Quancheng Marine Polar World

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Quancheng Marine Polar World

Quancheng Marine Polar World is a comprehensive exhibition hall located in Qihe County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and an area of 99,000 square meters. It integrates ornamental, entertaining, interesting and reflecting marine culture and marine science and technology.

Exhibition hall scale

Quancheng Ocean Polar World is located in Qihe County, Shandong Province, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. It is the world's first-class indoor ocean hall with the largest scale in the world. The exhibition area of the museum is 88,000 square meters. It has more than 10 exhibition halls, such as tropical rain forest, turtle island, shark bay, submarine tunnel, boutique museum, polar hall, 4D cinema, popular science hall, underwater Theatre - Mermaid underwater ballet performance, Ocean Theatre - Dolphin and lion performance. There are Arctic bears, Arctic foxes, beluga whales, pseudo killer whales, navigational whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and seals. Walrus, turtles, penguins and other marine organisms from all over the world, thousands of rare fish, is a collection of ornamental, entertaining, interesting and reflecting marine culture, marine science and technology as one of the comprehensive exhibition hall. In the world's largest rainforest hall, waterfalls, tall and dense jungles and fierce crocodiles will bring tourists into a mysterious and dangerous world.

Out of the ancient caves, we will enter the mysterious and gorgeous marine world. Turtle Island, Shark Bay and mysterious, gorgeous seabed corals allow visitors to experience different marine customs!

The world's largest cylindrical cylinder and polymorphic submarine tunnel make visitors feel like they are in the blue sea. Nearly 1,000 species of marine organisms are within reach, and the beautiful underwater world is in full view.

The Mermaid in the underwater theatre shuttles through the colorful ocean kingdom, which is amazing.

Polar bears, penguins, walruses, belugas, sea lions and other polar animals live freely in their kingdom. In the Ocean Theatre, funny sea lions, intelligent dolphins, exciting performances, the scene is hot, so that visitors can fully experience the wisdom of marine animals!

There are sample areas, interactive areas and 4D cinemas in the science popularization hall to transfer marine knowledge and enhance ecological protection awareness. Through dynamic and static methods, visitors can learn more about the ocean, protect the ocean, protect the ecosystem, and leave better and larger living space for future generations.

Practical information

Ticket information

Adult tickets are 190 yuan; children with height of 1.2-1.4 meters, old people aged 65 or over with their ID card can buy 130 yuan of discount tickets; adults with full tickets can lead a child under 1.2 meters free of charge, and one more child needs 60 yuan of supplementary tickets.

Opening Hours

Opening time: 08:30; Closing time: 17:00 after October 1; Opening and closing time on weekends is the same as working days.

Catering information

There are Lao Dexiang Dezhou Picked Chicken Food Square and Ocean Restaurant in the pavilion.

Medical information

There are ambulance centers, simple medical facilities and medicines in the pavilion.

Bank information

There are postal cash machines in the pavilion.

Traffic information

Internal traffic

The museum is only 20 minutes away from the urban area of Jinan. Tourists can go to Jinan Long-distance Passenger Transport Center (located at No. 75 Dikou Road, Tianqiao District Government, west of Dikou Road, opposite Darunfa East Oblique) by K906 bus.

External traffic

Jinan self-driving best route: Shangshunhe Viaduct, Jinan North Toll Station, Beijing Tai'an Liaocheng westbound, when the line to the Second Ring North Road, the Second Ring West Road Xiakou overpass toll station, then left to the north of the Second Ring West Road, through the Jianbang Bridge north, westbound for 6 minutes.

The best self-driving route in central Shandong: the west of Shangji-Qingdao Expressway, to Jinan zero, go straight along the direction of Tai'an Liaocheng, don't turn around until the toll station of Xiakou Flyover of the Second Ring North Road and the Second Ring West Road, turn left to the north of the Second Ring West Road, and cross the Jianbang Bridge Northwest for 6 minutes.

The best self-driving route in Western Shandong: from Shangjiliao Expressway in Liaocheng to Qihe Expressway, turn south to 309 National Highway for 15 minutes.

Best self-driving route in North Shandong: from Dezhou Shangjingfu Expressway to the Second Ring North Road and the Second Ring West Road Xiakou Overpass Toll Station, then turn left to the North Head of the Second Ring West Road, cross the Jianbang Bridge north and travel westward for 6 minutes.

The best self-driving route in southern Shandong is to go to Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, turn to Qingdao Expressway, to Xiakou Flyover Toll Station of Second Ring North Road and Second Ring West Road, turn left to the north end of Second Ring West Road, cross Jianbang Bridge and go west for 6 minutes.

GPS coordinate points: North latitude: 36, 44, 35.4 East longitude: 116, 50, 6.3.

