Shantou Fangte Happy World Blue Mercury Theme Park

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Shantou Fangte Happy World Blue Mercury Theme Park

Shantou Fangte Happy World Blue Mercury Theme Park is the first participatory high-tech theme park in eastern Guangdong with science fiction as its theme, integrating entertainment, science, education and leisure. The park is composed of Galaxy Square, Star Flight, Western Legend, Dinosaur Crisis, Conch Bay, Dulu Dubi Farm, Children's Kingdom and other thematic areas. It has nearly 100 recreational and landscape projects. It breaks through the shortcomings of traditional tourism projects limited to viewing, introduces high-tech content at home and abroad, and creates a playful environment for tourists to teach and enjoy.

Park Development

Shantou Fangte Happy World Blue Mercury Theme Park is independently developed by Shenzhen Huaqiang Cultural Science and Technology Group and jointly invested by Guangdong Jinfeng Group in the construction of high-tech cultural theme park. It has been listed in the top 500 cultivation projects of modern service industry in Guangdong Province in 2010. Located on the North Bank of the Bay Bridge in Shantou City, Guangdong Province (behind the Baijia Peninsula), at the starting point of Shantou Portal and the Eastern Economic Zone of Shantou, with an annual reception capacity of 2 million people, it is the largest high-tech theme park in eastern Guangdong. It was rated as the national AAAAAA tourist attraction by the China Tourism Administration in 2012 and the national popular science education base by the China Association of Science and Technology in 2015.

Shantou Fangte Happy World Blue Mercury Theme Park leads the development direction of the world theme park. It takes science fiction as the theme, high-tech culture and fashion as the leading elements, pays attention to the theme creativity of the project, adopts the international first-class concept and technology to build elaborately. The Park integrates the design of the recreation project into the landscape of the coastal city, which is one of the landmarks of Shantou City.

There are international leading high-altitude flight experience projects beyond the limit, large-scale dynamic space flight experience project interstellar flights. The magical interactive cartoon talk show Dubi Farm, full of magical western legends, colorful and dreamlike Conch Bay...

Park characteristics

Independent Innovation and High Cultural Content

The overall planning and design of the brand and park, the research and development of all recreational projects, the concept of cultural creativity and the design and development of cultural derivatives are all operated by Huaqiang Group, which has complete intellectual property rights and high cultural content. It has the strength to compete with the world-class theme cultural parks and represents the highest level of the domestic cultural theme amusement industry.

International Leading Modern High Technology

Shantou Fangte Happy World Project has made extensive use of modern computer, analog simulation, automatic control, digital film and television, optical and sound control and other high-tech means, and some projects have reached the international leading level.

National Science Popular Education Base

Shantou Fangte Happy World has been awarded the title of "National Science Popular Education Base" in 2015. In order to better let teenagers know, experience and learn the latest scientific and technological knowledge at home and abroad, the theme of knowledge seeking, learning, exploring and experiencing is highlighted in the park. The first part of each theme project is a collection of disciplinary knowledge, and the second part is a combination of these knowledge. Participatory experience project.

New leisure tourism projects

Shantou Fangte Happy World emphasizes the participation of tourists, breaking through the limitation of traditional tourism which is just to see the scenery, allowing tourists to participate in the project personally, so that tourists can experience it personally.

Tour tips


Full fare: 200 yuan for adults and minors over 1.5 meters in height;

Children's tickets: 120 yuan, minors whose height is less than 1.2 meters or less than 1.5 meters;

Ticket-free: Children with height less than 1.2 meters and elderly people over 70 years old (old people need ID card to enter the park without tickets)

Note: All ticket-free personnel should be accompanied by full-fare personnel. Only one full-fare ticket holder can bring the same ticket-free personnel into the park.

Single annual card: 588 yuan;

Note: The annual card is for personal use only, and can not be transferred or refunded. The annual card will enter and leave indefinitely within one year from the date of processing, except for major special activities.

1. Go to the ticket window of the park to buy tickets.

2. To Shantou major travel agencies to buy tickets.

3. Online booking: Fante Travel APP, Fante Official Website, Tianmao Fante Travel Flagship Shop.

4. The annual card should be registered with the Park Tourist Service Center with the original identity card or the original household registration.

All the above fares are one-ticket system. Apart from eating, drinking and purchasing, nearly 100 recreational events in the park are unrestricted. (Blue Ruoshi Temple, Firefly Fantasy Space, Snowy World, 15-30 yuan additional equipment costs)

Kaiyuan information

Seasonal period, specific time, business hours

Statutory holidays New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 9:00-18:30

Summer vacation July-August weekdays

(Monday-Friday) 9:30-18:00


(Saturday-Sunday) 9:00-18:30

Dates other than summer holidays and statutory holidays

(Monday-Friday) 10:00-18:00


(Saturday-Sunday) 9:30-18:30

Note: If the operation time is changed, the above time should be based on the announcement time of the park.

If the weather changes, such as heavy rain, thunder and so on, outdoor recreational projects, such as suspension pulley, UFO, flying in the air, space flying car and other projects will stop operating. When the weather improves and the operation conditions are met, the operation will begin. All the announcements will be based on the broadcast announcements of the parks. Please pay attention to them.

The other thematic areas of Fangte Happy World in Shantou are open to the public as usual without being affected by the weather. Excuse me for the inconvenience.

Notice to Visitors

(1) For your rights and security, you should read the "Tourist Notes" at the gate of the park carefully before purchasing tickets and entering the park, or check the relevant information on the park website in advance.

