Shanghai Century Park

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Century Park, formerly known as Pudong Central Park, is a relatively large park in Pudong area, covering 140.3 hectares. It is located in the southeast of Pudong Huamu Administrative Region (office center of the new district). Century Park is the largest ecological city park with natural characteristics in Shanghai. It embodies the integration of eastern and Western cultures, man and nature, and has modern Chinese garden style.

Development history

Since March 2002, Shanghai Century Park has opened four tree adoptive theme forests in the park, namely "Wish Forest", "Love Forest", "Love Forest" and "Meeting Forest". You can make a nickname for the adoptive tree and inscribe a blessing with your name on the adoptive plate. The adoptive plate is green heart-shaped and hangs lovely on the tree. During the adoption period, three tickets are also presented each year to invite you back to visit relatives free of charge, which is meaningful. The adopted species are mainly evergreen camphor trees with a height of more than 3 meters.

Main attractions

Century flower clock

It is the landmark of Century Park. It is backed by Jingtianhu Lake and faces Century Avenue. The circular flower bed has a diameter of 12 meters. It is marked by green melon seeds and poplar. It is decorated with flowers. The whole flower clock is gorgeous and colorful. Century flower clock is controlled by satellite instruments, with an error of only 0.03 seconds. It is scientific, artistic and practical. The Park was officially opened to the public on April 18, 2000. In order to commemorate the significance of this cross-century, and the clock is at the end of Century Avenue, so it is called Century Flower Bell.

Mirror Lake

Entering the No. 1 Gate of the World Park, Jingtian Lake with an area of 12.5 hectares is in sight. It is a man-made lake with the deepest depth of 5 meters. It is currently the largest man-made lake in Shanghai. Jingtian Lake is connected with Zhangjiabang on the outer edge of the park. A sluice gate is built on the east side of the lake to control the water level in the lake. Whenever the breeze blows, the lake is sparkling and rippling with green waves. Every day, the lake is high and cool, and the water is clear as a mirror. The clouds in the sky are vividly reflected, so it is called Jingtian Lake.

Open-air Music Plaza

The open-air theatre is located on the west side of Century Park. It covers an area of 8,000 square meters. The front auditorium can accommodate 2,500 people, and can receive 4,000 visitors under fully open conditions. The auditorium is equipped with stage and music cover, light control, sound control and some auxiliary rooms. Its scale is currently the largest man-made open-air theater in the country. This white steel cover is used to enhance the sound effect. It can collect the singer's voice and transmit it to the audience. The voice is very clear and loud. The square is facing green water and leaning on mountains and forests. It is a great enjoyment for tourists to enjoy and sing here.

Musical fountain

Located in the scenic spot, the fountain integrates sound, light, movement, shape and rhyme, with strong ornamental, multi-perspective artistry and tourists'participation. The design concept of the fountain is based on geometric arrangement. The 20 *20 m square dry fountain is divided into 4 *4 m units. Each cell is arranged by 8 DN25 adjustable DC sprinklers at an equal distance of 1.33 meters, using a pump and a sprinkler, controlled by multi-media computer frequency conversion; each sprinkler has three special waterproof lamps of different colors, 208 sprinklers and 600 color lights to make light and water merge into one, achieving perfect results, reflecting high, new and cutting-edge technology.

Yun fan bridge

Green World Embossed Wall:

Made of granite with a total length of 80 meters and a total area of 178 square meters, the work shows 29 species of animals and plants in the Asia-Pacific region, including Chinese pandas, Thai elephants, Vietnamese buffalo, Australian kangaroos, American eagles, Russian bears, etc. The plants are tropical, subtropical, wet and cold zones from left to right, from land to sea, reflecting the combination of species and ecological environment. Rational transition. The design and production of the sculpture, with Mr. Chen Yifei, a well-known traveling artist, as the art director, focuses on the theme of harmony between man and nature.

viewing platform

Located on the side of Jingtian Lake, there are four staircases on the upper and lower sides. Up the platform, you can see many kinds of plants planted in Sishihua, such as Eurasian Huoxuedan, beautiful evening primrose, oregano, Dangshen willow, argyrophylla and Iris germanica. On the west side of the platform, the legendary Qionghua of Yangzhou is planted, climbing to the top, overlooking the lake with a wide view, and the sparkling Jingtianhu Lake has a panoramic view.

Golf Course Area

The park's small golf course area is located on the west side of Century Park. The clubhouse covers an area of 670 square meters and consists of a lounge, a coffee shop, a ball rental house and a bathroom. The small golf course covers an area of 35000 square meters and has nine holes. It can play golf mainly by cutting and putting. Course design is exquisite, the environment is elegant, sand pits, ponds, shrubs and other obstacle areas are reasonably allocated, is an elegant fitness venue.

Spring Garden

Located in the southwest corner of Jingtian Lake, it covers an area of 0.6 hectares. There are plum blossoms, chimonanthus, spring flowers, late cherry, peach blossom, crabapple, hypericum, bamboo, willow and other early spring plants planted in the garden. Every season when everything recovers, the garden will emit a strong sense of spring.

Summer garden

Located in the forest community scenic area, covering an area of 0.5 hectares, every midsummer season, the garden cuckoo singing blood, pomegranate dried sky, Purple Sage heading, sunflower, Hibiscus rhyme wind, moonlight soaking, Gardenia fragrance, climbing the skyline, summer garden will create a graceful purple, green, lush grass and lush scenery for you.

