Rushan Yintan Tourist Resort

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Yintan Tourist Resort is located on the southeast coast of Rushan City, Weihai, Shandong Province. It connects Weihai to the east, Yantai to the north, Qingdao to the West and Huanghai to the south. It is located in the center of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai. It is 130 axes away from Qingdao, Weihai is 100 kilometers, Yantai is 90 kilometers, and the driving distance is about one hour. At the same time, it has three airports, three railway stations and three wharfs. Jiaodong Peninsula is the last piece of gold coast, known as the "Qingdao Backyard Garden" reputation. The beach stretches 21.7 kilometers. The slope is gentle and flat. The sand is delicate and soft. It is as white as silver. So the name "Silver Beach" is given. There are abundant natural and cultural landscapes in the area. Pearl Bay, Bailang Bay, Miyagi Island, Sanguanting Pavilion, Immortal Bridge, Suolongshi, Duoguan Mountain, Monk Cave and Wanmu Linhai add luster to the Silver Beach. Silver Beach integrates mountains, seas, islands, reefs, lakes, springs, rivers and forests. It is known as "the first beach in the world" and "Eastern Hawaii".

brief introduction

Yintan is located in the center of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai. However, because of its special geographical location, before the 1990s, considering the strategic position of the tidal Lake Hydropower station, which covers 35,000 mu, Yintan has always been a military control area and has not been developed. It was not planned until 1992. Military control has preserved this pure ecological natural land. A natural condition is much better than that of Qingdao, Weihai and Yantai, which are already famous all over the country and in the world. Although lagging far behind the three prefecture-level cities in industrial development and economic situation, Silver Beach is like a pearl inlaid in the Jiaodong Peninsula with more and more attention to environmental protection. Its advantages are becoming more and more obvious in the future development.

geographical position

Rushan City is located in the southeastern end of Shandong Peninsula. Located in the center of Weihai, Yantai and Qingdao. South of the South China Sea, across the sea from Korea and Japan. Jiwei Railway, 309 National Highway and Qingwei Expressway pass through. Vehicles to Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai are within one and a half hours. It covers an area of 1668 square kilometers. With a population of 590,000, it has jurisdiction over two provincial development zones. Fifteen towns and 601 administrative villages.

Natural landscape

Silver beach sand is as white as silver, so it gets the name of "Silver Beach" and is known as "the first beach in the world" and "Eastern Hawaii". The resort has the earliest tidal Lake Power Station in China, and now the Blue Lake Yacht Resort is invested 2 billion yuan by the Yangtze River Industrial Group of Hong Kong. Natural resources have a lake, two islands, three rivers, four mountains, five bays and six beaches. The Miyagi Island International Club is an entertainment attraction invested by Taiwan Consortium for tourism, fishing and entertainment accommodation. It also has golf courses, international racing track, sea playground, coastal defense pine forest, the largest football training base in northern China, as well as China Research and Promotion Center, International Rehabilitation Center, PLA General Hostel and so on. It is a natural resort for investment, employment, residence, tourism and vacation. Silver Beach is across the sea from Korea and Japan. There was a legend that South Korean chickens could be heard here in the morning. Although it is exaggerated, it shows that the distance is very close. Weihai Airport has direct flights to Seoul and Busan every day. Rushan's 65% light industry is invested by Korean businessmen, which is one of the most powerful regions in China. There are many Korean special clothes and snacks in Yintan.

Introduction of scenic spots

Since the construction of the resort began in 1992, the infrastructure of water, electricity, transportation and communication has been improved in an all-round way. Five billion yuan has been invested in the construction of more than 500 villas, 26 hotels and hotels, as well as marine amusement parks, 30,000 seawater baths, luxury pleasure boats and other marine amusement facilities, as well as China's popular Science Park of new energy, golf course, golf course, etc. Beach volleyball court, racetrack and other land recreation projects, is a set of marine scenery, marine ecology, recuperation, vacation, entertainment, seafood and other contents as one of the Gulf tourism complex. Tourists wander among them, blue sky, white clouds, green grass, blue sea, sparkling, you will be intoxicated with a feeling better than the immortal.

Maritime Paradise was built in 1993, covering 119 mu. Its main structure is 103 famous naval ships in the history of our navy. Ship 103 is a missile destroyer made by the former Soviet Union in 1939. It participated in the famous Second World War and made great achievements. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the warships of the former Soviet Union were donated to our country free of charge. Since then, they have served in our Beihai fleet for a long time. Our beloved Premier Zhou Enlai, Chairman Zhu De and other party and state leaders have personally boarded the ship for inspection. After the decommissioning of the 103 ship, it was purchased by Yintan Tourist Resort and put in its present position.

