Qiankun Bay Scenic Area

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Qian Kun Wan Scenic Area is located in Qian Kun Wan Town, Yanchuan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. It faces the Yellow River to the East and Yonghe County, Shanxi Province. It is about 38 kilometers away from the county seat, about 10 kilometers away from the exit of Qian Kun Wan, Yan'an Expressway, and about 96 kilometers away from Yan'an City.

Qiankun Bay Scenic Area is a well-known national 4A-level tourist attraction in China, which integrates sightseeing, leisure, vacation and scientific investigation. It has a unique natural landscape, a long history of humanities, a rich red culture and simple folk customs. At the 2008 China Yellow River Tourism Conference, the Qiankun Bay Scenic Area was named "50 Scenic Spots of the Yellow River in China".

Introduction of scenic spots

The Yellow River is known as the Mother River. The five S-shaped turnings formed in Yanchuan are: Whirlpool Bay, Yanshui Bay, Fusi Bay, Qiankun Bay and Qingshui Bay from north to south. Here is the famous first bay of the Yellow River under heaven - Qiankun Bay.

Qiankun Bay is located in Xiaocheng Village, Tugang Township, 38 kilometers south of Yanchuan County Township. The mysterious shape of the "S" large turning left behind an ancient myth. It is said that in ancient times, the Fuxi family of Taihao looked up at the sky, looked down at the earth, looked at the culture and land of birds and animals, took all kinds of things from near to far, and then began to make eight divinatory diagrams in order to communicate the virtue of gods and all kinds of things. "

Looking closely at the Qian Kun Pavilion, the underground is a map of Yin and Yang Tai Chi paved with big stones, corresponding to the Qian Kun Bay below the mountain. On the pillars of the pavilion are inscribed two lines of big characters: "Heaven and earth make Qiankun Bay, Xihuang deduces Taiji map" legend. Fuxi ancestors looked up at the sky in Qiankun Bay and invented the theory of Yin and Yang of Taiji Eight Diagrams. Later generations are here to visit their ancestors and pray for blessings.

Through the Qiankun Pavilion, with a long view, the hills are rolling and the gullies are vertical and horizontal. The Yellow River is like a giant dragon running constantly between the hills and gullies of the Loess Plateau. Hehuai Village and Fuyi River Village on the edge of the S-shaped ancient Yellow River Road are like the "Yinyang Fish" embraced by the giant dragon of the Yellow River. This section of the ancient Yellow River is the Qiankun Bay. She is reverie and thought-provoking. She is like the "river map" and "Luoshu" that the Jade Emperor left in the hilly and gully area of the Loess Plateau in the heaven and earth. She resembles the natural Taiji map created by heaven and earth.

Traffic routes

Arrival mode:

Aircraft: Yan'an Airport (No. 4, No. 22) - Yan'an Dongguan Bus Station - Yanchuan Bus - Qiankun Bay Zhongba - South Gate Comprehensive Service Area

Railway: Yan'an Railway Station (take No. 9, No. 11, No. 18) - Yan'an Dongguan Bus Station - Yanchuan Bus - Qiankun Bay Zhongba - South Gate Comprehensive Service Area of Scenic Area


1. Yan'an Dongguan Bus Station sends a train to Yanchuan every 30 minutes. The departure time is 06:30-19:00, and the journey is about 1.5 hours.

2. Yanchuan South Bus Station arrives at the South Gate Service Area of the Qiankun Bay Scenic Area by Qiankun Bay Central Bus. The journey is about 40 minutes. The departure time of Yanchuan South Station-Nanmen Service Area is 7:30, 10:30 and 15:30 respectively, and the return time is 09:30, 13:30 and 18:00 respectively.

Self-driving travelling:

Xi'an Direction:

1. Baomao Expressway to Yan'an-along National Highway 210 to Yanchuan-Qiankunwan Town-South Gate Comprehensive Service Area of Scenic Area

2. Baomao Expressway to Yan'an-Yanyan Expressway to Qiankun Bay Exit-South Gate Comprehensive Service Area of Scenic Area

Yulin Direction:

1. Yulin Qingjian-Yanchuan-Qiankunwan Town-South Gate Comprehensive Service Area

2. Yulin passes through Baomao Expressway to Yan'an-Yanyan Expressway to Qiankun Bay Exit-South Gate Comprehensive Service Area of Scenic Area

Shanxi direction:

Zhangjiahe-Majiahe-Qiankunwan Town-South Gate Comprehensive Service Area of Scenic Area

Main attractions

Qiankun Bay (sunrise or shooting in the morning at Qiankun Pavilion, cloud and mist can be photographed in autumn), if the rating is at least 4A, 5A scenic spots. Ticket: 60 yuan per person.

Huifengzhai (world Qifeng, along the way you can see Cliff Tianshu), such as the rating of 3A scenic spots.

Qingshuiguan (ancient ferry) is rated as 4A or 5A scenic spot.

Yellow River Drifting: From Fuyi River to Shoe Island, in the evening, you can see Nuwa Peak (strongly recommended) 80 yuan per person.

Warm reminder: If you want the friends of the five major turnings in the Shequ Geopark of the Yellow River, you can drive or rent a car from Yanchuan-Yanchuan Pass-Tugang Township and walk along the Yellow River line. You can see the wonders of the Yellow River, such as Yanshuiguan Ferry, Yongguan Ferry, Shanxi Laoshu Old Chuangyuan, Yellow River Bridge, Yanguan Ferry, Oriental Goddess Turtle, Red Army Cliff, the Five Great Turning Bay of the Yellow River and the New Lumuhua Ancient Site. But this route is hard to walk because of its sharp curves, steep slopes, narrow roads and more stone-mixed roads. It is not recommended to choose this route because it is not used to driving the mountain ring road. It is only a good route for exploring donkeys.

Accommodation and catering

(1) Chengjia Courtyard: The grade is relatively higher, but the price is more expensive.

(2) Fish Farmer's Happiness of the Yellow River: The price is relatively cheap, the owner is real, want to live in the preferred cave in northern Shaanxi.

(3) Other peasant households: only a few households do business on holidays.

(4) Residence at Yanchuan County Hotel.

Entertainment items

Entertainment participation projects in scenic spots are colorful:

Jujube picking: The main production area of jujube is along the scenic spot tourism. Creating "Yellow River jujube culture and customs tour" has unique advantages. The jujube picking garden along the way "scenery along the way" has become another unique landscape of the scenic spot.

The first drift of the Yellow River in the world: Drifting down along the Baili Qinjin Gorge, you can enjoy the strange stones of the East China Sea, such as Turtles, Bagua Stones, Moyan Ancient Village, Moyan Carvings and other strange landscapes, and fully appreciate the grand momentum of "the water of the Yellow River from heaven, running to the sea and never returning".

Yellow River Sliding Cable: The Sliding Cable Project at the entrance of the Yellow River Trestle Road is very challenging, so that tourists can get excitement and satisfaction in a breathtaking pleasure.

Xiaocheng Folk Art Village: Yanchuan is named "the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art" by the Ministry of Culture. Paper-cut and cloth-stacking paintings here are unique. In Xiaocheng Folk Art Village, listening to the origin of the cloth stacking painting, watching Qiaofu live paper-cut, one piece of art conveys a long-standing civilized message.

Qiankun Stage Folklore Performing Arts and Jiuqu: Free to watch Tao Qing, storytelling, folk songs and other folk cultural performances with northern Shaanxi characteristics. When the lights are brilliant at night, you can also participate in a unique folk cultural activity of Yanchuan people - Jiuqu, feel the cultural elements and unlimited happiness.