Main attractions

Tropical rain forest

It highlights the organic combination of mountains, waters, forests and stones, with high and low levels scattered. Artificial rain, fog, thunder and lightning are natural and lifelike. The whole area runs through streams, lakes and waterfalls. Fish and other animals in various rainforests are displayed throughout the area, which is skillfully integrated with the surrounding landscape. The light is soft and the tour route is smooth. Using sound, light, electricity and other technical means as well as the construction of indoor waterfalls to reproduce the original forest scenery in the Amazon Basin of South America. In the tropical rain forest of the oceanic polar world of Quancheng, it seems like a fairy tale world. Quiet pools and waterfalls are everywhere. Tall trees and twisted vines interweave into a green maze. Vines can be seen everywhere intertwining along the trunk and branches, like a dense network. Among them, there are many precious tropical and subtropical fish and animals living in the water, such as Koi carp, giant hyoid, piranha, flamingo, silver dragon, blood parrot, lucrative fish, beaver rat, electric eel, seven-star knife fish, red catfish, blue shark, macaw, squirrel monkey, crocodile turtle, giant pencil fish, Chinese sturgeon, crocodile, doll and so on.

Sea World

Through elaborate design, with fantastic lighting and ingenious venue design, to create a mysterious and gorgeous sea world, in the course of the tour, not only can you see the lovely turtles on the beach, but also can come into close contact with marine animals in the touch pool. Tourists can also see the scene of submarine wrecks, sea monsters and sharks fighting, in mystery. In the shark bay, groups of sharks swim around. The beautiful, colorful underwater world and fish in the 100-meter-long tunnel surround us as if within reach. The wonderful performances of mermaid girls make tourists linger and forget to return. The appearance of real mermaid-manatee in the ocean also makes us recall fairy tales and the real beauty in reality at the same time. Fish has a new understanding. The whole exhibition area is composed of turtle island, touch pool, large cylinder, shark bay, submarine tunnel, underwater theatre-mermaid performance, manatee-real Mermaid exhibition area and so on. Green sea turtle, hawksbill, porpoise, manatee, lemon shark, nurse shark, sea urchin, clown, swallow ray, coral, sea apple, spiny dolphin, hornfish, sea lily, lion live here. Hundreds of species of marine animals, such as anchovy, green-finned mackerel, etc.

Polar Kingdom

This is a world of ice and snow. The whole venue is made of snow-covered rocks. It gathers polar animals from Antarctica and Arctic. All kinds of animals are displayed in pools. The water bodies are set up according to international standards, and the water temperature and quality are specially treated according to the needs of animals. The animals on display are trained and performed in combination with environmental conditions, and the varieties on display in this area are the most complete in China at present. There are lively and lively snow elves - Arctic foxes, powerful Arctic hegemony - polar bears, spotted seals, flexible seadogs - fur sea lions, huge Arctic sea lions, Antarctic master - penguins, lovely walruses, beautiful and noble sea Canaries - beluga whales and other polar animals.

Popular science exhibition hall

The first floor is the sample area, showing the samples of marine organisms, and using multimedia technology to show the process of marine organism change and the common knowledge of marine ecological protection. There are more than 200 specimens of fish, birds and mammals on display. The second floor is an interactive area with many scientific enlightenment exhibits, including the abstract and interesting whale shape on the ground, the air corridor connecting the two platforms for children to climb and play, the use of programmed micro-control system, with sound wave acquisition and processing and logical positioning, the realization of water column volume and direction precise control of Shouting Spring and more than ten kinds of popular science entertainment facilities, so that everyone can interact in the past. Cheng Zhong's experience of the magic of science is an excellent place to educate teenagers on marine popular science.

4D cinema

It is a four-dimensional space consisting of three-dimensional stereo film and Simulation of environmental effects. The film is thrilling and interesting, which can bring tourists into the barrenness and adventure of ancient times. At the same time, the strong simulation effect will make tourists immerse themselves in the scene, so that tourists'hearing and vision can be the most perfect enjoyment, can not be missed.

Ocean Theatre

There are humorous and funny sea lion performances and romantic exciting dolphin performances in the ocean theatre. There are eight dolphin performances on the same stage, romantic knights, passionate surfing, hula hoop contest, tail fin racket gifts, high altitude headball, dolphin dance, sea lion stool grabbing, sea lion arithmetic, sea lion volleyball contest, sea lion concert, sea lion 360 degree flip in the air and other wonderful performances that make tourists happy.

Scenic area address

Address: 08 Tourist Road, Huanghe International Eco-city, Qihe County, Shandong Province

Bus; Jinan City to Qihe County K906

The cross-city bus lines K904 and K906 from Qihe to Jinan have been officially opened, which means that the first cross-city bus line in our province has been opened. Jinan Initiation Station is Jinan Long-distance Passenger Transport Center Station, Qihe Initiation Station is Qihe Bus Parking lot. The two lines run 45 kilometers each. The departure time is from 6:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. and the departure time is about 90 minutes. According to the different stations, ladder fares are set. The highest fare is 7 yuan and the lowest is 2 yuan.