Printing Mud Making Skills

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Printing Mud Making Skills

Lu'an Indian Mud is a traditional handicraft in Jing'an District of Shanghai. It was initiated by Zhang Lu'an. The process is complicated and the finished product is kept for a long time. The printing color is bright and elegant, thin and even, delicate and high viscosity, hot and cold days are not bad, and never fade.

Characteristics of Lu'an Printing Mud

Characteristic of printing mud in Ru'an:

1. Over time, the more quiet and elegant the colour is, the more uniform and clean the texture of the seal, the better the colouring power, the covering power and the bonding power are, as evidenced by the records of Zhao Zhiqian's Seal, Wu Changshuo's Seal, Huang Mufu's Seal and Lu Xun's Pen Name Seal, which were developed by Jun in the 1950s.

2. Used at room temperature, the upper stone is printed clean, and the cover of scandium is handy.

3. No additives are needed to ensure that the mud is pure, elastic, red satin-like, gluten-like, velvet-like and lasts forever.

4. Has a specific formulation

5. Having a specific production skill

6. The printing color is bright and elegant, thin and even, delicate and highly viscous, hot day is not bad, cold day is not hard, never fade.

7. Having a pedigree of inheritance

Notes for the use of printed mud in Ru'an:

1. Porcelain mud jar, with cover, to prevent dust and water intrusion.

2. Clean the seal before use to prevent other printing mud from mixing in.

3. Dip in the mud gesture as light as a dragonfly dot water, and examine whether the mud on the printing surface is thoughtful, and then pad the cardboard with three or four sheets of sheet cover.

4. If not used for more than one year, mix well with bone stick.

The printing mud of Ru'an is a treasure in the printing mud. Because it has the characteristics of bright and elegant color, uniform quality, delicate and high consistency, hot weather is not rotten, cold weather is not hard, and never fade, the printing mud of Ru'an is used, even though Zhu Wen of the fine Yuan Dynasty is several tens of square, and the printing text is not out of shape, especially the precious seal carving is made in the printing mud of Ru'an. It can be fully displayed against the backdrop of the.

Zhang Lu'an and his interesting stories

Zhang Lu'an (1901-1962) is famous for his work as a Zi Yanfu, Xiao Youjiao, Zhai Famous Yuncao Tang, a native of Cixi, Zhejiang Province. Early members of Xiling Printing Society. He is a famous seal engraver and collector. He has outstanding talent in the field of printing and has multiple editions. He is also famous for his good printing clay. At that time, there were Xu Zheng'an in Beijing, who was also good at printing clay. They confronted each other and had the reputation of "South Zhang and North Xu".

In 1931, Mr. Lu'an began to learn from Zhao Shuru and Xiling's family. Later, he took Deng Wanbai's family as his base and bought five prints of Deng's Yanyitang with heavy gold, so he was very fond of them. Lu'an engraved and printed the world's people, there are two volumes of "Dung Wan Baishan People's Seal Spectrum" (21 years of Republic of China photocopy), Lu'an Seal Selection, Lu'an Seal Spectrum. In addition, there are Jiyi Mountain People's Seal, Hengyun Mountain's Seal Collection, Jinyi Seal, Zhong Jiezhong Seal, Wanbai Mountain People's Seal Spectrum and so on. Mr. Lu'an and Mr. Yu Hangbo Deyi (Character Hall) Zhe Baoheng have compiled hundreds of hall seals, named "Pine Window Seals" two volumes, which were awarded the prize by elaborate refinement. Only forty of them were cited, and they are precious treasures. He is addicted to the seal books of famous generations and has a wide collection of more than 400. It is a great achievement of the seal books, and few can compete with it. Among the most precious books in his collection, there are few good Ming editions handed down from generation to generation, which are kept fresh and willing to show. He Xueyu's forefathers'seals are 20 of them, and Mr. Lu'an specially develops them into a special collection. The seal of "Loving Poetry and Wine" is the old thing of Wei Jiasun, a famous stone collector in Hangzhou. It has a large number of collections, high taste, and few rivals. It is called "the first one in China".

Zhang Lu'an begged for words

Zhang Luan, Zhang Tongtai's fifth generation heir, should not be a businessman. He has no interest in doing business at all. This situation became more evident after he married the then talented Hangzhou woman Lu Xianqin. Miss Lu's poems, lyrics and songs are all well-known. When she was a girl, she was called Xiao Li Qingzhao. On the night of flowers and candles in the cave, Zhang Luan said to his wife, "If you want to do Li Qingzhao, I will do Zhao Mingcheng!" It was unexpected that the joke of Xiao Liangkou had an impact on Zhang Lu'an's life.

