Sausages with cuttlefish

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Sausages with cuttlefish

Cuttlefish, also known as cuttlefish, squid. Cuttlefish is delicious, nutritious and of high medicinal value. It is rich in protein, fat, inorganic salt, carbohydrate and many other substances. In addition, it tastes delicious. As far as the Tang Dynasty, there are records of eating cuttlefish. It is a favorite delicacy.

Characteristics of dishes

Cuttlefish, also known as cuttlefish, squid. Commonly known as "cuttlefish bone", dried cuttlefish is delicious, nutritious and of high medicinal value. It is called "squid bone" or "conch Octopus" in traditional Chinese medicine. It can treat excessive gastric acid and is a common Chinese medicine for hemostasis and astringency. Cuttlefish, commonly known as squid, also known as "winter chicken", dry products are also known as "moth and moth", commonly known as "squid cake". Dried cuttlefish is rich in protein, fat, inorganic salt, carbohydrate and many other substances. In addition, it tastes delicious. It has been recorded in Tang Dynasty as a favorite delicacy. It is distributed in the coastal areas of China. Pingtan dried cuttlefish is rich in nutrition and has the functions of invigorating yang, nourishing blood and kidney, strengthening stomach and regulating qi. It tastes delicious and is the best food for gynecology.


Oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is sold in supermarkets. Materials: ginger powder, garlic powder, oyster sauce (sold in supermarkets.) Green pepper, carrot.

Preparation: wash the cuttlefish and over boil the water

Green pepper, carrot slices, stir fry with hot oil, over oil time is not easy to long, easy to destroy the nutritional value of vegetables.

Stir fry: put the oil in the pot, put ginger and garlic into the oil when it is hot, and then put oyster sauce (be careful when putting oyster sauce, don't scald it, be careful when putting oyster sauce in the pot.) Add cuttlefish, green pepper, carrot, salt, chicken essence (monosodium glutamate) to fry.

Stir fry evenly to make a pot.

Baby rice

The cuttlefish is a lovely face. We are always in the hot pot for its delicacy, but it is round

The white belly of drum can't help but make people imagine - so fresh and tender it may give different freshness to the things inside? Sure enough, the rice it makes is called fresh!

Ingredients: 100g rice, 7 cuttlefish, 50g onion, 1 green pepper and 1 red pepper.

Seasoning: salt, oil, vinegar, cooking wine, onion, ginger.


1. Wash rice. Wash and dice onions and green and red peppers.

2. Put salt and oil into the above raw materials and mix well for use.

3. Mix cuttlefish with onion, ginger, salt, vinegar and cooking wine, marinate for 10 minutes.

4. Fill the mixed raw materials into the belly of the cuttlefish, and steam them on the pot.

The cuttlefish can't be too small. The rice grains are not easy to put in. Moreover, it can't be made of frozen cuttlefish. When thawing, the head and body are easy to be scattered and shapeless. The ingredients in the rice can be matched by yourself, but it's better not to lose the onion, which is used to deodorize the cuttlefish.

Pickled pepper fish

Ingredients: Cuttlefish

Seasoning: Sichuan pickled chili, pickled ginger and scallion

Production method:

A. Stir fry the cuttlefish with water, pickle the chili, ginger and scallion in Sichuan

B. Add seasoning, fry cuttlefish and thicken.

Features: Invigorating the spleen, appetizing the stomach, benefiting qi and removing dampness

Spicy cuttlefish

The time for cuttlefish to drink water is very short. We must add some cooking wine to remove the smell.

The method is as follows:

Ingredients: Cuttlefish

Seasoning: Sichuan pickled chili, pickled ginger, onion, garlic, cooking wine

Production method:

1. Stir fry the water of cuttlefish and Sichuan hot pepper, ginger, onion and garlic

2. Add fried seasoning, cuttlefish, cooking wine, stir fry and thicken.

Garlic cuttlefish

Ingredients: 500g cuttlefish, 100g snow cake, 50g soy sauce, 15g fish sauce, 20g garlic, 15g green and red peppers, 5g ginger powder, 10g cooking wine, 5g onion powder, 5g sugar, 1g monosodium glutamate, 0.5g pepper powder, 1g sesame oil and 75g salad oil.


1. Wash the cuttlefish into boiling water (add a little cooking wine) and fish.

2. Take a disk and put the cuttlefish on the plate. Mix all the above ingredients and put them on the cuttlefish. Steam in a cage pan for about 3 minutes. Sprinkle the scallion with hot oil and serve with a snowcake.

Dry pot fish

Main ingredient: Baby cuttlefish 400g

Ingredients: 10g red pepper and 15g green pepper

Seasonings: 50g peanut oil, 2G refined salt, 1g chicken essence, 5g red oil, 5g oyster sauce, 2G white sugar, 5g bean paste, 20g cooking wine, 5g thirteen spices, 10g dry pepper, 10g garlic, 5g green onion, 10g ginger and 100g fresh soup.


1. Take out the eyes of the cuttlefish, wash them, blanch them in a boiling pot, and drain the water.

2. Clean the green and red peppers, cut the hob into pieces and put them into the dry pot; fry the garlic in the oil pot and remove it; cut the onion into sections, cut the ginger into sections, cut the dry peppers into sections and chop the bean paste into sections.