(2) Some projects may stop or suspend the reception of tourists due to weather, maintenance and other reasons. Please pay attention to the park announcement or consult our staff.

(3) Shantou Fangte Happy World recreation project amounts to nearly 100 items. For some reasons, the park is not responsible for tourists who can not play through the park at one time.

(4) Some of Shantou Fangte Happy World's recreational projects may not be suitable for children, the elderly, pregnant women, heightphobia and other tourists because of their relative excitement and danger, or have certain height restrictions. Please pay attention to the instructions and announcements of various recreational projects in the park.

(5) Shantou Fangte Happy World indoor recreation projects because of the use of 3D, 4D projection technology. In order to prevent the effect of the game, tourists will be prohibited from taking photos. For details, please note the instructions and announcements of various recreational items in the park.

Park traffic

No. 12 Taixing Road, Taixing Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province (on the east side of the North Bank of the Bay Bridge)

Route 15 and 19

Chaozhou-Shantou Traffic Route:

1. Chaozhou City departs from Shangdong Highway S335 to Tiebao, Shangshan-Fenfen Highway at Tiebao (Chaozhou) Highway Intersection, and then turns left at Shantou Highway Toll Station and goes straight to Shantou Fangte Happy World.

2. Chaozhou City starts straight from Chaoshan Highway to Shantou University Road (Shantou TV Tower junction), turns left on Xinghua Road to Xinghua Road, goes straight through Jinsha Road on Shanzhang overpass, turns right on Taishan Road to Taishan Road, and goes straight to Zhongtai overpass according to our garden road sign.

Jieyang-Shantou Traffic Route:

1. Jieyang City departs from the G206 line of Shangguo Highway to Shantou until Shantou University Road Crossing (Shantou TV Tower Crossing) turns right on Chaoshan Road, goes straight to Xinghua Road Crossing, turns left on Xinghua Road, goes straight through Jinsha Road on Shanzhang overpass, goes straight to Taishan Road Crossing, turns right on Taishan Road on Taishan Road, and goes straight to Zhongtai Interchange Bridge to Shantou Fangte Happy World according to our garden road sign.

2. Jieyang City departs from the G206 Line of Shangguo Highway to Jiedong County and turns left to the S335 Line of Shangdao Highway to Chaozhou. After crossing the Hanjiang Bridge in Chaozhou City, the S335 Line of Shangdao Highway goes to Tiepu. At the intersection of Tiepu (Chaozhou) Highway, Shanfen Highway goes to Shantou, and then goes straight to Shantou Highway Toll Station.

Meizhou-Shantou Traffic Route:

1. Meizhou Upper G206 National Highway to Jieyang, Meizhou West Toll Station Shangshan-Meizhou Expressway to Shantou, straight to Putian Toll Station under Jieyang, right to G206 National Highway, left to Shantou University Road junction (Shantou TV Tower junction) right to Shangchaoshan Road, straight to Xinghua Road junction left to Xinghua Road, straight through Shanzhang overpass Jinsha Road, straight to Taishan Road junction. Turn right onto Taishan Road and go straight to the Zhongtai Interchange. Drive along the road sign of our garden, and then to Fangte Happy World in Shantou.

2. Meizhou Upper G206 National Highway to Jieyang and Meizhou West Toll Station to Shangshan-Meizhou Expressway to Shantou. To Jieyang Yunlu Toll Station, go right on S335 to Chaozhou, cross Chaozhou City Provincial Highway S335 to Tiepu, go up Shanfen Highway to Shantou at Tiepu (Chaozhou) Highway junction, and go straight to Shantou Expressway Toll Station, turn left and go straight.

Shanwei to Shantou Traffic Route:

Shanwei city starts from Shanshanwei Avenue and goes straight to Haifeng, Shenshan Expressway to Shantou at Shanwei Expressway intersection, Shantou Toll Station and Shantou Bay Bridge, then goes straight left after Shantou Expressway Shantou Toll Station and then goes straight to Shantou Special Happy World.

Chenghai-Shantou Traffic Route:

1. From Chengcheng, take 324 National Highway to Shantou and turn left to Taishan Road, and then go straight to the Zhongtai Interchange according to the road sign of our garden.

2. Start from Chengcheng, turn right from Laimei Road to Jinhong Highway intersection, go straight to Jinhong Highway, turn left at Taishan Road, and then go straight to Zhongtai Overpass, which is right at our garden road sign.

Chaoyang-Shantou Traffic Route:

1. From Miancheng to Shantou on the G324 line of Shangguo Highway, after crossing the Yaoshi Bridge, go straight to the Overseas Chinese Park via Xidi and Haibin Road, and turn right to Zhongshan East Road and to the Sino-Thai Overpass.

2. Start from Miancheng on the G324 line of Shangguo Highway to Shantou, go right to Nanbin Road, Shantou, and then to the Aotou entrance of Haibin Bridge. After crossing the Bay Bridge, go left at the lower expressway of Shantou Expressway Toll Station.

Parking Standard, Vehicle Type, Charge Standard


Within 15 minutes, super-large cars, large cars, medium and small cars, two-wheeled motorcycles and bicycles are free of charge.

Within 15 minutes to 24 hours, 15 yuan/vehicle/day for super-large vehicles with 10 tons or more

Large vehicles, 2 tons or more to 10 tons (including 10 tons), 20 seats or more, 10 yuan/vehicle/day

Small and medium-sized cars under 20 seats (including 20 seats) 4 yuan/car/day

Two-wheeled motorcycle 1/car/day

Note: Military, police, medical and fire trucks are free of charge.