Originally, Zhang Lu'an loved inscriptions of stone and gold from childhood, but he was more willing to do so when he became an adult. He not only attained high attainments in seal engraving, but also collected a large number of seals and seals. Therefore, he became a member of Xiling Printing Society very early. Usually the business in the shop is managed by reliable people, and most of the time I live in Shanghai.

With the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, our national bourgeoisie formed and developed. Like Zhang Lu'an, they also had some new business consciousness. At that time, Zhang Tongtai was undergoing another renovation. Zhang Lu'an made an elephant and an evergreen relief on the top of the new door of the pharmacy, and thus recognized Zhang Tongtai's "Vientiane" trademark. When rebuilding this gate, Zhang Lu'an had an idea. He thought how difficult it was for his ancestors to create the gold-lettered sign of Zhang Tongtai. Therefore, he must really make a few big gold-letters hanging on both sides of the gate to make it a real gold-lettered sign.

Zhang Luan thought for a moment and thought that only Zhang Daqian, a Sichuan Neijiang native who had known and become a good friend recently, had written these words. But consider that he is only two or three years older than himself. Despite his talent and fame, he is only twenty or thirty years old after all. Hang his words on the door always makes me unwilling. However, he still talked to Zhang Daqian about his ideas.

That big thousand pours also have self-knowledge, he said, how can I hang up my words? It is true that there will be a difference between Yin and Yang. If we know that Zhang Daqian will become a world-famous generation master in the future, then even if his handwriting skills are not good enough, Zhang Luan will definitely ask him to write, but where can we know his "future"? At that time, Zhang Daqian said, you these words, I think it is necessary to invite this person to write. This person is my teacher Zeng Xi...

As a member of Xiling Printing Society, Zhang Lu'an certainly knows Zeng Xi, a thunderous figure. He was born in Hengyang, Hunan Province. In his old age, he was a farmer's beard. He was a scholar in Guangxu 29 years of the Qing Dynasty. He once taught at Shigu Academy. After the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, this scholar's career was hopeless, and the Shigu Academy no longer existed. By the end of his life, such a wealthy university had fallen to the point where Shanghai lived by selling words on the streets. He was the first famous teacher that young Zhang Daqian visited after leaving Sichuan. In that era, Zeng Xi was indeed one of the top two figures in calligraphy. Moreover, his words are especially suitable for making shop signs.

"Cheng ah, since Zeng Lao is selling words, it's just a matter of money. That's easy to do. I'll pay him what price he wants!" Zhang Tongtai's young boss is really rich, he said with a big hand.

Zhang Daqian laughed. "You don't know, although Mr. Zeng is selling words, his strange temper is also famous. For example, he never wrote tombstones to people, saying that it would bring him bad luck; he never wrote shop signs to people, saying that it would make him stink of bronze; he did not write inscriptions of flattery and praise to high officials, saying that he would not be old and let people say that he was flattering... He is absolutely unwilling to write these signs. I dare not touch this nail..."

Zhang Lu'an also laughed: "You refuse to go to me. I believe in the phrase "Sincerity is what you can do, and the stone is what you can do". Just wait and see if I can get Mr. Zeng's ink!"

Not to mention, the Hunan Guild Hall where Mr. Zeng Xilao sells letters is not far from Zhang Lu'an's residence in Shanghai. On that day, Zhang Lu'an quickly found the place. On a cold day, the old man was sitting in a small room with four walls ventilated in the hall, coughing like an old shrimp curling up. The bleak scenery showed Zhang Lu'an's tears. He did not disturb the old gentleman and came back quietly.

