Sanxianshan Scenic Area

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Sanxianshan Scenic Area is located in the northern end of Penglai City, Shandong Province, along the Yellow Sea. It is adjacent to Baxian Cross-Sea Scenic Area in the west, Sanxianshan Hot Spring and Changshan Islands in the north. It is a comprehensive scenic area integrating tourism and leisure vacation. It is also a bright pearl on the golden tourism line of Shandong Peninsula. The whole scenic area consists of Heqi Hall, Xiaoyihe Garden, Penglai Xiandao, Fanghu Scenic Spot, Yingzhou Wonderland, Yingzhou Academy, Art Museum, Penglai History and Culture Collection, Jade Buddha Temple, Wanfanghe, Song and Dance Theatre, etc. With the scenic area, there are also five-star Sanxianshan Hotel with classical architectural style, hot spring bath and other leisure and holiday facilities.

Scenic spots

Name origin

According to the historical records and other classics, there are three Immortal Mountains on the East China Sea, named "Penglai, Abbot, Yingzhou". There are immortals living on the mountains. The pavilions and palaces are all built of gold and silver, and there are magic drugs. People can live forever without food, which leads to the story of Qin Emperor and Han Dynasty visiting Immortals and seeking medicine in Wuhan East China Sea, which has been circulated to this day. Sanxianshan Scenic Area is to show the fascinating and imaginary Penglai, abbot and Yingzhou fairy mountains to the world in order to satisfy people's good wishes of worshiping immortals and praying for immortality.

Composition of scenic spots

The whole scenic area consists of three halls, Penglai Xiandao, Fanghu Scenic Spot, Yingzhou Wonderland, Yingzhou Academy, Treasure Hall, Eleven Side Guanyin Pavilion, Jade Buddha Temple, Wanfang'an and other landscapes. The main building has grand momentum, beautiful shape and distinctive features. In the park, the ancient trees are towering, the rocks are different and the water is rippling. There are not only the heroes of the royal gardens in the north, but also the beautiful private gardens in the south. They concentrate on the great achievements of the classical gardens in China and show a wonderful picture of harmony between man and nature and the unity of heaven and man. Weighing 108 tons and 12.86 meters in length, the world's largest Jade Sleeping Buddha is the treasure of scenic towns and gardens. It has applied for the Guinness World Record. There are also eleven-sided Guanyin weighing 260 tons, and station Guanyin weighing 72 tons and 9.9 meters high. They are all carved from Myanmar ice water white jade, which is a rare treasure. The whole scenic area has profound cultural connotations, grand scale, magnificent momentum and exquisite art, which makes visitors amazed and linger.

supporting facilities

With the scenic area, there are also leisure and vacation facilities such as Sanxianshan Hotel, Sanxianshan Hot Spring and Sanxianshan Grand Theatre, which are built according to five-star standard in classical architectural style. The hotel has 150 standard rooms, 45 business suites and 3 presidential suites. All rooms and restaurants are decorated with wood carvings in Ming and Qing dynasties. The interior decoration is mahogany furniture. The multi-functional hall, conference room, hot spring bath, fitness and recreation facilities are all available, so that the occupants can truly experience the Royal style.

management idea

Sanxianshan Scenic Spot is based on "harmony" culture and "wind" spirit. It advocates justice, purity and harmony, promotes and shapes national culture and art, and builds up according to the standards of world cultural heritage. It has not only the hero of royal gardens in the north, but also the beauty of private gardens in the south. It concentrates on the great achievements of classical gardens in China and expresses the good wish of immortality with the pool, three mountains. The whole gardens show this. The art of thought, art, sculpture, poetry, painting, calligraphy, architecture and gardening in the historical period is a comprehensive cultural system engineering. The whole gardening culture is rich in connotation and exquisite in art. Despite the artificiality, it is as if it were made by nature. It shows a wonderful picture of harmony between man and nature and harmony between man and nature.

Tourism information

Traffic information

On the north side of the intersection of Penglai Long-distance Bus Station, there are tourist buses for scenic spots. Passengers who buy tickets for scenic spots are free to ride. If they don't buy tickets for scenic spots, they need to pay 2 yuan per person.

Ticket information

Preferential price: 110 yuan

Fare price: 120 yuan