Red Beach Scenic Area

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Red Beach Scenic Area

Red Beach Scenic Spot is a national 4A class scenic spot and an excellent scenic spot in Liaoning Province. Located in Zhaohuanhe Township, Dawa County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. It belongs to wetland eco-tourism scenic spot. It is a perfect combination of natural environment and human landscape. It is a comprehensive green eco-tourism scenic spot integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure and vacation.

Panjin Red Beach is located in the northeast of Bohai Bay. It is located in the wetland of Liaohe Delta. Panjin City of Liaohe Delta is a famous national nature reserve.


The scenic spot is situated in the Weihai Wetland of Panjin, which is more than 1.2 million mu. This is the southernmost breeding limit for red-crowned cranes and the main breeding ground for the world's rare birds, black-billed gulls. There are more than 260 species and hundreds of thousands of birds in the boundless reed sea. It is famous at home and abroad for its unique natural wonder - Red Beach. Knitted on the Red Beach is a delicate Suaeda salsa grass, which grows out of the ground every April, initially tender red, gradually deepening, from red to purple. It does not need people to sow, no people to cultivate, a cluster, a fluffy, in saline-alkali brine, year after year, life and death, death and life; in the twilight of time, brewing a red color of life.

Red beach is a vegetable-woven color. The cause of the red beach, Suaeda salsa, large patches of Suaeda salsa grow together and converge into a red ocean. If it is in October, the color is more vivid and moving.

On Panjinhong Beach is a slender Suaeda salsa, the only grass suitable for saline-alkali soil, which can survive in saline-alkali soil. In normal years, seedlings can emerge from early March to early June. The unearthed cotyledons are bright red, flowering from July to August, fruiting from September to October, and the seeds are fully mature in early November. When late autumn is ripe, the plants are red, warm and bright.

The characteristic of Suaeda salsa is that it is the natural product of the Liaohe River moving mountains and reclamation. The organic and inorganic substances brought from the upper reaches of the Liaohe River form a large amount of salty and light substances deposited in the sea, forming a place of retreat-beach. The beach containing sedimentary organic substances is especially suitable for the growth of saline plant Suaeda salsa. It is an annual herb, which moves at the speed of tens of meters per year. As the sea extends, new beaches keep appearing, and old beaches are covered with Suaeda salsa. Every April it grows red on the ground. September is the most intense red season. When the sea washes and the beach deposits are the form of red beach. Salt infiltration and alkali infiltration are the conditions under which it can become red like sunrise. Fire and red are the forms and contents of its life. It does not need human sowing, cultivation, and in saline-alkali brine, life and death year after year. Death, death, life and death, brew a fiery red color of life in the lapse of time.

Red Beach is a wonder bred by nature.

The deterioration of the sea and the deposition of the beach are the prerequisites for the existence of Panjin Red Beach, while the alkali infiltration and salt infiltration are the conditions for the red beach to look like sunrise.

In the "melon and vegetable generation" of the 1960s, Red Beach also became a life-saving beach. Fishermen and villagers on the beach had gathered seeds, leaves and stems of Suaeda salsa and steamed red grass steamed with corn flour, which almost saved a whole generation.

Panjin Red Beach is alive, always chasing the traces of the waves. The beach stretches inward at a speed of 50 meters per year, and the Red Beach steps into the sea step by step. Follow the Red Beach, also follow the vitality and hope.

At the north end of the trestle is the ancestral temple. She stands quietly on the waves of Taotao and Bibo, watching the Bohai Bay, watching thousands of fishermen and people, and finding the soul of the local fishermen.

The new winter tourism mode of Red Beach National Landscape Corridor was officially launched on December 1, and the three major plates and seven series of tourism projects in winter were also officially met with you.

Red Beach Ice Roll

The 18 km coastline of Red Beach is the most spectacular ice deposit scene on the northern coastline of China. Under the impetus of the tide in the Bohai Sea, huge ice platoons collide and overlap with each other to form a vast ice world.

Reed Sea maze

The reed maze is mainly composed of natural reed marshes. According to the Taoist Eight Diagrams Art Design, and properly constructed by hand, it is the only maze transformed by winter reed in China, with a total area of 40,000 square meters.

Ice recreation area

Ice rinks are constructed at the Island Leisure Spot nearest to sea level, covering an area of 45*70m (about 3000 square meters). Various forms of ice recreation and competitions are carried out, such as skating carts, ice pumping galls and tug-of-war on ice.