The next day, Zhang Lu'an let his mother and son stew a hot pot with Chuanbei Sydney Red Wine and ice sugar. He wrapped it in a cotton pad and took it to the Hunan Guild Hall with both hands. At that time, Mr. Zeng was coughing together. When Zhang Lu'an put in front of him a pot of hot Sichuan Bay Sydney Red Wine, the old man was really surprised. Zhang Lu'an told Mr. Zeng that he was a friend of his disciple Zhang Daqian, who was entrusted by Zhang Daqian to visit him. He runs a pharmacy in his house. These things are ready-made in my house. Drink quickly, and you'll cough better if you drink. Later, he said that he would come to see him every day until he did not cough. The next day, when Zhang Lu'an came with Chuanbei Sydney, he also brought a leather robe. After that, it was true that every day a can of Sydney Chuanbei, until the old gentleman did not cough at all. The old man is a personal spirit. He doesn't cough any more and speaks smoothly. Then he comes out: "Your boy is so kind to me. He must have asked me for help." If you write a couplet in the living room, I'll start polishing ink. Nevertheless, you who do business and open pharmacies are sure to ask me to write your sign. I'll put that in my head, and you'll get rid of the idea. The old beard can't stain these cans of Chuanbei Sydney and a leather gown with his life's innocence... The sign of this shop, you are the head of killing the old beard, the old beard is also absolutely not written!

Zhang Lu'an complained secretly. Heaven, he sealed the words in front of him. However, although Zhang Lu'an did not ask for it, he came every other time. He saw that the mud used by Zeng Xi was dim and dull. On that day, he brought a box of mud. The old man opened it and his old eyes lit up.

Originally, Zhang Lu'an, a member of Xiling Printing Society, has repeatedly studied the formula of printing mud for many years, just as his ancestors studied Chuanbei Loquat Ointment Yangdan Pill and Saikong Eye Drug. A special kind of printing paste was formed by hard work. The vermilion color of this kind of printing mud is extremely gorgeous, impermeable and never fading. It is called "Lu'an printing mud" by people in the circle and collected as a treasure. The mud is fried more expensive than gold. At that time, there was a master of printing mud from the Imperial Palace in Beijing, named Xu Zheng'an, who made the best printing mud in the world. After Zhang Lu'an's printing mud came out, the calligraphy and painting circles purchased and used printing mud, and there was the saying of "South Zhang and North Xu", saying that the two people's printing mud is inseparable from each other. Zeng Xi, an expert at that time, recognized the color of the mud immediately. He said in a trembling voice, "This is Lu'an mud..."

"It's Zhang Lu'an, a colleague of Xiling Printing Society. There is a saying that swords give heroes and flowers give beauties. Only the old gentleman can use this kind of printing mud. This box of printing mud will be sent to the old gentleman.

At this time, Zeng Xi was so excited that both hands trembled. The toothless mouth said, "This, this, this is more expensive than gold..." He didn't know what to say for half a day. Finally, looking at Zhang Tongtai's boss, he gritted his teeth and said, "Say, what do you want to write about old age?" Except for signs, write as many as you want..."

Then they sat face to face. The old man Zeng Xi leaned over his upper body and took out his heart: "Brother, I sell words. I also know that in this Shanghai beach, as long as I am willing to write shop signs, silver will roll in." However, in this way, when you get to Nanjing Road, at a glance, it's all my Zeng Xi's words. Words, the most feared thing is abuse, and more words, no matter how well you write, more will inevitably be abused, abuse will be scolded, my old man fell dead are scolded for what? Don't old people never see silver? There's so much silver in the house that it's good to build a wall, just a three-foot bed. The old man didn't use a lot of silver. Therefore, the opening of the sign can't be opened. I wrote a sign of Tongtai today. Li Tongtai and Wang Tongtai will come to me, so I can't talk to others.

At this time, Zhang Lu'an also said, "I don't want the old gentleman to write a sign, I only ask the old gentleman to write a hall. It's a poem. More than a hundred years ago, my grandfather Zhang Mei came to Hangzhou from Majing Village in Cixi and created such a family business. He wrote a poem about his children. I want to write it down, mount it and hang it at home to warn future generations.

"Yes, I will." Zeng Xi answered very simply.

So a small piece of paper was handed to Mr. Zeng Xi, and there was indeed a poem on it.

Cixi Ma Jing has a plum tree.

Identity does not turn back.

Only plead for the common people to get Kangtai.

Moral care never repents.

No land is sought from north to south.

Careful pharmaceutical care is not lost.

I'm as good as a candle.

Public praise is the gravestone.

Zeng Xi threw the little paper away and laughed, "The shit doesn't work, even the level is not smooth!"

Zhang Lu'an pushed the paper back again: "My ancestor's book is a little less read, but his son Zhang Naixian is not the same, 20 hang-ups on the exam to pick up people..."

