She Nationality Medicine

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She Nationality Medicine

She medicine is mainly distributed in Jingning She Autonomous County of Zhejiang Province and in some mountainous areas of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. She nationality has no written language and is commonly used in Chinese. She nationality's medical skills are mostly imparted orally by their ancestors and inherited unilaterally. No male or female (daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law) and no apprentices with foreign surnames are accepted. Because of its disease prevention and treatment mostly based on herbal medicine, it is also known as "herbal medicine".

Introduction to Pharmacy

She Medicine is listed as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list

Declaration Name: Traditional Medicine

Projects for heritage application: treatment of scabies and production technology of six nerves, collaterals and bones

She doctors believe that human life activities are maintained by qi, blood, tendons and pulse. If insufficiency of Qi and blood and erosion of scabies, it will lead to choroid block and induce the occurrence of various scabies. The medical treatment of scrapes can be divided into acupuncture, needle picking and bead picking, bloodletting and cupping, scraping, scraping, quenching and rubbing.

Six gods are the abbreviations of six viscera (heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney and gallbladder). She people advocate the six gods and think that if the six gods are damaged, they will suffer from the six gods disease. She treatment often diagnoses the time together. According to the changes of twelve hours and twenty-four solar terms, she treats the disease again and again. Liushencao should be treated in time. According to different time, different parts and different symptoms, the prescription based on differentiation of symptoms and signs is effective.

Declaration Number: IX-13

Declaration area: Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, Luoyuan County, Fujian Province

Description of She medicines: She medicines are mainly plant-based, with picking and using, pay attention to freshness. She nationality has developed and utilized hundreds of plant medicinal resources, and has taken measures such as cultivation and training of wild medicines, establishment of pharmacies, planting in front of and behind houses or in courtyards.

Introduction to Medicine

A Brief History of She Medicine

In order to prevent diseases, every household of She people will provide some herbal medicine for their own use or reciprocal gifts; She doctors mostly use self-collected herbal medicine for treatment of diseases, or use acupuncture and moxibustion, scratch and other therapies to cooperate with treatment. She people have accumulated experience in disease prevention and treatment in their struggle against diseases, and gradually formed She medicine with national characteristics, which is related to the origin of traditional Chinese medicine.

She Medicine Theory

She doctors believe that human life is dominated by the gods of heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney and gallbladder (commonly referred to as "six gods"). "Six gods" perform their duties, directing the activities of 36 bones, 72 veins, 12 Blood routes and 28 veins of the human body. She medicine divides diseases into five categories: cold, wind, qi, blood and miscellaneous diseases, each of which is divided into 72 types according to symptoms.

diagnostic method

Visiting and inquiring are the main methods, occasionally with pulse cutting.

Theoretical characteristics

She nationality medical theory originated from specific historical conditions and unique natural environment, and has a deep origin with traditional Chinese medicine. During the long period of national migration, she absorbed the essence of medicine theory of Miao, Yao, Zhuang and other minority nationalities, developed the national medical culture, and formed a theoretical system of She nationality medicine with unique national characteristics. Through in-depth folk investigation, consulting relevant medical literature and relevant local historical records, we can see that the She nationality's medical theory has the following characteristics:

Internal and external governance

According to documentary records and linguistic textual research of She nationality, during Sui and Tang Dynasties, She nationality mainly lived in the border area of Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. It was rainy and humid in the area, and the flow of haemorrhoea was very easy to cause malaria, tuberculosis, filariasis, endemic goiter, women's disease and so on, which seriously threatened the health of She people. In this case, the She people accumulated and mastered the struggle against diseases. Experience has gradually formed the She nationality medicine theory with national characteristics. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the change of She nationality's migration area, the folk theory of "scabies" began to take shape. She people refer to physical discomfort, mental discomfort, headache, chest tightness, limb fatigue, vomiting, abdominal distension and pain as "scab". It is considered that "scab" belongs to heat syndrome, which is easy to occur in summer and summer. It is caused by heat and dampness blocking on the skin surface and affecting the functions of viscera, especially the spleen and stomach.

The climate in She nationality area is hot, the "lame gas" in ancient times and the "lame gas" in modern times are all heat toxicity, and the folk treatment is mostly based on Antipyretic and antidote. At the same time, it also emphasizes the differentiation of symptoms and signs of "cold is hot, hot is cold". Pay attention to internal and external treatment, internal treatment of herbal medicine, medication is cold, external treatment of scraping, scraping and so on, both internal and external treatment, both pay equal attention to.

Good at external therapy

She believes that human life is dominated by the gods of the heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney and gallbladder, and "six gods" is the abbreviation of the six organs. "Six gods" perform their respective duties and coordinate the body's 36 bone joints, 72 tendons and veins, 12 Blood routes and 28 veins. Most of the patients were attacked by wind and cold or caused by irregular Qi and blood. Qi and blood are exuberant, tendons and veins are smooth, life activities are normal and body is healthy; if Qi and blood are insufficient, tendons and veins are not smooth, people's body will be weak; if Qi and blood are out of harmony or Qi and blood weakness, tendons and veins stop, life movement will stop.

