Shangyao National Forest Park

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Shangyao National Forest Park, located in the northeast of Huainan City, Anhui Province, has more than 30 hills and mountains with a total area of 10.4 square kilometers and a forest coverage rate of 87.9%. It is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating ecological tourism, cultural landscape, religious activities, vacation and leisure, and popular science education.

Shangyao National Forest Park is a national agricultural tourism demonstration site and national AAA tourism scenic spot. The park is divided into Dongshan Huai Scenic Spot, Arboretum Scenic Spot, Shipeng Scenic Spot and Xiangshan Scenic Spot. The main scenic spots are Dongshan Temple, Siyuan Tea House, Long Corridor, Liberation Pool, etc.

Location context

Shangyao National Forest Park is located in Shangyao Town, Huainan City, Anhui Province. It is located between 117 degrees 06'-117 degrees 10'longitude East and 32 degrees 45'-32 degrees 47' latitude north. The Huaihe River is adjacent to Bairuquan, Shengquan and Bianhe Cave in Huaiyuan in the north, Ming Huang Mausoleum in Fengyang in the east, Taoshan Cave, Zen Cave Temple and Fuhu Cave in the north, Maoxian Cave, Pearl Spring in Bagong Mountain in the west, and Liu'an Tomb in Huainan Kingdom. The Park covers an area of 10.4 square kilometers, and 206 National Highway passes through, surrounded by the ancient town of Shangyao.

Resource situation

plant resources

Shangyao National Forest Park belongs to the deciduous broad-leaved forest area of the north subtropical and warm temperate zone, with 139 plant species. Vegetation is mostly planted artificially and natural secondary, such as Platycladus orientalis pure forest, Robinia pseudoacacia mixed forest and so on. Because of the low altitude, there is no vertical distribution of vegetation. The main tree species are Oriental cypress, pencil cypress, Masson pine, black pine, Pinus masson, black pine, pine, slaslaslash pine, torch pine, cedar, cedar, cedar, water fir, Taxus, Chinese fir, ginkgo, ginkgo, black locloclocust, locust, locust, locust, locust, locust, locust, locust, locust, locust, poplar, willwillwillwillwillwillwillwillwillwillwillow, elelm, berberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberberChestnut and Wu Chinese tallow, pomegranate, apricot, grape and so on; shrub species are steamed bread fruit, perennial thorn, date, wild hawthorn and so on; herbaceous plants are mainly jasmine, white grass, weed and so on. There are three national grade I and II protected plants.

Animal resources

There are 22 species of terrestrial vertebrates in Shangyao National Forest Park, belonging to 4 classes, 12 orders and 18 families, including 2 orders, 2 families, 2 species of amphibians, 1 order, 1 family, 1 species of reptiles, 9 families and 11 species of classes, 5 orders, 9 families and 9 species of mammals. There are mainly straw rabbits, foxes, wolves, hedgehogs, thrushes, cuckoos, black-pillowed orioles, owls, jays, woodpeckers, turtles, snakes, frogs and so on. There are 4 species of animals protected at the national level I and II.

Scenic spots

pond where fish are released

The Free Life Pool is located in the Huaijing District of Dongshan Mountain. It covers an area of 13 mu. On the pool, there is a water Xie Curving Bridge. Water lilies and other plants are planted in the water. It can be used for tourists to enjoy the recreational scenery and release good men and believers.

Dongshan Temple

Dongshan Temple is located on the top of Dongshan Mountain, which was built in Hongzhi period of Ming Dynasty. The original temple is facing the west. The temple is half-moon-shaped. It is screened by immortal cliffs. There are mountain gates, Daxiong palace, Yao Wang palace, Guanyin palace, etc. The total area of the temple is about 3000 square meters, which was damaged by Japanese invaders when they invaded China. After liberation, the temple was rebuilt with buildings, terraces, pavilions and pavilions, as well as the Guanyin Hall, the statue of Guanyin Buddha, the Maitreya Buddha in front of the temple, the four gods, and the shrines protecting Wei Kuan.

Ancient Shouzhou Kiln Site

The total area of the ancient Shouzhou kiln site is about 160,000 square kilometers. In 1981, it was declared the provincial key cultural relics protection unit, and in 2001, it was declared the national key cultural relics protection unit.

Development and construction

Shangyao National Forest Park was formerly a state-owned Shangyao Forest Farm.

In 1992, Shangyao Provincial Forest Park was established with the approval of the Ministry of Forestry.

In December 2005, with the approval of the State Forestry Administration, it was officially promoted to the National Forest Park.

In 2008, it was promoted to the national 3A tourist attraction.

Tourism information

Scenic Spot Level: 3A

Location of Scenic Spots: Shangyao Town, Huainan City, Anhui Province

Traffic routes: 1) Long-distance access can be made by railway to Huainan Station, or through National Highway 206, Hehuai-Fujian Expressway, Beng-Huai Expressway, Jingfu Expressway and other routes. (2) Take bus No. 1 to Shangyao Town in Huainan City. The bottom stop is Shangyao National Forest Park.