Shenyang Green Island Tourist Resort

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Shenyang Green Island Tourist Resort

Located in Tonggou Township, Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, 15 kilometers away from Shenyang City, Green Island Tourism Resort is a comprehensive multi-functional tourist area integrating leisure and vacation, sports and fitness, agricultural sightseeing and soldiers of northern folk customs. It was rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction by the National Tourism Administration in 2002.

Description of scenic spots

Green Island Tourist Resort, with an area of 28 square kilometers, was built in 1998. It is divided into six functional areas: leisure resort area, cultural and sports fitness area, ecological agriculture sightseeing area, northern folk custom area, North American custom tourism area and comprehensive service area. The main scenic areas are Green Island Forest Park, Ziwei Xianzhuang, Jiadi Junjie Club riding club, Beverly Agricultural Park, etc.

brief introduction

Green Island Forest Park has beautiful scenery, interdependent green water, elegant environment and pleasant climate; Erziwei Xianzhuang is a European-style villa and Beijing quadrangle, which is a perfect combination of classical and modern, China and Europe; in the eco-agricultural sightseeing area, there are many sunlight greenhouses, mainly producing chrysanthemum, roses, lilies and other flowers, which are sold abroad and have a great appreciation. And economic value.

The Green Island Tourist Resort also has Liaoning Guangda Racecourse, Shenyang International Super Racing Circuit, Film and Television Entertainment World, Shenyang Amusement Park and North Folk Culture Village, which can be used for horse racing, racing, film and television shooting, leisure and recreation, and folk customs viewing. Among them, the racetrack and racing field have international advanced level and meet international standards, and can undertake various kinds of large-scale race fields. Related events.

Travel Tips

Arrival mode: Green Island Resort is only 15 kilometers away from Shenyang City and 2 kilometers away from Shenyang Xiantao International Airport. It can be accessed by taxi in both urban and airports.

Best travel time: The best travel time of Green Island Resort is summer, which is a good place for leisure and summer resort.

Food: Green Island Resort is a comprehensive tourist area with complete facilities and five-star hotels to provide catering services for tourists.

Accommodation: There are not only five-star hotels, but also European-style villas and courtyards in Green Island Resort Area, which can allow tourists to spend their leisure and recuperate healthily.

Introduction of scenic spots

Green Island Forest Park

Green Island Forest Park, the landmark landscape of the resort, is located at the northernmost end of the resort, like the head of a giant dragon, which drives the green island resort to dance in the wind in Shennan. The park is interdependent with green water, elegant environment, pleasant climate, elegant European architecture with unique characteristics, can be called the paradise of the north.

As the first five-star hotel and comprehensive resort in Shenyang, Green Island Forest Park has successfully received many large-scale activities at home and abroad with its excellent business service concept. Since its opening in 1997, it has received more than 3000 well-known people at home and abroad, such as Wang Guangying, Li Guixian, Wu Shaozu, Chess Master Xie Jun, Secretary-General of the Asian Federation of Sports, Jordoli and National Football Officers, and won wide acclaim. In February 2005, competitors and coaches from all countries who participated in the World Cup Freestyle Skiing Aerial Skiing Competition in Shenyang Station collapsed there.

Purple Wei Zhuang

Also known as the first village in the north, covering more than 1000 mu, it is one of the excellent landscapes awarded by Shenyang in 1998. It has elegant environment and complete functions. It has European villas with different shapes and Beijing quadrangles with primitive style. It reflects the perfect integration of classical and modern. It is the most ideal place for your leisure and vacation meeting.

Jiadi Junjie Club

"Chun Jie will gallop the new world of life". Jiadi Junjie Club is located in Green Island Tourism Resort. It is a large manor-style resort which integrates agriculture, sports, sightseeing, tourism, catering and entertainment. It covers an area of 5000 temples and consists of two parts: Jiadi Central Club and Horse Club. The runways here are all built according to international standards and are divided into speed zones, training zones, obstacle zones and field riding zones. The selected horses are high-quality horses carefully selected and trained in strict accordance with the requirements of international horse training to ensure that every visitor can feel comprehensive, perfect and noble service.

Beverly Agricultural Park

Located in Green Island tourist resort area, covering an area of 500 temples, 450 modern standard greenhouses are planned to be built, and 50 have been built, mainly for flower production. In greenhouse, chrysanthemum, rose and Lily are the main varieties of flowers, most of which are sold abroad. Flowers in full bloom, fragrance overflowing, graceful, with a higher ornamental value.

An economist pointed out that the huge potential released by the rise of Green Island will stimulate the rapid development of Hunnan's economy and tourism. Shenyang Green Island Tourist Resort will become a golden hot spot for tourism development with its unique location, resources and humanistic advantages. In the near future, Green Island Tourist Resort will display its brand-new image in front of tourists in all directions, embrace guests from all over the world with a warm attitude, and welcome visitors from all directions.