Rong Guo Fu

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Rong Guo Fu

Rongguofu, located in Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, is a group of archaized buildings with the culture of the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties as the background. In 1986, Zhengding County People's Government invested more than 3.5 million yuan to build it.

The main scenic spots of Rongguofu include Rongguofu scenic spot, Ningrong Street scenic spot and Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall. It covers an area of 22,000 square meters and a building area of 4,700 square meters. It was designed and constructed according to the Rongguo Mansion depicted in the classical Chinese novel A Dream of Red Mansions.

Rongguofu was awarded National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot , Advanced Capital Construction Project , Designated Tourist Unit of Hebei Province , and Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit of Zhengding County .

In Rongguo Palace, there are TV series "Snow Mountain Flying Fox", "New Bao Qingtian", "Zheng Banqiao's Biography", "The Way of Knight-errant" and other works .

Evolution of Construction

In 1983, CCTV prepares to shoot the TV drama "A Dream of Red Mansions" in search of a temporary outdoor base for the "Rongguo Palace" jointly built by local governments. Xi Jinping saw business opportunities and believed that the "Rongguofu" would be built into a permanent building, along with the "Dream of Red Mansions" will promote tourism in Zhengding County. Xi Jinping sent people to contact CCTV, and Zhengding County Party Committee and the county government set up a special organization to prepare for the construction of "Rongguo Government".

In December 1984, Rongguo government broke ground and started construction .

In July 1986, it took 1 year and 8 months to complete the Rongguo government successfully. "Dream of Red Mansions" crew filmed in Rongguo Palace for nearly two months, more than 2,000 shots, of which "Yuanfei provincial relatives" and "Qin Keqing funeral" were filmed in Rongguo Palace.

In 1987, the TV series A Dream of Red Mansions was broadcast.

Architectural pattern

Rongguo Prefecture is located in Zhengding County, 15 kilometers north of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. It is located at 38 08 50.88, 114 34 24.44. It covers an area of 22,000 square meters and a building area of 4,700 square meters. Rongguo Palace is an archaized building group with 212 rooms and 102 corridors, which is based on the culture of late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, described in A Dream of Red Mansions as "Golden Gate, Jade Gate, Immortal Palace and Princess Zijia of Guidian Lan Palace". The main scenic spots are Rongguofu scenic spot with a building area of 4600 square meters, Ningrong Street scenic spot, Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall with an area of 960 square meters, and other places.

Rongguofu is divided into three roads, namely, the middle, the East and the west. Each road is a five-way courtyard with 23 scenes. The main gate, the Yimen, the Cuizhang, the east corner gate, the west corner gate, the class room, the governing women's conference hall, the East inner corner gate, the West inner corner gate, the Mude Hall of Tien Ren, the Buren Bide Hall, the Qinfang Pavilion Bridge, the Cuiyan Bridge, the Dicui Pavilion, the Yihongyuan, the Xiaoshan Pavilion, the Zhengyong Road. (Traffic ramps, crossroads, autumn fasting, Xiaocui Tang, Xiaocui Tang, Xiaocui Tang, Chu (Liu) Yezhu, Liudi, Luxue Guang, Daixiangcun, dividing mu, sandwich, street crossing, street doors, warm fragrant dock, Polygonum Fengxuan, bamboo bridge, lotus chechexixixixixixixixixixixixixixie, bee waist bridge, honewaiqiqiqiqiqiao, Tongwan Madamdame Tongwan corner door, Tongjia mother's corner door, Tongjia mother's chamber, tea shelf, tea shelf, wood incense shelf, wood incense shed, peony Pa Pa pavilion, peonyPear fragrance Courtyard, Tonghou Street Gate, Basaowu, Zhujin Tower, Ziling Chau, Luogang Stone Cave, Huaxu, Dock, Yunbu Stone Ladder, Mountain Road, Zhulan Folded Banqiao, Cuihu, Huwu Courtyard, Dazhushan, Yushi Archway, Xinggong, Grand View Tower, Zhujin Pavilion, Hanfang Pavilion, Qinfang Gate, Qinfang Gate Bridge, Funeral Tomb, Hill, Mao House, Qingtang, Kitchen, Night House, Backdoor, Congwaihe River Water diversion, Jade Emperor Temple (Danfang), Damoan Temple (Buddhist Temple), Quecui Temple, Aojingxi Hall, Pubi Villa, Qudong, Long Corridor, Round Pavilion, Fangxia, Jiayin Hall, Tongning Guofujiao Gate, Water diversion, Lao Zi's night house, Qingshan oblique resistance 85 small scenic spots, more than 150 people, more than 1600 antique calligraphy and paintings .

Main attractions

Rongguofu Scenic Area

Rongguofu Scenic Area is a multi-entrance courtyard in the form of Luding Drilling Hill on both sides. It is divided into three roads, namely, the middle road, the East Road and the West road, which was built in 1986. The middle road is Rongfu Gate, the outer door, the South hall, the inner hall, the Rongxi Hall, the rear enclosure and the State Council of Jia Zhenggong. The court-style paintings are adopted. The East and West roads are the inner courtyards, and the Soviet-style paintings are adopted. West Road has West Corner Gate, Flower Drop Gate, Marble Screen Hall, Flower Hall of Jiamu, Main Room of Jiamu, Rongqing Hall, Fengjie Court. The East Road is Mrs. Wang's Court and Jia's Amnesty Court.