"It's worth your fart. I've seen the Empress Dowager Chin Shili, and I don't sell words on the street as usual?" Nevertheless, he took over the paper. "How about we make it smoother?"

"Can't change, a word can't change! It's not my ancestor's poems. If you write Zhang Mei's poems, no one will laugh at you! However, to be fair, although this poem is not well done, but my ancestor's true feelings, is not it on the paper?

Zeng Xi began to write, but his mouth was still muttering. What a person who knows nothing about it, but can make money, earning money to beat the wall, and you learn to be rich, but starve to death in the streets, this world way...

Finally, the seller dropped the money according to the rules and stamped the "old beard under Huiyan Peak" with the new Lu'an mud. Zhang Luan accepted it happily.

Three months later, two polished bronze medals appeared on both sides of the renovated Hangzhou Zhang Tongtai Gate. Fourteen large gold letters of "Zhang Tongtai's authentic medicinal materials" were displayed in front of the world. On the edge, there was Zeng Xi's signature. People looked at the word carefully and found that it was indeed everyone's handwriting. The more it looked, the more it looked, the more subtle it became. Even Zhang Daqian came to see it and was surprised to find that it was indeed the teacher's pen. He asked Zhang Lu'an what method he used to get the sign of Mr. Zhang Lu'an. He smiled and showed the so-called old ancestor's poem of Shier. Sure enough, the first seven sentences of the eight-sentence poem, each with a word embedded in it...

It is said that at the end of the second year, Zhang Daqian took Zeng Xi back to Hangzhou for the Spring Festival. At the gate of Zhang Tongtai, the old man saw the two bronze medals. The old man lost his temper immediately. Finally, Zhang Tongtai's boss reached a compromise with him. Zhang Lu'an took the money off the spot and the old man refused to stop. Therefore, later generations will see these two bronze medals again at the gate of Zhang Tongtai. They will find that they have not been paid off. As for Zhang Lu'an's forged poems about his ancestor Shi'er, which were not well connected, although he did not hang them out, it was obvious that he had engraved those poems in his heart, and he regarded public praise as his gravestone. After liberation, he was the first to carry out public-private partnership in his own business. In his later years, he also donated all his valuable seals to Xiling Printing Society. Since its establishment, Xiling Printing Society has donated the most and the best private collections.

Fu Jiliang's Interesting Persons

Fu Jiliang (1926.3-2011.11) Xuezhi, Baiguo and Milling, with "Yushilou", "Baiguo Factory", "Fanyitang" Yan Qiju, is a famous calligrapher in China. Born in 1927 at Qianjianong, Hexi, Waizhaqiao, Jiangyin, he studied in Nanjing Middle School and graduated from China Journalism College in 1948. Mr. Jiliang is an elegant man, who is closely related to calligraphy and stone. He is good at hand-made printing mud, works hard, lives in a busy city, and buries himself in a bathroom. He has a pen like a knife, is good at calligraphy, especially Li Shu, and a knife like a pen, is good at seal carving. He has been a literary associate who has changed his skills for decades and studied hard for himself. He successively wrote four volumes of Seal Carving Instrument Common Sense and Snow Seal, published the Seal of Qian Liang, edited and proofread the Seal of Zhao Zhiqian, the Seal of Lu Xun's Pen Name, the Seal of Pan Boying, the Seal of Long March and the Seal of Wu Changshuo. He also developed the Seal of Huang Mufu for Qian Juntao Jun. Hundreds of stamps, such as Imprint of Juntao, Seal of the Long March, Seal of Xiling Scenic Seal, Imprint of Xuanyin Lu, Imprint of Qian Engraved Zhu Qianzhan and Imprint of Tireless Kuzhai. He also wrote seal books for the Imperial Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Museum, as well as for the Dictionary of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving, Encyclopedia of Literature and Art Life, Practical Dictionary of Calligraphy Seal Carving, Dacheng of Literature and Art Appreciation and Daguan of National Treasure. Close the project. Now he is vice president of Shanghai Art Association Haimo Painting Association, member of Shanghai Calligrapher Association, painter of Shanghai Oriental Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, consultant of Shanghai Textile Calligraphy and Painting Association, senior art consultant of Tongcheng Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, first-class painter of Shanghai Yanhuang Calligraphy and Painting Association, consultant of Jing'an Calligraphy Association and special painter of Xiangmei Painting Court. It is the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage "Shanghai Lu'an Yinmu".

