Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park

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Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park

Yuehu Sculpture Park is located in Sheshan National Tourism Resort, Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is built around the lake. It is a sculpture art park which combines natural scenery with modern landscape art, funded by Mr. Cao Rizhang, President of Taiwan Jinbaoshan Group. The Park covers a total area of 1300 Mu and a period of 1000 mu, of which Yuehu covers 465 Mu and more than 500 mu along the hinterland of the lake. Yuzi Paradise in Guilin once held the activity of "Waterfront Sculpture Creation Camp" for the construction of Yuehu Sculpture Park. More than 60 sculpture works were created with the theme of "Yuehu" and scattered along the lakeside. The whole sculpture style is "tranquil, leisurely and warm". Many sculptures have the meaning of "life". They reflect that water is the theme of "the source of life", and hope that people will love nature. Protect nature.

brief introduction

Yuehu Sculpture Park is the latest comprehensive art park in Sheshan Resort, which integrates modern sculpture art, natural and humanistic landscape and leisure facilities. It is also the largest artificial lake in Shanghai.

Yuehu Lake is surrounded by green Dongshe Mountain, Xueshan Mountain and Fenghuang Mountain. The whole scenic area is like a landscape painting in front of people. Near the lake, Sheshan can be seen standing alone, and the water of the lake is clear. At the northern end of Yuehu Lake and the southern end of Xiangjing Lake, the 800-meter-long Cuidi plunges into the water.

The Yuehu Sculpture Park, relying on mountain forests and Yuehu resources, has carefully created a functional regional landscape with four themes: spring, summer, autumn and winter. It has set up public leisure and entertainment places such as tourist service center, children's intelligent activity square, Yueyuanyuan Wedding Garment Hall, Sun-Moon 1st and Autumn-Moon Square.

Yuehu Sculpture Park, located in Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Shanghai, was officially opened to the outside world in 2005. With the construction concept of "returning to nature and enjoying art", the park is a comprehensive art park integrating modern sculpture, natural landscape and landscape art. The first phase of the park covers an area of 1300 mu, of which the Yuehu Lake covers 465 mu. The hinterland of the lake is divided into four sides: spring, summer, autumn and winter. More than 40 large-scale sculptures created by modern artists from all over the world are integrated into the beautiful landscape with unique features. The park entrance is exquisitely designed and concise. The giant sculpture "Flying to Eternity" stands in the center. It is also a functional sundial with modern artistic form. It was created by Bulgarian tourist sculptor Jivoji Filin. Two straight lines of Canary trees stand in a spiritual line, warmly welcoming every visitor, inviting you to enter a place full of intellectual and emotional art Peach Blossom.

Chronicle of events

Construction of Yueyuan Garden in April 2003

Construction of Spring Bank started in July 2003

Construction started on the summer bank in October 2003

Opening to the outside world in October 2004

Completion of summer bank in 2004

Construction of Autumn Bank in October 2005

Autumn Bank Opening to the World in May 2006

In May 2006, the autumn bank officially opened and the high-end restaurant officially opened in autumn.

In May 2007, the Lake Art Museum was opened to the outside world.

Construction of Spring Blowout Well on Autumn Bank in May 2007

The only deep hot spring well in Shanghai was completed in April 2008

In March 2005, Gong Xueping, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, visited the park to guide the work.

2004 Shanghai "Yueyuan Garden" Cup Shanghai Primary School Fresco Competition

July 2005 Miss Universe 2005 Beauty Contest

Opening Ceremony of Songjiang Tourism Festival on Water Stage in October 2005

Xu Kuangdi, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Mayor of Shanghai, visited the park in October 2005

November 2005 "HSBC Championship Cup" Golf Demonstration Activity Tagowoods and nikegolf Hoyawa VIP in May 2006 State Council Member and Secretary-General of the State Council Hua Jianmin, Vice Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Mayor of Shanghai Han Zheng visited Yueyuan Park and gave guidance to the park work.

May 2006 Shanghai New Circus Entrance Performance, Creating a Wonderful May Day Golden Week

In July 2006, Wild Beach Pet Party was held on the summer shore passionately.

In July 2006, the theme of "Come on, Hero" was recorded on location.

Construction of Spring Blowout Well on Autumn Bank in May 2006

In September 2006, the Foreign Economic and Trade Commission held a reception for the leaders of the world's top 500 enterprises, which opened in autumn.

In September 2006, the Carnival for the Mainland Issue of Your Shape was held on Xia Bian Beach.

October 2006 Casio Watch Agents Conference was held in Autumn Yuehuang Restaurant

October 2006 "Moon Garden China Shadow Art Fashion Week" was held in the park

In November 2006, SMG Shanghai Golf Championship was held in autumn.

In December 2006, the award ceremony of the Wind and Cloud Persons Award was held in the autumn moon.

May 2007 "The Sculpture of Yitenglong Dao Living", Yuehu Art Museum

In May 2007, Mercedes-Benz Art Appreciation Conference of "Savoring Classical Moon Garden" was held in Yuehu Art Museum.

In May 2007, 7,000 employees of Jiangsen Yanfeng held Family Day activities in the park.

In May 2007, Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd. held weekend activities

In August 2007, the Full Moon Driving Test of World Battle Car was held on Autumn Bank.

In August 2007, the Happy Family Day of 2000 GM employees was held in Autumn Bank.

September 2007 Robert Watt-Local Sculpture and Painting Exhibition, Yuehu Art Museum

November 2007 "Austrian Double Cup" Award Ceremony was held at Yuehu Art Museum

In February 2008, "Return to Sihai Artists'Works Exhibition" was held in Yuehu Art Museum.


Adult tickets are 120 yuan (100 yuan on Monday-Thursday, exceptional for holidays); children under 1.4 and elderly people over 70 are 50 yuan; pet tickets are 30 yuan (pet permit is required).

Traffic information

From the urban direction, you can take Metro Line 9 to Sheshan Station and transfer to Songjiang 92 to Yuehu Station. The traffic of Yuehu Sculpture Park can be seen in Sheshan National Tourist Resort, and can be visited together with Dongshe Mountain Park and Xishe Mountain Park.

Tourist experience

Park tickets are a little expensive, 120 tickets, can only occasionally come, but the environment is good, the air is fresh, take a girlfriend for a walk, flying a kite is still very good, what is sculpture a major feature ah, like sculpture friends can not miss.

When it was all right, some friends came out to play together. As soon as we arrived at the park, we saw a large fountain. We went to the fountain for a while. The environment inside was beautiful and suitable for walking and dating. The park had a large area.

It's very expensive. When I was in a bad mood that day, I spent 120 years grinding my teeth to relax. After I came here, the environment was still good. When I entered a large fountain, I could feel better. The scenery inside was good. The beach, statues and so on. I felt much better after half a day's strolling. If the price could be cheaper, it would be better.

The rented wheelchair looks very advanced, and it can also lie down, and the road is relatively smooth.

Sculptures are everywhere. It's good for people with artistic appreciation to take pictures. Ordinary people just look around.

There is a special beach. The sculpture above is very vivid from a distance. It is cold. There is no shadow in the upper half of the beach. It is suitable for taking photos.

The scenery at sunset is very beautiful, and I went to that day very few people, unfortunately, their shooting ability is limited.

There is a special toilet. The faucet of the sink is stalactite, but the induction is too poor. There is no underwater in half a day.

When the number of people is small, the parking coach is not 15 minutes at all. If you go, you must pay attention to it. Don't wait at the station foolishly, you should call for the staff walkie-talkie.