Qianwei ecological village

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Qianwei Village is located in the middle of Chongming Island, 23 kilometers away from Nanmen Port, close to Dongping Forest Park. Once a desolate and silent village, now it has both urban scenery and pastoral poetry.

brief introduction

In 2004, it was named "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site" by the National Tourism Administration. Scenic spots are full of sightseeing, trees, birds and flowers, walking between green shade and green water, suspected to be in the middle of the Peach Blossom Source, which makes people feel a high degree of harmony between man and nature. Party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Zhu Rongji, Wen Jiabao, Wu Bangguo and Huang Ju visited the village in person. Entering the right-hand avenue of Qianwei Village, you can see the sign of Qianwei Manlingge Farmer Leisure Center. According to the instructions, you can see the spacious and bright four-storey farmer villas. In front of the villa, orange trees are vibrant, the environment is elegant and idyllic. The owner of the farmer is warm and hospitable, and he goes to Chongming, Shanghai for leisure and entertainment after his busy urban life.


Avant-garde village, clean water, clean soil, fresh air, flowers and fruits around the village contend for fragrance, trees into forests, birds and flowers, walking between the deep green fitness garden, suspected to be the middle of the Peach Blossom Source, people feel the high degree of harmony between man and nature. The avant-garde has turned waste such as industrial footprints, vegetable gardens withered, human and animal manure into resources, and the environment has been protected, so that industries such as industry, agriculture, sideline, tourism and other industries have been coordinated development. Domestic and foreign agricultural experts have visited and investigated the avant-garde village one after another, and praised the ecological engineering here.

Qu Geping, former director of the National Committee for Environment and Resources Protection, visited Qianwei Village for one week in 1994. He praised the high starting point of ecological engineering and the well-equipped facilities of Qianwei Village, which was the first ecological village in China. Since 1984, the village has been named "Wuhao Village Party Branch" and "Pacesetter Village" by the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government. In 1995, it was also named "National Greening Qianjia Village" and "National Science Popularization Education Base". In 1996, it was awarded the nomination prize of "Global Environment 500".