Red Liuji Scenic Area

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Red Liuji Scenic Area

The Red Liuji Scenic Area is located in Liuji Village, Dawang Town. In 1976, the old site of Liuji Branch of the Communist Party of China was declared as a key cultural relic protection unit at the county level. In 1996, it was declared as a City Patriotic Education base, and in the same year, it was declared as an advanced unit of provincial national defense education base.

Scenic spot information

The Red Liuji Scenic Spot is one of the earliest rural Party branches in Shandong Province, relying on the planning and construction of the memorial hall of the old site of the Liuji Branch. It is the core scenic spot of red tourism built by Guangrao County. More than 3 million yuan was invested in the construction of four-star tourist toilets, the transformation of tourist service centers, the installation of tourist guide signs and signs, equipped with leisure seat facilities, garbage cans, leather boxes and so on. Thirdly, the old site of Liuji Branch, the Memorial Hall of the Declaration and the sightseeing tunnel have been renovated and upgraded to enhance the taste of the scenic spot. Through the establishment work, the red culture excavation, infrastructure construction, environmental sanitation and management mechanism of scenic spots have been further improved and improved.

There are many red scenic spots such as the first memorial hall of the Communist Party Declaration, the memorial hall of the old site of the Liuji Branch of the Communist Party of China, the memorial hall of General Zhang Taiheng and the memorial hall of the Yanji Branch of the Communist Party of China. The 300-metre underground Sightseeing Tunnel of the exhibition hall has been built, which has become a well-known red education base with high-tech elements such as sound, light and electricity.

Characteristic landscape

The Memorial Hall of the Old Site of Liuji Branch, the original appearance of the old site of Liuji Branch, the Revolutionary Traditional Education Exhibition Hall, 4D Stereo Motion Theatre, Tunnel, Qibi Craft Pipe, Early Wood Bar Shooting Hall, Flower Industry Base

Sightseeing route

Memorial Hall of Communist Manifesto--Tourist Tunnel--Red Mark Exhibition Hall--Folk Culture Exhibition Hall--Old Site of Liu Ji Branch of the Communist Party of China

Public transportation

Bus: Guangrao Dawang Town Bus to Dawang Bus Station, and then 300 meters south to the West The scenic spot has Dongying - Guangrao, Guangrao - Dawang Bus (China Bus) special line arrival, 5 - 10 minutes interval, 14 hours of operation, visitors access is more convenient.

Self-driving Guide

(1) Beijing and Tianjin: Beijing-Tianjin-Huanghe Estuary-Guangrao Sun Wu Lake-Dawang Town (Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Expressway-Beijing-Shanghai Expressway-Shihuang Expressway-Rongwu Expressway-Dongqing Expressway) - Qingkenlu-Liu Jihou Village (2) Shandong Province (along Qingyin Expressway): Jinan (Qingdao, etc) - Jiqing Expressway-Dawang Town-Qingkenlu-Liu Jihou Village

Parking lot information

There are 200 parking spaces at the entrance

Ticket Price

The price of tickets in scenic spots is 60 yuan per person and 40 yuan per person for 15 or more members of the team. Students in schools hold 30 yuan per person for their student cards, elderly people with senile cards, 30 yuan per person for 60-70 years old, tickets free for over 70 years old and tickets free for active servicemen.

Lecturer's note

Announcer 100 yuan per session

Supporting Service Facilities

Closed maintenance in the first half of 2018.

Tourist Service Center

The Tourist Center of Red Liuji Tourist Scenic Area is located on the first floor of the office building. It has superior geographical position, novel and unique design and elegant environment. The total investment of the tourist center is more than 64 million yuan, covering an area of more than 2500 square meters. According to AAAAAA standard, consulting desk, baggage depository, consultation and complaint center, tour guide service, ticket office, product exhibition area, tourist rest area, postal window, etc. are set up, equipped with touch screen, high definition television, video disc player, baby car, disabled car, mobile phone charging seat, ATM withdrawal machine, water dispenser, propaganda display rack, height measuring rack and other facilities or supplies, which can be withdrawn. For consultation, complaints, e-commerce, tour guide services, special crowd services, postal services, medical aid, ticketing, travel inquiries, domestic long-distance telephone, small pieces of storage, telephone bars and tourism goods, products, line display and other services.