Vertical flower gate is a palace-style ridge, carved beams and painted pillars and there are two distinct upside-down flowers, so the name "vertical flower gate" is the inner courtyard door of rich and noble families, which plays a role of decoration and cover-up. The green walls of the roof with flower windows on both sides of the door. There are many patterns in carving. Technicians have visited Beijing several times in order to construct the hanging flower gate. Lin Daiyu went to Jia Fu, where she got off the bridge and was supported by her maid-in-law. The door in the middle is a screen. Normally, it is not opened only from both sides. Only when the rich and noble women come to visit, the door opens one after another. From here, the six courtyards connect back and forth, layer by layer. In each courtyard, the main room and the East-West chamber are connected by a gallery and a gallery. The hospital has a cross-shaped Yongdao, on both sides of a variety of cloves, magnolia, crabapple and other flowers and trees.

Jiamu Flower Hall is a place where Jiamu enjoys flowers, appreciates the moon, listens to books, watches theatres and entertains guests for her children and grandchildren's birthdays. When watching the theatre, the windows were opened and the stage was set in the south. The twelfth Palace of Jinling was performing on it. Jia Mu and others talked while drinking.

Fengjie Courtyard, where Wang Xifeng lives, is basically the same as the "Rongxitang" pattern. It is a small courtyard with one-side and two-side hand-copying corridor. The three main rooms are Jia Lian's and Fengjie's reception rooms. The West ear room is the bedroom of Fengjie's couple, and the East ear room is the bedroom of Tongfang Dawen Ping'er. Xixiangfang is Jia Lian's concubine Qiutong's residence, while Dongxiangfang is Jia Lian's other concubine Youjie's residence .

There are two small gardens in the Rongguofu scenic area, the East Garden and the West Garden. East Garden is on the east side of Jia Zheng's study. In addition to planting various kinds of flowers, there are two pools of bamboo in the courtyard.

In the back enclosure of Rongguofu scenic spot, there is an exhibition of poems, paintings and stone carvings of Dream of Red Mansions, which collects more than 200 calligraphers'works of Qigong, Zhang Aiping, Huang Qi and Ouyang Zhongshi. Some of them are inscriptions by Huang Hua, Liao Hansheng, Wang Shoudao and Wang Renzhong.

There are four generations of people in Rongguo Palace. The first generation is Jia Daishan. The second generation includes Jia Amnesty, Jia Zheng and Jia Min. The third generation mainly includes Jia Baoyu, Jia Lian, Jia Zhu, Jia Yuanchun, Jia Yingchun, Jia Tanchun, Jia Huan and Lin Daiyu. The fourth generation includes Qiaojie and Jialan.

Ningrong Street Scenic Area

Ningrong Street Scenic Area, located on the right side of Rongguo Palace, is an antique street that reproduces the prosperity of Kang and Qian Dynasty. Referring to Qianlong South Tour Design, the total length is 200 meters, covering an area of 15,000 square meters, with a building area of 1,700 square meters. There are 120 houses and 51 shops in total. The houses are scattered, the flags and plaques on the streets are displayed in perfect order to reproduce the prosperity of Kang and Qian Dynasty .

Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall

Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall, located in the southeast corner of Rongguo Palace, covers an area of 960 square meters. It has 23 rooms in the courtyard. The main exhibition hall is divided into six parts: Cao Xueqin's life exhibition, Cao Xueqin study exhibition, Cao Xueqin's family exhibition, famous family exhibition, Red Mansion culture and folk utensils exhibition. Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall uses display means to depict the historical process of Cao's family from prosperity to decline through physical objects, books and art works, and explores the life origin of A Dream of Red Mansions. Various editions of A Dream of Red Mansions and related works and books are displayed, which shows the far-reaching influence of A Dream of Red Mansions in China and the world


In 1991, Rongguofu was rated as an advanced capital construction project by the National Tourism Administration.

In 1992, Rongguofu was approved as a designated tourism unit in Hebei Province.

In 1992, the National Tourism Conference was held in Zhengding County. Zhengding County's experience in developing the tourism industry of Rongguo Prefecture was praised as "the positive mode of domestic tourism" .

In May 1995, Rongguo Prefecture was approved by Zhengding County People's Government as a key cultural relic protection unit at the county level .

In 2012, it was awarded National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot by the National Tourism Administration .

Cultural Activity

In September 2017, Rong Guofu held the inaugural ceremony of the first Shijiazhuang Tourism Industry Development Conference to launch the series of activities of Red Mansion Culture.

In March 2018, Rong Guofu held the third "Zhengding Dream of Red Mansions" event .

Tourism information

Admission ticket

Rongguo government adult ticket is 40 yuan, student ticket is 20 yuan, local adult ticket is fixed: 20 yuan (need to show ID card).

Opening Hours

Rongguo Palace 08:00-17:00.


Shijiazhuang City can take bus No. 148 and No. 143 to Rong Guofu .