Encounter Red-crowned Crane

Have the opportunity to meet a pair of red-crowned cranes in the vast reed sea. In this wetland, red-crowned cranes, geese, Sinian crows and dozens of migratory birds, known as pandas, winter in reed marshes every year.

Main attractions

Love Declaration Gallery

This is the southernmost part of the scenic area. To the south is a vast expanse of red Suaeda salsa, to the north is a vast reed marsh, and to the East is a vast paddy field. Every autumn, Suaeda salsa is bright red to drip into an ocean, and the gap between paddy fields is sparse, neatly divided into a golden yellow, blue sky, white clouds, reeds are dancing with the wind in a yellowish skirt.

From ancient times to the present, love makes people haggard, love teaches life and death, love declaration Gallery left a deep-seated true love, leaving a dead oath!

Lovers Island

Beautiful girl Xiaolang crosses trestle bridge, red beach winding path Chutian ballad. Lu Sheng's red sleeve has no trace of love and is the great love nest of the world.

Valentine's Island is named for a sad love story of Red-sleeved Lusheng. Today, the Suaeda salsa planted and named by Red-sleeved and Lusheng, and the red-sleeved beach stained with blood also shows its original shape because of missing its master. Perhaps one day, the King of Beihai Dragon will be moved by his daughter's unswerving love and lift up Lusheng who capsized and sank to the bottom of the sea. Perhaps one day, it will be transformed into Red-crowned Crane's Red-sleeve. Will pursue the sound of reed flute, meet reed again in the depth of the reed sea, maybe one day, river crabs take the bridge and hand in hand with reed and red sleeves soaring in the blue sky, maybe one day... .

Valentine's Island is looking forward to new stories and new contents written by the lover here. Maybe the red-sleeved and bloody beach will reflect the red lover's island like sunrise!

Lounge Bridge love dream

The bridge is a place where love is locked. Refinement of a corridor, to the red beach more red, pull off a piece of white clouds, waving in the clear blue sky. Red Beach is a wonder in the world, encounter the cradle of romantic stories, bending river carries the dream of the corridor bridge to the sea. "Marriage of thousands of miles is the theme of the dream of the gallery bridge. It looks like an elegant red ribbon thrown into the world by the old man under the moon. It is connected with the arch magpie bridge by a heart-shaped gallery.

Rice dream space

Rice is a painting brush, field is a canvas, wind plays music, under the sky, rice dream space - a scenic spot that "planted" art into the field. Boarding Yixin Pavilion overlooking paddy field painting, the picture is lifelike, thousands of miles in the sky and as the background, looking up from afar, step by step, beautiful.

If you have leisure, you can also wander in the paddy field farm, cool sea breeze, blue sky, winding paths, primitive pavilions, antique pavilions, all beautiful scenery. If it comes to autumn, it is absolutely in the fragrance of rice flowers to say good years and listen to the sound of frogs. Of course, fishing crabs, taking pictures with scarecrowers and rice paddies, and choosing green organic food are all very pleasant tourist contents.

Wolong Lake Wharf

Wolong Lake, overlooking the lake from the air, is like a giant dragon lying across a reed marsh. Head to the sea, dragon body, dragon claws, dragon tail. Wolong Lake covers an area of more than 1000 mu, providing cruise boat tour services. So it is called Wolong Lake Wharf. The waters here are vast, reed-covered and beautiful. During the boating, birds sing gently, the cool breeze is blowing, reeds are fragrant and refreshing.

According to the clouds of water

The trestle is long and winding, connecting with the sea and the sky, as if a big ship was sailing. Walking in the corridor, watching the red beach and green reeds on both sides, listening to the thousands of migratory birds, feeling the magnificent waves of the sea, as if traveling by boat. When you are in this situation, you forget to return. There are poetry clouds: "Yi people sail between the clouds, light poetry dream into dust. Dreams of streaming clouds and weaving brocades, send words rainbow languishing. Between the long water and clouds, the dream of Iraqi people is shallow, the past is light and distant, and the flowers are smiling and smiling. And all this is like a dream.

Tourism information

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Shenyang Direction: Beijing-Shenyang Expressway Panhai-Ying Expressway Panjin-Nan Expressway Xianghai Avenue (China Road) Red Beach Street Red Beach National Landscape Corridor

Dalian Direction: G15 Panjin Shugang Expressway 305 National Highway South China Road Binhai Avenue Red Beach National Landscape Corridor

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