Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area

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Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, National AAAAA Class Tourist Area, National Geopark, National Forest Park, Ten New Brands of National Cultural Tourism, Ten Best Scenic Areas in Hubei Province, and Hubei Provincial Ecotourism Demonstration Area.

The Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area is located in Longzhou Ping Town, Changyang County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. The Qingjiang River is the mother river of Tujia people. It sprinkles 800 Li like a blue drifting belt across the mountain and across the gorge. It traverses more than 10 counties and cities in southwestern Hubei. It forms a wonderful natural landscape of 386,000 mu of Yijiang Lake in the Qingjiang River Basin. Unique karst landform, peaks, straight into the sky, hundreds of emerald-like islands scattered in the lake, brilliant green beads.

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spots, such as Daijiang Smoke Popular, High Gorges Green Forest Trail Secret, known as the Qingjiang River Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Guilin Lijiang River of the Qing Dynasty, Hangzhou West Lake of the beautiful scenery, unparalleled. Mountains, waters, people and nationalities of the Qingjiang River merge into a vast and profound culture, such as poetry, painting, dream and song. In the meantime,

Swimming in Qingjiang

Cultural condensation

Wedding celebrations with weeping and sacrificing the dead with singing and dancing.

Beautiful scenery

The Qingjiang River originated from the mountain cave springs in Western Hubei, and is composed of more than 2,000 Cexi cave springs. The lake is as blue as jasper, the mountains are fluctuating and changeable, and there are many strange peaks, cliffs are hanging, rocks are everywhere, waterfalls are all over the mountains, islands are floating, and the water color and sky are shining. Sooner or later, the river fog rises, such as Penglai fairyland; the four seasons, wildflowers and red leaves embellishment, such as Tiannuhua skirt. Qingjiang Grand Buddha, 280 meters high, is the world's largest natural Buddha, the Three Gorges of the Qingjiang River, jumping kilometers, is China's most beautiful cliff canyon. Under the immortal village, the mountains are like water absorbed by many images; in the reflection gorge, the peaks are like Buddhist sutras, and the bells are like water mist under the mountains.

Tourism mode

You can organize group tours, self-driving tours, along-line tours, or you can choose scenic tours (line A and line B), you can visit sightseeing, you can also stay quiet for a long time. Scenic area tour is divided into line A and line B (see the top left of the home page for details). At present, the main tourist attractions in the scenic spot are Reflecting Gorge, Xianrenzhai and Zhonglishan in Wuluo (see the brief introduction of Qingjiang Gallery scenic spot for details). Tourist sequence: Changyang County Town - Tourist Reception Center - Entrance of Scenic Area Gateway - Wind and Rain Corridor - Time Tunnel - Drum Hall - Tujia Style Street - Tourist Wharf - Shipping to Reflecting Gorge - Back to Xianrenzhai - Back to the core scenic spot Wuluo Zhongli Mountain - Back to Tourist Wharf. Qingjiang Gallery is currently a one-day tour, the whole process takes about four to five hours.