Qixian Lake

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Qixian Lake

Qixian lake water resort is located in Fuxing Town, Gaoxian County, more than 40 kilometers away from Yibin City. It is the largest mountain water storage Lake in Yibin City, with a water area of 2632 Mu and a total area of more than 50 square kilometers. It was listed as a regional scenic spot in 1988 and approved as the first batch of provincial wetland park by Sichuan Provincial People's Government in 2008.

brief introduction

Qixian lake, surrounded by mountains and hills, is like a moment of bright pearl inlaid in Mian

Among the mountains, the scenery is beautiful and charming. It is said that the seven fairy lake is the place where the seven fairies descend to bathe, so it is named. The lake covers an area of more than 60 square kilometers, with numerous islands and excellent water quality. There are scenic spots such as Dagu Island, husband and wife Island, jiuquliu canoe, nanmuguan moon watching and so on. There are also many miraculous traces about the legend of seven fairies.

In the scenic area, the lakeshore twists and turns, the lake branches crisscross, the lake water is clear and quiet, and the surrounding trees are verdant. In the vast misty lake, the island in the middle of the lake is dotted with stars, and Dagu Island, Xiaogu Island, husband and wife Island, sister Island and Hydrangea island are scattered in different places. It's better than emerald pearls. On the surface of the lake, one fishing boat after another rippled, flocks of wild ducks flew, and teams of white cranes sang It makes visitors intoxicated and makes people think of the seven fairies in the world. It seems that they hear the laughter of the seven fairies playing in the water.

Qixian Lake scenic area is composed of Qixian lake central scenic area, chuandongzi karst cave and Baima Lake scenic area.

*Rhinoceros watch the moon

It is the largest island in the lake. It is said that the place where the Queen Mother's mother went down to the earth to look for the seven fairies was called Wangmu island. It looks like a rhinoceros lying in the lake and looking up at the sky.

*Jiuqu Liuzhou

From qigutang to baihelin, the water of the lake is curved for several times, like a winding path leading to secludion, which is very poetic. "Matayan waterfall": as high as eight or ninety meters, it forms a three-level waterfall with great momentum.

*Through the hole

It's a natural overpass built on the Jiangjia river. It's a rare natural wonder that people walk in the upper hole and the water flows from the lower hole.

Transportation of Qixian Lake Scenic Spot: you can go there by bus or by car

Address of Qixian Lake Scenic Spot: Fuxing Town, Gaoxian County

Legend of Qixian Lake

It is said that the Big Dipper is the incarnation of seven beautiful and moving weaving girls of the Jade Emperor in the heavenly palace. All of them are clever and skillful. They can weave a rainbow like heavenly Garment - "cloud brocade" for the Jade Emperor, the queen mother and the gods. Also in charge of the colorful colors of heaven and earth. They live in Maolan palace, which is commonly known as "Seven Sisters of Maolan". They were locked up in the weaving room all day long, and they were very depressed. But the Jade Emperor and the queen mother were very happy for their beauty, gentleness and dexterity.

One morning, seven fairies came to the patio in the sky to make up and look into the mirror. I don't know who is not careful, the mirror was knocked off the terrace, fell down the cliff. Big sister ran down the terrace and looked down the cliff, but she couldn't find any trace of the mirror. But she was surprised to find that there was a bigger mirror at the bottom of the cliff, emitting colorful light. She called her sisters and looked at them from the fence. The beautiful figures of the seven sisters were clearly visible in the big mirror. So they dressed up in the big mirror. In fact, it is just a lake in the world. At this moment, the youngest sister secretly took away the perfume bottle of her elder sister while she was busy dressing up and watching the bustle. The perfume bottle is exquisite and charming. Even more amazing, the perfume in that bottle is not only very fragrant, but also can cure all diseases. Even if you just light a drop, the whole sky will be fragrant for 99 days. No wonder the fairy has been watching this perfume bottle. Several times I want to take the opportunity to order a few drops, but the big sister is hard to take out several times a year. This little and dainty, the fairy, dizzy with success, is enjoying the little perfume bottle.

"Enough, little sister, give it back to me!" The elder sister came after the fragrance. The little sister didn't know that the elder sister found her so quickly. She was shocked. She knew the big sister's temper, and was afraid that the elder sister would scold her as she had done to her last time. She flurried the perfume bottle to her eldest sister and ran away like that. The eldest sister hurriedly reached for it, but unfortunately, the perfume bottle slipped down her big sister's hands and fell into the big lake where they were dressing glasses.

