Red Leaf Valley Eco cultural Tourist Area

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Red Leaf Valley Eco-cultural Tourist Area

Red Leaf Valley Eco-cultural Tourist Area, National Key Scenic Spot, National AAAA Class Tourist Spot. Red Leaf Valley is located in the southern mountain area of Jinxiuchuan Township, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is a new tourist area developed and constructed by Jinan Landscape Group. It was officially opened to the outside world on September 19, 2001.

Because the southern mountainous area of Hongye Valley is the main conservation and recharge area of Jinan spring water, the average temperature is about 5 degrees lower than that of the urban area, and the vegetation coverage rate of the scenic area is higher, so Hongye Valley is also a "natural oxygen bar".

There are red peaches and white pear blossoms in the spring of the Red Leaf Valley; lush and lush in the summer valley with a pleasant mountain breeze; red and reddish-leaved forests in Wanshan Mountain are dyed in autumn; snow is shining in winter and jade trees are blooming.

geographical environment

Hongyegu Eco-cultural Tourist Area is located in the southern mountainous area of Jinxiuchuan Township, Zhonggong Town, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is 33 kilometers away from Jinan City and is located in the south of Jinan City. It is located in Mount Taishan, the head of Wuyue Mountains. It has an area of more than 4000 mu in the south of Jinan City.

Because the southern mountainous area of Hongye Valley is the main conservation and recharge area of Jinan spring water and the elevation of the scenic area is about 500 meters, the average temperature is about 5 degrees lower than that of the urban area, the microclimate of the mountain area is more obvious, the vegetation coverage rate of the scenic area is as high as 97%, and the content of negative oxygen ions in the air is more than 300 times of that of the urban area, it is called Hongye Valley as "the source of springs, the hometown of clouds, the world of flowers, the sea of forest Ocean, a paradise for leisure and vacation.

Main attractions

Door Scenic Spot: Door Scenic Spot is a group of Tang-style buildings. It combines 69 steps from parking lot to ticket gate, magnificent Tang Gate, primitive square in the courtyard and bell steamed statues in the square. The whole building is elegant in shape and ingeniously utilizes the location, especially the South corridor. It is also a good place for sightseeing, resting and cooling.

Gorgeous autumn lake: Gorgeous autumn lake is a water area of about 15 mu enclosed by river-blocking dam during the construction process. It is famous for its beautiful autumn lake because of its pavilions, green hills and trees on the shore, reflecting the water. There are recreational islands in the lake connected by curved bridges and water pavilions along the lake shore. There are Taoting pavilions on the islands. There are fishing platforms along the lake shore, which can provide a long view of the mountains and near sightseeing.

Rose Garden: Rose Garden is planted with cherry blossoms, green peaches, plum blossoms, roses and other Rosaceae plants, or densely clustered flowers or stars, interspersed between two groups of buildings in different styles, seeking space and making a hundred beautiful scenery.

Tianyiyuan: Tianyiyuan takes the meaning of natural interesting. It covers two valleys with abundant vegetation to form a free-range breeding area. The area is full of green shade, waterfalls and waterfalls, and hundreds of birds dance. Among the pedestrians, it listens to birds'song, just like fairyland.

Vine Garden: Vine Garden is located in the deepest valley in the scenic area. There are three valleys with a total length of more than 800 meters. Vine plants such as wild grapes and kudzu vines are everywhere in the valley. The free branches are entwined, implying never separation. So it is also called Valley of Lovers. In the meantime, the bridge flowing water, pavilions and balconies, though artificial, seem to be built in heaven, but also a concentric lock deep in the valley, lock a beautiful promise for the lover of Laigu.

Euro Valley: Euro Valley is a special park featuring Dutch tulips. There are more than 50 tulip varieties and more than 1 million tulip plants with different flowering periods and various colors. Moreover, they are all new varieties developed in the Dutch tulip market. Continental Valley covers an area of nearly 100 mu. Colorful tulip flowers adorn the park with European characteristics between windmills, sculptures and buildings. It is beautiful and natural.

Wanye Pagoda: The building style of Wanye Pagoda is the traditional hexagonal eaves spire stone pagoda in our country. The pagoda is divided into seven layers. According to the Buddhism, the pagoda is built to save one's life and to build a Seven-level floating slaughter. Taking a more auspicious number, the ancients have a poem cloud: "Wanye Pagoda, want to have a thousand miles to see, go up a higher level." So it says, "climbing Wanye Pagoda, can take the flavor of Hongye Valley, climbing the top of the Look at everything.

