Rabbit head

Home Food 2018-10-13

Rabbit head is a traditional snack in Sichuan Chengdu, Shanxi Datong and Zhejiang Quzhou. There are a variety of special eating methods, usually spicy, spicy two flavors, with more bones, less meat, more flavor and so on.

The special name for eating rabbit's head is "gnawing", "gnawing rabbit's skull" also means kissing in the local dialect. It is a delicious food with lots of fun.

In the 1980s, eating rabbit meat became a fashion in Chengdu, so a large number of rabbit heads with more bones and less meat became chicken ribs on rabbits. Thus, the folk will have innovative ideas to sacrifice the Sichuan cuisine in the big spicy artifacts, add rabbit head or stewed or fried, from then on created a great myth of the food industry.

1. if it is spicy hot rabbit head, first use the mouth to suck the bright chili oil on the top of the rabbit head.

2. break the rabbit head into two halves from the position of the mouth and put the upper part of the head down.

3. Eat the meat on the lower half of the face, which is the most part of the whole rabbit head meat, eat it will start the whole rabbit head challenge trip.

4. get your tongue up from your chin and eat it.

5. check the entire mandible and have the rest of the head eaten.

6. Pick up the upper half, bottom facing upward, with the thumbnail buckle the upper part of the mouth folded part of the head, eat.

7. Put the head up to your mouth, the rabbit's head parallel to the teeth, find the texture of the parietal fontanel door, and nibble and suck (usually no refrigerator in the rabbit's head cavity has a full brain flower, in the brine when there will be a moderate amount of flavorful oil inside), fully open the skull, from the neck of the rabbit to extract the brain flower. Child (to maintain the integrity of the brain flower) and eat it.

8. Break the rest into two halves and eat the eyeballs on both sides, the eyelids (part of the lacrimal glands has some challenging meat), respectively.

9. of course, depending on personal taste, you can also choose a large number of pieces that can be chewed up in the nasal cavity and eat them.

Eating rabbit head

Eating rabbit head is very formal. Just like Shanghai people eat shrimps, shrimp meat is eaten, shrimp shells are not broken. To gnaw rabbit's head, we need to fully mobilize the various functions of mouth, lip and tongue in order to taste the wonderful taste of rabbit's head. The food was spicy, red oil, sesame and pepper can be seen above, has been well-cooked, bone skinny. One and two halves. Chew the cheeks first, the meat is rotten, the lips suck, the tongue licks, and it comes to the mouth. After eating the flesh on the cheek, the finger hook, the rabbit tongue stick out, bite into the mouth, soft and brittle. The rabbit's lower palate is no longer delicious, but the taste in the bones is still there, sucking carefully again, this is considered to be chewing clean. The rabbit's brain is just like flower and fire. It can be sucked, or scoop out with a small spoon. The meat, eyes and brain are all gone, and some of them are still in the mind, sucking the oil and water on their fingers.

Because the rabbit's skull is mostly made of spice, which has the effect of dispelling wind, dispersing cold and publishing, so all kinds of Yin-deficiency and fire-vigorous constitution should be eaten under the guidance of a doctor.