After careful maintenance and maintenance, the original anti-aircraft gun, anti-aircraft machine gun, missile launcher, torpedo launcher and so on are well maintained. After internal transformation, there are luxury restaurants, dance halls, exhibition rooms and so on. In recent years, while doing a good job in tourism reception, it has also provided a better place for patriotic education for primary and secondary school students.

Maritime Paradise is a comprehensive service which integrates catering, accommodation, entertainment and education. In the early stage of development of Yintan tourist resort, Maritime Paradise attracted many tourists with its unique and novel external structure and luxurious interior decoration, and completed all kinds of important reception tasks with high-quality service, which played a positive role in accelerating the development of Yintan tourism.

Yintan Seashore Plaza is an important part of the largest open seashore garden in Yintan tourist resort. It covers a total area of 138,000 square meters. It is divided into two squares, East Square and West Square. The East Square is called "Dongsheng Square", which means "rising sun in the east", and West Square is called "Hairun Square", which means the moistening of the sea.

In the middle of the main entrance of Hairun Square is a U-shaped platform, on which a fountain is built. It is connected with the pyramid at the center of the Square through a stream. We can see that the revolving boulders weigh up to 5 tons and are driven by the pressure of water. It can be seen how strong the power of water is. There is a circular overlooking and resting Plaza on both sides of the square. In the center, there is a large circular Plaza with exquisite patterns. A circle of scenic pillars (lamp pillars) with unique shapes is set around the square. The eastern, western and southern sides of the central circular Plaza are laid out with flat lawns. Ten square flower beds are arranged symmetrically. Specially large black pine is planted in the flower beds, which increases the green business and vitality of the square. Flower beds and sculpture sketches are set up at the south end of the breakwater. Through various landscaping techniques, the square can become a seaside scenic spot which is enjoyable, travelable, recreational, visible and myopic.

The Sanguanting Pavilion was built on a cliff near the sea. In ancient times, there used to be a three-view Pavilion here. In 1993, the "three-view pavilion" we now see was built on the old site of the three-view pavilion. According to legend: in the 21st year BC, when the Shihuang fleet moved northward from the coast of Langxie to the present Yintan sea area, a huge flying crocodile in the dark clouds rushed to the Shihuang fleet and left. At this moment, a white light flew from Sanzhong Observatory Station, turning the flying crocodile head into a crocodile head in the west of Sanguantai. As hills and trees, we can clearly see crocodile heads, hills and pine forests.

Qin Shihuang felt that there must be inspiration here. He ordered the fleet to land at Crescent Moon Bay. After a few days'stay, he boarded three observation decks early every day. He watched the sunrise, the mirage of the sea, and the fleet sent by Qin Shihuang to the East China Sea to seek immortality. The unique geographical location of Sanguantai and the dense pine forests around it make Sanguanting more magnificent and elegant. Standing on the three viewing pavilions, we can see the sunrise, the sea of cang, the sea of Lin, and the beautiful scenery of Yintan.

Xuzhou poet, Mr. Xu Shuxin, came here to travel with a feeling. He wrote a poem, "Three Views Pavilions Feel": "Canghai East Patrol Emperor Ling, Langya Xufu is silent. Sanguanting wrote a long-lived dream, boiling about today. Indeed, standing on the Sanguanting Pavilion, he carefully opened the history, crossed over two thousand years of darkness in Tianjin, and made an unprecedented journey. He felt Qin Shihuang's anxious desire for Xu Fu's return to the sea, as if the story happened more than two thousand years ago.

The Xianren Bridge is surrounded by the sea on three sides and connects with the land at one end. It is a natural arch bridge formed by the erosion of huge rocks by sea water for a long time. Its length is more than ten meters, its width is nine meters and its height is five meters. When the tide rises, the sea beats the shore, the sky is clear and flawless, and the pine trees whisper along the shore, suddenly there is a wonderful wonderland. On the beach under the bridge, two huge stones, one like a dragon head and the other like a turtle body, add to the mysterious atmosphere of Xianren Bridge. According to legend, the Fairy Bridge is formed by the rainbow in the sky. In 838 AD, monk Yuanren, a prominent monk of the Tiantai Sect of Japan, entered the Tang Dynasty to seek Buddhism. He traveled by sea through Qingdao and Darushan to Chengchi Mountain. When he reached the Sea west of Xianrenqiao, he suddenly saw the golden light in front of him and the Ruiyun River flowing. A rainbow, gorgeous, one end on the shore, one end on the sea, on the rainbow, sitting two elderly people, Taoist theory, sound like a bell, under the rainbow, spiritual snake coiled, turtle head up. Yuanren Senior Monk urgently ordered the fleet to march at the rainbow-picking place. When it reached the shore, the rainbow disappeared. Only one stone bridge, like a rainbow, connected the land and sea. The spiritual snake and the turtle were two huge stones. Yuanren immediately worshiped and stayed at Xianren Bridge for several days. Now Xianrenqiao has become the most attractive natural tourist attraction in Yintan.