Shenyang Weipo Skiing Ground

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Shenyang Weipo Skiing Ground

Shenyang Qiaopo International Skiing Resort is located in AAAA Scenic Area of Qiaopo in Shenyang, which is surrounded by mountains in the northeast direction and boundless forest sea. It is located in Qiaopo Scenic Area of Shenbei New Area, 25 kilometers away from the urban area. The main traffic routes of Shenyang Railway 102 and Shenyang-Hami Expressway can reach the snow resort.

Scale of snow field

The snowfield covers an area of more than 500 mu. The total area of the snowway after completion is 200,000 square meters. It is the largest ski resort in Shenyang at present. The resort has two advanced ski tracks, three intermediate ski tracks, three primary ski tracks and one flying saucer track. It is also equipped with a veneer U-shaped trough, cat jump and aerial skills training ground. It has also opened up 50,000 square meters of ice and snow entertainment area for visitors who like ice sports. Broad ski resort can meet 4000 people while skiing entertainment, the maximum daily reception capacity can reach 8000 people. VIP lounge, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, conference rooms, snow shops, supermarkets and other service facilities for skiers at any time to provide first-class services.

Shenyang Weipo Skiing Ground is equipped with advanced ski leveling equipment and semi-automatic snow making system. The snow resort has more than 8000 square meters of snow shop hall designed by senior designers. The Snowwear Hall has complete functions, with more than 5000 sets of new professional snowboards, restaurants that can accommodate 800 people at the same time, and high-end clubs specially designed for VIP members. The snowfield can accommodate 3000 - 4000 people skiing at the same time, and the maximum daily reception capacity can reach 8000 - 10000 people.

In terms of equipment use, snow elevators and cable cars are not only safe and convenient, but also have great transport capacity.

In terms of service management, Shenyang International Weipo Skiing Ground is invested and managed by experienced professionals. The management system of Shenyang International Weipo Skiing Ground is rigorous and perfect, the operation of business system is standardized, and the humanized service process is adopted to provide more comfortable, fast and thoughtful service for tourists. The professional skiing school composed of 200 professional skiing coaches at home and abroad is provided for all levels. Duan's skiing enthusiasts provide one-to-one accompanying guidance, so that beginners can enjoy the fun of skiing. At the same time, the ski resort has also opened up a standard training ground for skiers to meet the diverse needs of different passengers. In addition, services will be integrated into each recreational facility. Build post stations on hillsides and set up coffee houses and other leisure places. Using existing mineral resources, tourists can also wash hot springs after skiing.

Child card

Jingling, jingling, jingling bells!

Children's cards, ski resorts, weird slopes!

Skiing season, unlimited period of the year, children Leha, fashionable and healthy!

In order to thank the old and new snowboarders for their support and love, and to provide more healthy outdoor aerobic exercise for their vacation life, Qiaopo International Skiing Ground is launching a New Spring Feedback Limited Children's Snow Card. Let the children liberate from the tense study! Enjoy your body and mind in skiing, a healthy and popular sport! Say NO to computer, network, game, house life and sub-health!

Children's snowy season card is limited to 6-15 year-old teenagers and friends with their valid identity certificates. When using it, please bring valid identity certificates with their real names. For the sake of children's travel safety, please ask guardians to accompany them. If this card is lost, they need to go to the snowfield to report the loss and pay 30 yuan per card.

This card is valid for the snow season before March 2012. Including daily skiing, rental of a set of children's snowwear (including snowshoes, poles, skis), all transport facilities in the field, the validity period of unlimited use, unlimited holidays, unlimited use time; and within the validity period of every Tuesday and Thursday, professional coaches will teach free public snow lessons.

The ski resort also employs professionals to manage and ensure the perfect management system and humanized service. The ski resort has a teaching team composed of more than 200 professional ski coaches, and set up a special ski school to train beginners one-to-one. For advanced ski tourists, the ski resort also has an air skills training venue, which greatly meets the various requirements of tourists. There are also rest posts and cafes on the hillside.

Traffic information

Stage I Bus Operation Time: Nov. 28, 2015 - Dec. 15, 2015

Early bus time:

8:00 Tiexi Square (opposite Tiexi Branch)

At 8:30, the arrival time of the city government square (directly opposite the Intermediate People's Court) is about 9:40.

Return time in the afternoon is 15:00 to leave the ski resort (ski parking lot)

Bus fare: 15 yuan for members / 20 yuan for non-members / people (round trip)

Full fare of 100 yuan from November 28, 2015 to December 15, 2015 includes: round trip fare + skiing consultant + skiing all day + insurance + VIP on the second floor

Midday bus time:

12:30 Tiexi Square (opposite Tiexi Branch)

13:00 Municipal Plaza (directly opposite the Intermediate People's Court)

Arrival time is about 14:30

The night return time is 20:30 leaving the ski resort (parking lot) from 16:30 to 17:30 for rest time.

Bus fare: 15 yuan for members / 20 yuan for non-members / people (round trip)

100 yuan per person for ski bus: round trip fare + ski consultant + midnight skiing + VIP + insurance on the second floor

Weekend Hunnan morning bus: 100 yuan per person, 30 yuan per person by bicycle

Includes: round trip fare + skiing consultant + skiing all day + insurance + photography, video

Gathering place: 6:40 at Hong Square Construction Bank 7:00 Olympic Sports Center 7:30 Municipal Tea City KFC 16:30

Self-driving route:

Route 1: Shifu Square - Guangyi Street - 9.18 Memorial Hall - Wanghua Street - Hushitai Street - Xinchengzi Turn Right - 102 National Road Turn Left - Go straight - Qiaopo International Skiing Ground

Route 2: Huigong Square - Union Road - Shenzhen Railway - Yulin Street - Huishan Street - 102 National Highway - Weipo International Skiing Ground

Bus routes:

Route 1:383 Bus, Starting Station: Northeast Da Avenue (Orthopaedic Hospital) to the main entrance of Qiaopo Scenic Area

Route 2: Take bus No. 326, 328 or 382 to get off at the South Gate of Xinchengzi Market and transfer to the small bus from Xinchengzi to Qingshuitai. There is a special snow farm bus at the roadside of Qingshuitai Hospital.