Roast duck skills

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Roast duck skills

Quanjude hanging oven roast duck is a local traditional handicraft in Beijing. Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, a well-known old Chinese brand in Beijing, was founded in 1864 by Yang Quanren. Yang Quanren employs famous Shandong chefs to refine roast duck with the technology of hanging oven roast duck circulated from Imperial Palace Dining room, which has a growing reputation. The hanging oven roast duck uses fruit trees as fuel and is roasted over open fire in a special oven. Quanjude Roast Duck, with its crisp skin, tender meat, bright color, fragrant smell, is well known at home and abroad, and is listed as the top specialty of the capital.

Detailed introduction

Quanjude Roast Duck is well-known as the representative of Beijing Roast Duck because it has three characteristics: first, it has high quality raw material Beijing Roast Duck. Secondly, its processing equipment is advanced. Finally, it has a unique flavor.

According to the scientific determination of relevant departments. Most of the fat in Beijing duck is evenly distributed in the texture of muscle tissue, which is an important reason for the tender meat and delicious taste of roast duck.

Quanjude Roast Duck has a complete set of interlocking roasting processes: slaughter, scalding, hairing, blowing, opening, cutting, support, hearth washing, hooking, drying, scalding, sugar, re-drying (above is the process of blanking), clogging, filling, entering the oven, crotch, rotating, out of the oven (above is the process of roasting), and so on.

Quanjude roast duck is also very good at eating, wrapped in lotus leaf cake, with sweet paste, onion or cucumber strips, crisp and delicate, set in a roll, and can also be roast duck dipped in sweet paste, with onion strips stuffed into hollow sesame barbecue to eat. In addition, "Quanjude" also pioneered the whole duck dish.

After the founding of New China, with the concern of the Party and the government, "Quanjude" got rid of the danger of bankruptcy, gradually from weak to strong, to prosperity. In April 2004, Quanjude Group implemented strong alliance, asset restructuring and established China Quanjude (Group) Co., Ltd. Since then, Quanjude has entered a new stage of development.



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