoon climate with good growth and reproduction conditions. There are more than 3000 species of plants, including 420 well-known ones. Its characteristics are: 1. The origin is ancient and there are many relic plants. When the Quaternary glaciers destroyed the plants on earth 2.5 million years ago, the plants here survived, and many ancient plants survived. Such as Alsophila spinulosa, Sea Sands, Osmunda japonica, etc.

2. The community structure is clear. The scientific distribution of tree layer, shrub layer, herb layer and extra layer plants can be clearly seen in the forest. Is a natural "plant diversity research" teaching material.

3. It has high ornamental value, economic value, scientific research value and ecological value. There are many plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits with medicinal, edible, industrial materials, genetic variation advantages and other aspects of research value, reflecting the diversity of species and ecosystems. Such as leather leaf kiwifruit, Luofu persimmon, wild litchi, Poria cocos, etc.

Among the ten thousand mu primeval forest in Shixiang lake, the largest number is Pinus massoniana. Because the Pinus massoniana here is a fine variety with long shoots, straight trees and no insects, it was selected as the "national provenance base of Masson Pine" as early as the last century. In general, there are about two negative ions in the forest, which are produced by pine trees. Especially in spring, the pine flowers float in the air, providing a lot of life elements for human beings. Pine can release 24 kinds of organic bactericidal substances, is a master of air purification. So scientists have identified Pinus massoniana as the best fitness plant. 4. It has the best affinity. The growing environment of the plants in Shixiang lake is on the platform of shallow hills. People can get close to these plants without having to climb mountains. Moreover, it is a natural natural knowledge classroom because of its large area. 5. It is a model of social practice of environmental protection. From development to operation, the environmental protection work of Shixiang lake is excellent and practical. People can learn a lot of social practice knowledge and experience about the cooperation and management of scenic area and surrounding communities to do a good job in ecological environment protection by understanding many innovative activities of the ecological environment protection association of the scenic spot.

Tianxiang world

Go to the nature to see the wild flowers growing by the mountain rock, see their natural beauty without rouge, smell its natural fragrance without dew juice, which is the real enjoyment of drunk beauty. This kind of enjoyment desire can be enjoyed in Shixiang lake. The flowers of Shixiang lake are woody, herbaceous and rattan, with various types and gorgeous colors, which are countless all over the mountains and fields. Hundreds of common wild flowers, such as azalea, Magnolia, camellia, Camellia oleifera, sizhao flower, lobster flower, wild lily, Chinese Jingjie flower, lotus, Dengtai flower, yuyejinhua and other common wild flowers grow on the Rock Bank of the mountain, under the forest and by the water, with unique fragrance and unique shape. It has a variety of styles throughout the year. These flowers in the natural sea of flowers everywhere show strong vitality, give people a harmonious enjoyment, give people a spiritual shock. Because of this, there are many new people taking wedding photos here. Beauty, flowers, butterflies flying, why not? You will be intoxicated by the idea of a true flower.

Garden of Eden

As soon as you enter Shixiang lake, you can see four hundred acres of grassland, which makes people feel as if you have entered a foreign country. The grassland is surrounded by thousands of acres of forest. On these vast gentle slopes, tall fescue imported from Denmark grows. It is green and thick all year round. Visitors can freely enter into the grassland, contact them at will and be friendly to the beauty. Since its opening in 2002, Shixiang lake has introduced tens of millions of rare flowers of various varieties from the world from the Netherlands and other European and American countries every year, planted in the woods and on the colorful lawns in the sea of flowers. The largest tulip Tourism Festival in Asia is held in spring. Countless foreign flowers give people the feeling that Europe is better than Europe and that "the spring of Europe is around". Holding Lily Tourism Festival in autumn brings people into the fairy tale world and deduces all kinds of Lily feelings, which makes thousands of tourists enjoy flowers and scenery in the original ecological environment, so as to truly feel the harmonious beauty between human and nature and deeply understand the real significance of new life style to improve people's life quality.

The most romantic place in Shixiang lake is the hundred mu rose garden in Xiangshan. From May to June every year, the roses in Shixiang lake are in full bloom. Rose is "the holy flower of God of love" and "flower of love". In the rose garden, visitors can see the charm of "Rose Queen" and "Rose Fairy" disguised by beautiful girls. They can also see couples taking photos, adults' smiles, children's playing, and all human feelings and friendship can be sublimated to a new level.

History of Shixiang Lake

As mentioned above, Shixiang lake is named after Shixiang temple. Shixiang temple was built at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty in memory of Yan Yan, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms. What's different is that there are both Buddhist culture with compassion and Three Kingdoms culture with Yan Yan's aversion to war and peace as its main content. The organic integration of the two gives tourists new enlightenment on life. There is a Xiangshan Academy in the ancient town of Xiangshan in shixianghu. It is the place where Wei liaoweng, a great litterateur and educationist in the Southern Song Dynasty, taught his disciples to educate them. Here, people can learn more about the long history and greatness of Chinese civilization from Wei liaoweng's 3000 year history.


In a word, Shixiang lake is a labyrinth Lake in a primitive ecological world of flowers and flowers. It is a good place for sightseeing, sightseeing, entertainment, health, physical activity, and sentiment cultivation. In addition to the boat light, outdoor camping, balcony tea, meeting accommodation, bonfire party, everything, reasonable price, quality service. Forest bathing, wedding photography, art sketching, archaeology, singing on the lake, playing the piano near the lake, watching folk art performances, dancing Guozhuang dance, etc. for free, you can enjoy yourself!

Ticket information

Ticket type

The market price is 80 yuan

Booking information

1. Opening hours: 8:30-18:00

2. Ticket collection place: Ticket Office

3. Reservation criteria for special groups:

A. Free policy: free tickets for less than 1.3 meters, free tickets for disabled soldiers with certificates

B. Preferential policy: children with height of 1.3 meters, primary and secondary school students and college students. The elderly over 60 years old buy half tickets, others such as soldiers and the disabled with certificates. In addition, guests who take wedding photos can not enjoy preferential policies

Other discounts are subject to the announcement of the scenic spot

4. Warm tips: the admission fee is 80 yuan per person, covering the whole tour of the scenic spot. In addition to the shopping, snacks and entertainment in the scenic spot, there is no need to buy another ticket for other scenic spots.