Landscape features

Hongyegu Eco-cultural Tourist Area is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. It is also the first scenic area in the province to pass IS09000 and IS014000 double certification of quality and environment. It is a large-scale suburban tourist scenic area with the theme of eco-culture, which is jointly invested and constructed by Jinan Landscape Construction Group and Xinshengshi Real Estate Company. The construction of scenic spots is positioned as "eco-tourism", with the aim of "strengthening environmental protection and upgrading"

The guiding ideology of ecological quality and rational development and utilization is to promote sustainable development as the premise, and to build ecological culture in an all-round way as the principle. It is a tourist place integrating leisure and vacation.

Red Leaf Valley Scenic Area is dominated by wild shrub yellow oak, which is the unique ornamental tree species of Red Leaf Valley. Red Leaf Valley is about 500 meters above sea level, the average temperature is about 5 degrees lower than the urban area, the mountain microclimate is more obvious, the vegetation coverage rate of the scenic area reaches 97%, the content of negative oxygen ions in the air is more than 300 times that of the urban area, and it is a "natural oxygen bar", so it is called "the source of springs, the hometown of clouds, the world of flowers, the ocean of forests, the paradise of leisure and vacation".

Red Leaf Valley has four seasons, four seasons and different days. It is a good place for leisure holidays in all seasons of the year. In spring, miscellaneous peanut trees, warblers, red peaches, white pear blossoms, yellow Forsythia stars dotted in a vibrant mountain forest; in summer, a heart-warming lush valley, waterfall turbulence, mountain breeze, Valley depth of view, flowing water, is a rare summer resort: autumn, mountainous, red mountains, layers of trees, beautiful harvest; The snow is shining, the Jade Tree blossoms, the sunshine is pure and bright.

Red Leaf Valley emphasizes ecological culture and environmental protection. In view of the situation that the original tree species in Hongye Valley are single and easy to cause destructive impact on vegetation, evergreen tree species, large and small trees, flowers and shrubs have been replanted in the valley. The barren hills have been afforested in large areas with native tree species and grass species. Ten special types of gardens have been constructed, including 100 mu rose garden, azalea garden and plum garden. More than 400,000 trees of more than 120 varieties have been planted and more than 100,000 square meters of lawn have been laid. At the same time, the theme of "Man, Birds, Green and Life" has been sung, and a strong system of mountain forest biological protection and plant "flying" has been established. Large-scale recruitment of birds and poultry has been carried out. More than 40 varieties of birds and birds, such as peacocks, flamingos and swans, have been domesticated and more than 10,000 will be put into the paradise.

On the basis of the original mountain spring water system, three dams have been built to conserve water resources by building dams layer by layer, and a set of underground pipeline network system has been established for collecting rainwater and sewage separately in the radiation scenic spots. Clean energy sources such as electric energy and solar energy have been fully utilized to reduce exhaust gas emissions. All kinds of landscape spots and service buildings completed are mostly made of ecological building materials without stimulating pollution by odor. Dyeing materials.

Tourism Information

Traffic Information

Internal traffic


At the end of No. 88 Road of the Provincial Sports Center, take the Hongyegu Special Line Tourist Bus (8:00 departure, 16:00 return);

Or at the end of Jiefangqiao Road 5, take the Hongyegu Special Line Tourist Bus;

You can also take the No. 65 Quanfu Flyover - Jiefang Bridge - Quancheng Square - Bayi Flyover South (6:00-18:00), about 35 minutes.

External traffic


Jiqing and Jingfu Expressways - Jinan Circum-City Expressway - Jinan South Export - Zhonggong Bridge goes about 10 kilometers eastward - Jinxiuchuan - 3 kilometers southward from Shangshan - Hongye Valley, about 20 minutes after disembarking from the Expressway.

Practical information

Admission ticket

80 yuan, 50% discount for holding one's student certificate; 1.2-1.4 meters for children, College students, middle school students, elderly people over 60 and under 70 years of age, half-price discount for entrance tickets; 70 years old people's vouchers for admission to the park free of tickets.

Opening Hours


Catering and entertainment

Hongye Villa: Yigu Temple, Jishengquan, Hongye Villa hidden in the green waters and mountains of Hongye Valley, has 400 dining places, including three rooms on the third floor, four rooms on the first floor, two halls on the second floor and two halls on the East and west to receive group tourists, and the first floor to receive individual visitors. The dining hall is a three-storey building with a unique dining courtyard surrounded by gates, walls and compartments. The building pursues traditional style. In the walkyard, pebbles are laid on the ground, bamboo is repaired in front of the wind, the gate is solemn in the distance, the autumn is beautiful in the middle view, the flowers are beautiful in the near view, and the meal is here, as in fairyland.

Shambara Barbecue Square: A leisure-style restaurant in the scenic area, surrounded by rippling water, facing a waterfall, clean dining environment, a variety of barbecue varieties, will make your cheeks fragrant and eat endlessly.

Flavor restaurant: located in the north of Rose Garden, built on the hill, with a variety of special snacks as the style, mainly fast food, clean and comfortable.