She people advocate "six gods" and believe that "six gods" will suffer from "six gods" if they are damaged. She's treatment often diagnoses the time together. It is believed that there are twelve coordinated exchanges of Qi and blood in the human body. According to the changes of twelve hours and twenty-four solar terms, the cycle starts again and again. If a place is injured, the blood will be blocked, leading to internal injuries, often occur daily regular cold, or even shivering, but not fever, chills gradually reduced fatigue, loss of voice, hemoptysis, wheezing and so on. Through inquiry to identify the cause of disease, symptomatic application of drugs. "Six gods" disease need to be treated with "six gods grass" in time. According to different time, different parts, different symptoms, the prescription based on syndrome differentiation is effective. On the basis of this theory, modern She medicine has further developed the theory of "six gods". If she medicine Lan Tianzhi thinks that leukemia is caused by stagnation of blood and Qi in human body, he believes that "Liushencao" can treat leukemia, and after more than 20 years of clinical practice, it has achieved obvious curative effect.

She doctor is good at external treatment and bone-setting and bone-setting therapy. She doctors emphasize the treatment of old and new injuries and minor injuries, and treat them according to the time. The treatment is mostly based on herbal medicine, supplemented by animal viscera or muscles, to take the nature of dredging collaterals and activating blood circulation, so as to remove evil and restore healthy, vigorous Qi and blood, and achieve the goal of restoring health. Bone-setting and bone-setting therapy have unique techniques, such as kneading, rubbing, pushing, holding, lifting, pressing, pressing, extrusion, rotation, rotation, extension and stretching. They can be guided by circumstances to restore the body. Fixed with bamboo slices or fir bark after reduction, wrapped with 2-3 inches wide green cloth, adjusted splint once in 3-9 days, and continued medication until recovery.

Take food as a supplement

She people have always attached great importance to the role of food supplement. The saying that "nine medicines are better than one supplement" has been widely spread in She areas. Emphasis is laid on Invigorating the viscera by viscera. It is believed that the viscera or muscles of livestock have a special beneficial relationship with the corresponding viscera or tissues of human body. Pay attention to the cold and hot attributes of food, people with cold constitution should use hot food, people with hot constitution should use cold food. Advocating "prevention first", emphasizing prevention before illness, practicing physical fitness, in order to help the healthy Qi and evil Qi retreat, and heal without medicine.

She people live in areas with high temperature, sweat and gas, heavy physical labor, and excessive consumption of physical energy, so the disease of She people is too complex, it is difficult to prescribe medicine. She doctors creatively combine medicine attack with food supplement, and the effect is better. For example, when the She people change seasons or seasons, they often collect medicines and prepare them at home. According to the changes of seasons, they choose poultry or animals with cool and hot attributes (usually slaughtering chickens, ducks, rabbits or sheep, and also using hunting products) to be stewed with herbal medicines to supplement the body, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength, which fully reflects the efficacy of She doctors. Take food as a supplement.

Act according to law

Doctor She believes that medication should be flexible and flexible according to people, places and times, and "act according to law", and not mechanically, in order to make up for the problem properly and get rid of the disease. For example, in spring and summer, when the body's Yang rises and the skin mushrooms are released, the medicines for exogenous diseases can not be dispersed by Xinwen; in autumn, when the weather is dry, the medicines should be moist; in winter, when the temperature is cold, the medicines can be added appropriately. The patients living in mountainous areas are mostly attacked by wind, cold and dampness, which should be treated by dispelling wind and dispelling cold. The patients living in plain areas often have fever and sweat, so they should be cautious to use warm medicine. For young and old patients, the medication should be light; for young and middle-aged patients, the medication should be slightly severe; for women, the medication should be used cautiously during menstruation and pregnancy.

Characteristic therapy

Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy

She medicine needling therapy differs from traditional Chinese medicine needling therapy in that it pays attention to parts and uses silver triangular needles, which can be divided into pick needles and needle needles, and pick needles lightly and heavily: the light picker holds the silver needle obliquely, the needle tip reveals half a grain of rice, and picks on the epidermis under heavy pressure, with no bleeding as the degree (sometimes there are small blood silks); and the heavy picks on the surface. Pick haemorrhagic silk on the skin, and some of them squeeze haemorrhagic beads from the needle mouth after picking. Doctor She believes that human illness is due to the imbalance of Qi and blood in the body. Light needle adjusts Qi and blood, bloodletting removes blood stasis and makes blood circulation. Acupuncture mostly uses multiple needles, usually without needles. Moxibustion moxibustion uses moxa velvet, which is generally self-made, each piece is relatively large. It mostly uses ginger or Salt-separated moxibustion, only 1-2 pieces at a time. It also has direct moxibustion. Most of them are used for chronic diseases. After moxibustion, it is easy to form ridge marks, also known as ridge marks moxibustion.

Congratulations on the Treatment of Diseases

Zhu Youke was one of the thirteen branches of traditional Chinese medicine in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, and was banned after less than nine branches in the Qing Dynasty. However, Zhu Youke was still used in She nationality areas, and some people also believed in it. A few doctors use Zhu Youke's incantations and symbols to treat skin diseases, furuncles, fish bones, throats, centipede snake and scorpion bites, children's fright, psychosis, dystocia, sweeping wind and other diseases, and occasionally cure them. Some modern scholars believe that "Zhuyu" belongs to the category of medical psychology and has certain significance in medicine.