Shenyang Forest Wildlife Park

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Shenyang Forest Wildlife Park

Shenyang Forest Zoo is a state-level forest wildlife park approved by the State Forestry Administration and the Ministry of Construction. Located in the Chebanshan International Scenic Tourism Development Zone of Shenyang, 25 kilometers from the center of Shenyang, the Shenyang Forest Zoo covers an area of 217 hectares. It is an AAAAA scenic spot integrating animal protection, popular science education, scientific research, tourism and leisure. It is also a popular science base for young people in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, and a scientific research base for artificial breeding of red-crowned cranes in China.

Practical information

Ticket information

80 yuan per person

Student tickets: 40 yuan per person (full-time undergraduate and below degree students; 6-18 year-old minors with their valid certificates)

Senior Ticket: 40 yuan per person (60-69 years old with my valid certificate)

Free groups: children under 1.3 meters (including 1.3 meters) in height (accompanied by at least one Guardian per child); elderly tourists over 70 years old; retired cadres; disabled persons; active servicemen of the People's Liberation Army.

Opening Hours

Summer (April 1-October 31) 8:30-16:00; winter (November 1-March 31) 9:30-15:00.

Suggested play

5-6 hours

Best season

All seasons are within reach.

Traffic Information

Take No. 168 from Maluwan and North Station of Shenyang to Qipanshan International Scenic Tourism Development Zone of Shenyang.

1. Dongling West Road-Shenqi Road-Qipanshan

2. Second Ring Road-Ma Guanqiao-Shen Qi Road-Qipanshan

3. Shenfu Road-Qipanshan

Scenic Spot Project

The park consists of a wild car park and a walking cage park. In December 2000, the first stage of the park was opened, and the ornamental area of the wild stocking car park consisted of Hushan, Xiongao, Langgu, Shiling, Asian animal steppe, African animal steppe and Waterfowl Lake. The early open wild stocking and ornamental areas consist of Hushan, Xiongao, Wolf Valley, Shiling, Asian Animal Steppe, African Animal Steppe and Waterfowl Lake. In addition, there are rare species breeding base and national crane artificial breeding research base. Here, people can take a sightseeing bus to see many kinds of animals, such as Siberian tigers, bears, wolves, Sika deer, African lions, Mongolian horses, wild donkeys, ostriches, red-crowned cranes, yaks and so on. In addition, there are breeding bases for rare species and national artificial breeding research bases for cranes.

Shenyang Forest Zoo has two characteristics in landscape design. First, landscape design makes full use of the original topography and landforms to pursue natural harmony and conceal the construction of animal cage venues. Most of the animals'houses in the zoo are built behind hills, or artificial hills to block the view, or hidden in the mountain bushes. Second, animal isolation grid and isolation ditch are hidden in the grass and woods. Even a fierce lion and a tame zebra are only five metres apart, and they can live in peace.

In order to enhance the overall ornamental effect of the park, Shenyang Forest Zoo will exhibit animals such as zebras and giraffes to tourists. Meanwhile, a large number of waterfowl and birds have been put into the Waterfowl Lake, and a small animal village favored by children has been built. Fast food outlets, snack shops and kiosks have been added to the business services to facilitate the shopping and dining of tourists. In order to facilitate the sightseeing of the disabled, Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo has purchased special wheelchairs for the disabled, and set up a special entrance for the disabled to ensure that the disabled can visit the park conveniently and safely.