Sannong Expo Park

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Shenyang Sannong Expo Park is located in the south of Daliutun Town, Xinmin City, Liaoning Province. It is 15 kilometers away from Xinmin City and 75 kilometers away from Shenyang City. It was built in 1997.

Shenyang Sannong Expo Park, with the main body of "Sannong", condenses the 100-year agricultural history; the integration of national culture and folklore culture, with culture as its soul, will be a tourist area featuring the Centennial epic of Sannong, the national cultural exposition, the agricultural scientific practice and the combination of humanistic landscape and natural landscape. It is a national agricultural tourism demonstration point, and the national AAAA-level tourist area, which formally passes the international standard of science and technology. Environmental protection certification, the Liaoning Provincial Government named the Modern Agricultural Park, Shenyang Primary and Secondary School Students'Agricultural Practice Base, known as the collection center, exhibition center, education center, ecological landscape and exhibition hall co-prosperity of Saibei No. 1 Park.

Classification of Exhibition Galleries

History and Culture

Emperor's Rise and Fall Museum, Tibetan Culture and Art Museum, Antique Clocks and Watches Museum (more than 1000 pieces of Chinese and foreign antique clocks and watches), Liaojin Ceramic Art Museum, Cultural Relics Museum unearthed at Quguantun Kiln Site, Red Lens Generation Great Mao Zedong Picture Exhibition, Anti-Japanese War Information Museum, Educa

Folk Culture

Calligraphy Photography and Painting Museum (Xinmin Award-winning Works), Wugu Art Museum (more than 100 pieces of seed pasted paintings), Errenzhuan Museum (Minzui Museum), Centennial Clothing Museum (all kinds of clothing around the founding of the People's Republic until the end of the Qing Dynasty), Agricultural History Reference Museum (containing more than 3000 pieces of farmer's production tools and daily necessities in the past century), Folk Customs Museum (seeking roots, customs of Guandong, etiquette Rural Craftsmen's Hall, Handicraft Museum, Folk Paper-cut Museum, Lamp Club Art Museum, Oil Sculpture Art Museum (High Concentrated Oil Sculpture, the only one in the world).

Peking Opera Art

Peking Opera Museum 1 (Peking Opera Education for All) and Peking Opera Museum 2 (Famous Famous Duan). First in the country, the largest in the country.

Science, Technology and Culture

Science and Technology Intelligence Museum (A, B), Rare Animal Herbarium, Tai Sui Museum (mother's age is too old), UFO Museum, Paleontology Fossil Museum (authentic unearthed in Chaoyang), Lock Culture Museum (more than 700 locks with different shapes). Ancient and modern Daquan, enlightening wisdom.

Modern Characters

People's Writer Maga Hall, Military Writer Yang Daqun Hall, Drama Performance Artist Hua Shulan Feng Yuping Master and Apprentice Hall, National Labor Model Li Su Museum, Gexian Liu Sanjie Hall, Wang Sange Wang Sansi Hall.

Ten major landscapes

Longquan Pagoda Scenic Area

The Ninth Class Ancient Pagoda, Quqiao Watching Fish, Xingqiao Watching Lotus, Watching Fish Corridor. Water Paradise Scenic Area

Deyue Tower (unique design, complete functions, restaurants, leisure, entertainment, meetings and other high-quality service centers), jade carving three-sided dripping Guanyin, 12-meter long Jade Carving Dragon boat, water rafting, Lishan Waterfall.

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Scenic Area

Chi Haotian inscription tablet, eight immortals across the sea shadow wall, Dingding, Bajun Chaoyang large-scale jade carving, pear garden.

National Quintessence Garden Open-air Theatre Scenic Area

Twenty acres of silver poplar, Jingdong Opera Tower, Tianxiang Pavilion, Celebrity Stele Gallery and bronze statues of Beijing Opera singers, giant Xiuyan Jade as a whole carved immortal dwelling, celebrity calligraphy stele forest and colored painting gallery.

Wangjiatun Street Scenic Area

Imitate the local buildings of the people's commune period in the 1970s, such as production brigade, production brigade, farmer's house, May 7th soldier's house, elementary school and grass Pavilion square.

Changxinyuan Hotel Scenic Area

Southern Jiangsu style buildings, fountains, fishing and Longquan Tower, lotus pond reflect each other.

Xin'anmen Scenic Area

Located on the central axis of the park, Xin'anmen is a two-storey palace-style building, tall and magnificent, which corresponds to the far gate of Beiding. From the science park to the ladder, you can walk to the city terrace, drink tea show, overlooking the park panorama. Between the two gates, there are 10,000-meter parking lot, 60 stone statues of farmers with different postures, as well as Dule Garden and Eco-Park.

A Sanjie Scenic Area

Nurha red bronze statue, relief sculpture of primary and secondary school students, a Sanjie archway, a statue of Deng Shichang, imitating Beijing Siheyuan complex, Manchu style octagonal building (Gathering Garden), Peony Garden.

Agricultural Encyclopedia Scenic Area

Vineyard, Ganoderma lucidum garden, ornamental corridor, more than 200 varieties of crops.

Sansheng Temple Scenic Area

Four into three classical buildings, Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist halls. There are 16 pavilions and pavilions in every corner of the park, and more than 20 exquisite sculptures and reliefs.


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Tourism characteristics

Shenyang Sannong Expo Park shows a kind of culture, reappears a period of history, rich and colorful, detailed and credible, in-depth, simple and interesting. Shenyang Sannong Expo Park has great space and potential for future development. Focusing on the theme of promoting folk culture and protecting intangible cultural heritage, we will continue to improve and deepen the construction of the largest and only cultural park in China. In the past two or three years, the number of pavilions will increase to 50 on the basis of the existing 34.

Shenyang Sannong Expo Park will be built as the collection center, Exhibition Center and education center of intangible cultural heritage, leading the national cultural style and displaying the charm of Chinese civilization.

Tourism related

Market fare: 50 yuan per person;

Opening time: from 8:00 to 17:00 from the end of April to the end of October;

Traffic route: Take the bus from Shenyang West Railway Station to Xinmin, then take the bus from Xinmin Railway Station to Daliu Zhongba and get off at Sannong Expo Park.