Strange to say! When the perfume bottle fell into the lake, the clear lake surface suddenly appeared dark green ripples, and the smell of the lake was overflowing. Around the lake, the withered and yellow vegetation suddenly becomes lush and luxuriant; all the flowers bloom at the same time in four seasons, attracting numerous butterflies and bees; birds fly in succession, singing more than once, just as melodious; water birds compete to fly, fish jump When the world enters the late autumn, when all things wither, the only lake, showing a full of spring, so that ordinary people do not understand its mystery!

Be unbearable to contemplate that perfume bottle, the elder sister is angry and anxious. The fairy is afraid. She is afraid of telling the Jade Emperor, and let the queen mother know the consequence. They all know that the bottle of perfume is a special item of the Queen's mother, and no one is allowed to use it. Besides, it costs nine hundred and ninety-nine years to make a bottle of perfume in the heavenly palace. It takes nine hundred and ninety-nine years. How hard and precious it is! The fairy had no choice but to ask her sisters to let her go down to the earth to look for it. The elder sisters are also worried that they can't pay the work back to the palace. They are even more worried about the little sister's action alone, which is lonely and inconvenient. So the seven sisters went down together and came to the lake.

They searched and searched for 77 days or forty-nine days without finding the shadow of the perfume bottle. But unexpectedly found a "fairyland on earth.". They were fascinated by the boundless scenery of the world. "Where is it like the" earth hell "as the Jade Emperor Laozi said The little fairy said, "it's not different from the heavenly palace we live in." "The Jade Emperor Laozi deceives us all!..." The seven fairies began to talk. They decided to keep looking for perfume bottles while enjoying the spring scenery. They are happy all the way, happy, every place, feel new and exciting, happy, happy do not want to return.

The Jade Emperor was shocked to learn that the seven immortals girls were missing. He was furious and sent the generals to look for them everywhere, but found nothing. Then he sent Marshal Tiangong to lead the army and come to the world. Seven days and seven nights passed, but there was no trace of the seven fairies. Later, from a fisherman by the lake, I learned that not long ago, seven beautiful young girls had been seen walking by the lake and heading east

Marshal Tiangong had no choice but to return to the imperial court. He reported what he had seen and heard in the world to the Jade Emperor. After listening to the detailed description of the seven fairies by Marshal Tiangong, the Jade Emperor took out a mirror from his waist, looked at it again and again, and his locked eyebrows suddenly expanded, and he said to marshal Tiangong, "I see! Since they don't want to come back, let them! "Without my command, no one can disturb them from now on," he said

It turned out that the Jade Emperor would send heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals to hunt them down. The seven fairies had already turned into seven ordinary water (Lake) ducks, mixing with a group of Lake ducks in the lake. In the reeds, grass, wandering, playing and chasing. The only thing that can be distinguished is that there are a bunch of inconspicuous feathers on the top of their crowns, which are red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. Only the seven fairies knew each other about the secret, not even the Jade Emperor Laozi, not to mention Marshal Tiangong?

Since then, when the sun is setting and the sun is just beginning to appear, the seven ducks will still be fairies, wearing their colorful colorful colorful clothes, floating and chasing in the grass and jungle by the lake. Along the way, the song attracted hundreds of birds to spread their wings and chirp, and the fish leaped; along the way, laughter attracted groups of colorful butterflies to dance with, and bees to accompany

Since the seven fairies appeared in the lake, the residents of the lake have never suffered from floods and droughts. On the contrary, the weather is favorable year by year, with both human and livestock flourishing and abundant grain. The lakeside residents also have a surprising discovery: taking a bath with the lake water, never grow prickles and sores; after drinking the water, children become smart, lively and lovely; girls drink, pure and beautiful, more charming; young men and women drink, strong and strong, energetic; old people drink, all kinds of diseases are eliminated, prolong life; When a bad man drinks it, he will suffer from all kinds of diseases

Later, people often saw the scene of fairies coming down to the earth, which was a good story for a time.

No wonder people call the water of this lake sweet and delicious with special effects as "immortal water". The news spread like wildfire. For a while, many foreigners came after hearing the news, and they rowed and paddled to get water in the lake. He drank, but also brought home to relatives and friends, as a panacea.

Since then, people have changed the name of "QIANZI Lake" to "Xianzi Lake" or "Qixian Lake", which has been used to this day. The story of the beautiful seven fairies coming down to the world and benefiting the common people has been handed down from generation to generation after a long history.