Shihaidong scenic spot

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Shihaidong scenic spot

Shihaidong scenic spot is located in Xingwen County in the south of Sichuan Province. Because the stone forest and karst caves in the county are distributed in 17 townships, it is known as "stone sea cave town". The scenic area is connected with Luzhou in the East and Yibin in the West. Tourists can generally connect the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan with shihaidong township as a whole. There are highways connecting the two places, and the driving distance is only one hour. Shihaidong township is one of the most developed karst landforms in China. There are many strange rocks on the ground, such as the South Stone Forest of Yunnan Road; the underground karst caves are vertical and horizontal, like the Ludi maze of Guilin. The wonders of the world are gathered in one place, which is juxtaposed with bamboo sea, dinosaur and hanging coffin.

brief introduction

183 large and small karst caves have been found in the scenic area, with an area of 10000 square meters. Shenfeng cave, located in Zhou's hometown, has the largest area of 200000 square meters, but the most abundant landscape is Tianquan cave in Xingyan township. The cave is hidden under the 100 meter high Wohu mountain. It is divided into four floors from the bottom to the top. Now, the third and fourth floors are open, with a total of seven halls. There are underground rivers at the bottom and glass fish in the water. The main cave is 2000 meters long, with a maximum of 100 meters and a width of 80 meters, with a total area of more than 81000 square meters. The air in the cave is fresh, warm in winter and cool in summer, with an average annual temperature of 13-19 degrees centigrade and a breeze of grade 3 to 4. The entrance of Tianquan cave is wide, 30 meters ahead of it. It is a "Qionglu building" with an area of more than 12000 square meters. After the general stone, enter the 340 meter long "corridor stone show", the two walls are covered with stalactites.

Cave Center Hall

Climb along the stone steps and enter the hall in the center of the cave. The hall is tall and spacious, with an area similar to that of the entrance hall. "In the hall, two mountains confront each other, a stream flows in the middle, and a small bridge lies across. On the roof on the right side of the hall, there is a skylight. The strong light comes in and reflects the flying spring, just like a crystal pearl. Therefore, the hall is called "Xieyu Liuguang". There are two basin holes on the left side of the hall. The front hole is called "stone bud wonder", and the back hole is called "stone forest green bamboo". At the back entrance of the cave, there is a large and bright hall, covering an area of 13000 square meters. Because the top is as smooth as a mirror, it is named "Tianquan Minggong". Not far from the back cave, there is a bowl shaped depression, which is a natural large funnel (a specific geographical phenomenon), with a diameter of 650 meters and a depth of 208 meters, which surpasses the so-called "world number one" aricep funnel in the United States (330 meters in diameter and 70 meters in depth). In 1935, a small Red Army soldier who left behind was captured by local reactionary forces and then thrown into the heart of Wa Xin. Therefore, people named a stone rock here as Red Army rock. There are ancient people hanging coffins in sumawan, southwest of Xingwen County.

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