3. Place the pot on the high fire, add vegetable oil, add ginger slices, dry peppers and bean paste, stir fry them together with cuttlefish and garlic, cook in cooking wine, pour in fresh soup, turn off the foam after the high fire, add salt, chicken essence, oyster oil, sugar and thirteen spices, adjust the taste, simmer until cuttlefish taste, collect the thick soup on the high fire, drench with red oil and sesame oil, and put in the chili block In a dry pot, sprinkle with scallion.

Features: the cuttlefish is fresh, tender and spicy.

Cuttlefish soup

Material Science:

There are 6-7 cuttlefish, 200g cabbage, 100g radish, 1 kelp (10cm), 1 / 2 green onion, 1 green and red pepper, 6-7 cups of soup with sauce, proper amount of soy sauce and pepper.


1. Remove the internal organs of cuttlefish, wash with flour, and drain the water after salting.

Blanch cabbage in salt water, cut into proper size, shred radish, scallion and pepper.

3 pot into the right amount of water into the radish and seaweed boil, radish cooked seaweed out, the sauce dissolved in the soup.

After the soup begins to roll, put in the cuttlefish fry. When it's half cooked, put in the cabbage and cook for a while.

5 put in green onion and red pepper, seasoning with soy sauce and pepper.

Palace fish

Technology: hot taste: salty

Taste: white color, fragrant taste.

Main ingredient: Cuttlefish 400g

Accessories: peanut kernel 100g

Seasoning: soy sauce 10 g salt 10 g MSG 3 G cooking wine 5 g Sugar 10 g peanut oil 20 g onion 5 g ginger 5 g garlic (white skin) 5 g pickled pepper 10 g starch 5 g

Cooking method

1. Wash the cuttlefish. Cut the onion, ginger and garlic into pieces.

2. Add water to boil in the pot, put the squid into the pot and remove.

3. Heat up the oil in the pot, stir fry the onion, ginger and garlic, season the sauce, stir fry the cuttlefish, add the peeled peanuts and pickled peppers, and then dish.

Production tips

The cuttlefish should be washed and cooked thoroughly. Don't overdo it. Fry quickly to avoid aging.

Fried fish with black pepper sauce

Cuttlefish 2 two (like to eat more), 10 pickled peppers (to the kind of Hunan, yellow, sweet and sour, so that the cuttlefish made out of the unique taste of salty and sweet. However, the red pickled peppers used in Sichuan cuisine and the wild peppers in Guangdong cuisine are too spicy, I don't like to use them. There are 3 liang of tender shoots (lettuce is also used, depending on the season), 4 or 5 pieces of ginger, a little of black bean and chives.

The first step is to boil a pot of water, which contains ginger, chives and cooking wine. When the water boils, put the cuttlefish in, and then fish it out, so as to remove the fishy smell of the cuttlefish. Then cut the cuttlefish into two, put them in a bowl, put some cooking wine, salt and pepper, and mix them up;

The second step is to heat the pot. Put half a tablespoon of oil in it. When the oil is 70% hot, put the tender bamboo shoots (sliced) and pickled peppers (sliced) into the pot. Add some salt (pickled peppers are already salty and can't put more salt). Stir fry them for a while. When the bamboo shoots are almost wrinkled, take them out for use;

The third step is to heat another pot, and enlarge half a tablespoon of oil in it. When the oil is 7% hot, pour down the squid, stir fry it, and then add the Douchi (which has been soaked with water). Then it is very important to add a tablespoon of seafood sauce (which is seasoned by it). Stir fry it evenly, and pay attention to the fire. Then put in the tender bamboo shoots and pickled peppers, stir fry them, add some sour and sweet pickled peppers juice, and then add some water starch to make a thin sauce (that is, mix a small amount of raw powder with more water), stir fry them for a few times to make the pot.

Korean salad

Main ingredient: Squid

Accessories: white sesame

Seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, Korean hot sauce, chili powder, sugar

The practice of Korean cold mixed cuttlefish larvae:

1. Prepare main materials

2. Skin the cuttlefish, remove the small hard shell (cuttlebone) on the back, remove the internal organs, cut off the eyes and wash them for future use

3. Stir fry sesame seeds

4. Boil the water in the pot, put in ginger slices, cooking wine and cuttlefish fry, and then simmer for 3 minutes

5. Remove the cuttlefish and soak it in ice lemonade for 5 minutes

6. Cut garlic and ginger into small pieces, then mix Korean hot sauce, chili powder, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, garlic, ginger and cooked sesame

7. Drain the water from the cuttlefish and put it into the bowl. Pour the seasoning into the bowl and mix it evenly

8. Put the lid on and refrigerate for 1-2 hours before opening. The longer the time is, the better the flavor will be

Nutritive value

Cuttlefish is a kind of delicious seafood, and rich in nutrition. Each hundred grams of cuttlefish meat contains 13 grams of protein and 0. 5 grams of fat

7g, carbohydrate 1.4g, calories 64kcal, calcium 14mg, iron 0.6mg, thiamine 0.01mg, riboflavin 0.06mg, niacin 1mg. The peptide contained in it has antiviral and anti radiation effects.