Russian Basque Festival

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Russian Basque Festival

"Russian Basque Festival" is an important traditional festival of the Russian people in Erguna, Inner Mongolia, no less than the Han Spring Festival. Every year during the period from late April to early May of the Gregorian calendar.

On May 23, 2011, the Russian Basque Festival declared by Erguna City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was listed in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.

Festival activities

"Basque Festival" is like Spring Festival. People begin to be busy about ten days before the festival. First of all, the house is painted with good lime, so that it is spotless. Then the shrine and the interior are carefully decorated. Pick some tender willows with "fur dog" and tie them with colored thread or cloth strips and put them on both sides of the shrine. At the same time, make several bunches of silk flowers or colored paper flowers and plastic flowers around the shrine. Lay a triangle on the shrine supporting board. Write the decorative curtain of " Light small candles in front of the holy image for colored eggs. A large number of bread and cakes with different flavors and shapes were baked, and the "Gurichi" cake was written with butter and egg whites on it, which was the Russian abbreviation of "Christ's Resurrection". It worshiped the Virgin Mary and the best food for guests.

"Basque Festival" usually takes a week. Men, women and children should dress up carefully, wear the most gorgeous clothes, wear all kinds of jewelry, go to visit, embrace and kiss according to Russian etiquette. Young people and children have several cooked eggs in their pockets. When they meet, they should collide with each other to see whose eggs are harder. The losers should give their own eggs to each other and the owners should also give them to each other. In order to show friendliness and festive greetings, guests and hosts sometimes have to choose one of the colored eggs to touch each other.

Inheritance significance

In recent years, some Russians in villages and villages have added new contents to the festival family wine party, namely, exchanging production experience, imparting production technology and transmitting various information to each other.

Inheritance and protection

The Lyric expression of "Basque Festival" arranged by Erguna National Art Troupe is to show the lively scene of Russian people celebrating Basque Festival in the form of stage performances.

On May 23, 2011, "Russian Basque Festival" was approved by the State Council to be included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.