The Autumn Garden

Located in the forest community scenic area, covering 0.3 hectares. When autumn comes, the golden autumn in the garden is refreshing, the scent of sweet cinnamon is fragrant, the lotus is shining, the snow-covered reeds, cassia seed-raising, red leaves win fire, layers of forest are dyed, under the chrysanthemum Eastern fence, persimmons make branches, chilling cicadas at the beginning, birds and sparrows compete for food, and weave beautiful autumn scenery together.

Winter garden

Located in the forest community scenic area, covering 0.3 hectares. Every winter, the garden is full of loquat, wax petals, fragrant fragrance, fragrant fragrance, Jasmine blossom, Sea red flowers, Camellia contains five colors of flowers, especially pine bone, bamboo charm, plum wind. Although winter scenery is dormant, Winter Gardens are full of vitality.

Other attractions

In addition to the above, Century Park has also built high column fountain, music dry fountain, Four Seasons Garden, Century Flower Bell, large relief, forest streams, pebble beach, Ginkgo Avenue, margin pool and other garden landscape. Century Park is full of hills, evergreen trees, clear lakes, winding forest streams and tranquil people. It is a perfect place for leisure, vacation and business exchanges. It enjoys the nickname of "Holiday Garden". Century Park has seven scenic spots, such as local farmland park, sightseeing area, lakeside area, sparse forest lawn area, bird protection area, international garden area and small golf course, as well as open-air music theatre, meeting square, children's playground, fishing and other activities.

Located in the center of Century Park, Jingtian Lake in the west, Bird Reserve in the ecological lake of Dongyi Park, and two major recreational areas of North-South Link Park. The shape of the bridge is suspension structure with a span of 43 meters. It is the largest pedestrian bridge in the park of Shanghai. The shape of the bridge is beautiful. The reflection of the shadow of the bridge in the water is like a cloud sail. It is integrated with the shadow of the cloud and becomes one of the most beautiful scenery of the century park.

Tourism information

Opening Hours

From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Best season

Spring is the best time, when the garden is in full bloom, very beautiful.

Suggest playing

3 hours

Traffic information

Century Park is located at the end of Century Avenue, north of Century Square and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The address is Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area (Gate 1001, Gate 901, Gate 2, Gate 701, Gate 3). Century Park is divided into Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station and Century Park Station on Metro Line 2. Other traffic:

Gate 1: 184, 640, 640, 794, Dongzhou Line, Pudong 21 Road, Pudong 35 Road, Shenchong 2 Line, Shenchong 4 Line;

Gate 2: 184, 794, 640, 640, Dongzhou Line;

Gate 3: 983;

Gate 7: 746, 1013 and Huamu 1.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The park has a large area of lawns, forests and lakes as its main body. It has scenic spots such as Central Lake Island, Meeting Square, Rural Pastoral, International Garden, Sparse Forest Lawn, as well as facilities such as bird protection, scientific experience, scientific experiments and children's amusement park. It can fish, fly kites and have picnics.

Century Park is the largest ecological city park with natural characteristics in the central area of Shanghai Inner Ring Line. Century Park is located in the administrative and cultural center of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is the largest ecological city park with natural characteristics in the central area of Shanghai Inner Ring Line. It enjoys the reputation of "Holiday Garden". The overall plan of the park is designed by LUC Company, which covers an area of 140.3 hectares and invests 1 billion RMB. The design idea embodies the concepts of integration of Chinese and Western garden art and human and nature. The park is dominated by large areas of lawns, forests and lakes. It has seven scenic spots, such as rural farmland park, lakeside area, sparse forest lawn area, bird protection area, exotic Park and mini golf course, as well as Century Flower Bell, Jingtianhu, Gaozhu Fountain, Southern Country Style, Oriental Rainbow Bonsai Garden, Green World relief, music fountain, music square, margin pool, Bird Island and Olmei. Forty-five scenic spots such as the head and Montreal Park. There are 13 participatory recreational projects such as children's paradise, leisure bicycle, sightseeing car, cruise boat, green maze, fishing area, pigeon recreational area, and Exhibition hall, Montreal coffee bar, Jiayu Garden, Century Restaurant, Haina Baichuan Cultural Home and Leisure Sales Department.

Trees and shrubs embrace each other in the garden, flowers blossom in all seasons, lakes ripple, streams winding, bamboo shadows mottled, vegetation lush, is an oasis in the metropolis, a quiet in the prosperity, is a pleasant place for leisure and vacation. There are more than 160 bonsai plants in the Oriental Hongzhu Bonsai Garden, with various varieties and shapes, and the Yuanchi Landscape is elegant and pleasant. Century flower clock in lakeside area is the park's landmark scenic spot, which is scientific, artistic and practical; music fountain is very ornamental, with the rhythm of music, magical water body presents three-dimensional changes, giving people a dynamic realm of music, water dance, water stop; sparse forest lawn area is divided into four gardens according to the change of seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. 。 Every park has the representative flowers of the season, which are very beautiful. In the exotic park, the huge Olmega head shows people the exquisite sculpture technology of the Olmega nationality. The Olmega National Sculpture skill is outstanding, and the head sculpture is the concentrated embodiment of its civilization achievements. The replica of the "Olmega 8" is a gift from the Mexican Veracruz State Government to the Shanghai Municipal Government and a symbol of friendship between the two peoples.

The green labyrinth is surrounded by the green plant "coral", which integrates ecology and entertainment and conveys the pleasure of blending.