Mr. Fu Jiliang was associated with calligraphy and diamonds, especially with hand-made printing mud. In the 1950s, he served as an assistant to Mr. Zhang Luan, Secretary-General of the China Association for the Study of Metal and Stone Seal Engraving, as well as a teacher and friend. Zhang Lu'an is famous for Xicheng and Zizuiying. Cixi people in Zhejiang Province, who collect seals and seals, are masters of seals and seals making. He has collected more than 1500 seals and 490 seals of famous masters in successive dynasties since Qin and Han Dynasties, which is known as "the first seals in China". At that time, famous calligraphers and painters all over the country began to seek "Lu'an's printing clay". In order to meet the needs of those who came to ask for the printing clay, Mr. Ji Liang was instructed to take the initiative and listen to the discussion. Therefore, he unconsciously tried his best to make "Lu'an's printing clay" and eventually got the "Lu'an's printing clay" clothes bowl. After Mr. Lu An Xie Shi Shi, Mr. Ji Liang inherited his essence and made some improvements. Many calligraphers and painters such as Zhang Daqian, Wu Hufan, Liu Haisu, Shamenghai, Feng Zikai, Wang Fuan, Chen Julai, Qigong, Qian Juntao, Fuhua, Tangyun, Cheng Shifa, Zhu Qizhan, Laichusheng, Wang Gezhi, Baijiao, Yaming, Qian Shoutie, Lu Yifei, Huang Yun, Ye Xuanping, Shen Peng and Su Yuanlei all turned to Fu for seals. Mud. During the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Daqian entrusted the Australian Consulate in Shanghai to ask for the seal mud, which he called "Jiliang seal mud"; when he came to Chu, he gave one side of the seal "Jiliang seal mud" and a folding fan for calligraphy and painting after using the seal mud; while Tang Yunzan Fu's old seal mud was "No. 1 after Lu'an", and Zhangzhou and Xiling in the near future were inferior. ” Gao Xiong also deliberately wrote "The Origin of Run Lu'an Ink Mud" and named Fu Jiliang's Ink Mud "Run Lu'an Ink Mud". Shanghai Museum reproduced famous silk calligraphy and paintings of Song and Yuan dynasties, purchased a variety of printing mud, but it was difficult to print, after turning to him, he made four or two specially for it.

Pure and Harmonious Zikai Painting

Before 1967, I knew little about Mr. Feng Zikai's paintings and articles. Until the mid-Cultural Revolution, a friend asked me to sell an old axle of Feng's "West Lake Shore Painting" to Duo Yunxuan. I opened it up and was amazed. It was a five-foot middle hall. It painted a panoramic view of Hangzhou's lakeside in the 1930s and 1940s. Water figures, pavilions, pavilions, flowers and feathers are all in one, with deep color, no rendering, and a thousand meteorologies.

In the mid-spring of 1973, according to the appointed time, I met Mr. Qian Juntao under a garden corridor in Fuxing Park. This was our "routine" in the Cultural Revolution. We met every Thursday, and the rain continued smoothly. We handed each other seals, rubbings and entertainment. This time I handed him a jar of mud (about four or two for one jar) that Mr. Liu Haisu had asked him to use last time. Jun Tao said that Feng Lao painted with mud, and asked me to support a vat. Of course, I had no obligation to agree, but I also wanted Feng Lao ink, which could be hung in the bathroom to relieve depression.

Every other week, in the old place of Fuxing Park, Juntao handed me an old envelope and said, "This is a work of rich and old people. I hope I like it. I took the envelope. It's a joy and a dream come true."

Back home, put the picture in the envelope out on the bed and spread it out: put half of the table in the center of the picture, put a cup on the table, two dishes of wine and vegetables, sit on both sides of one person, farmers dress up, one person holds a glass to drink, the other holds a cigarette, smoke curl, hang a cage on it, birds are singing, the whole picture is after the harvest in the farmers'home. Send hospitality, leisure, happy atmosphere of life, this kind of breath coming on the face, can bring people who have been depressed and worried for a long time into another realm, that is, the realm of simplicity, harmony, carefree and beautiful people yearn for. Although there are not many brushes and ink, it is enough to be excluded, and then rich and old in the upper right corner of the title "Friends". Good wine, good bird and good sound are the eight characters that teach people to truly feel absolute, lottery and beautiful. The ancients said, "Draw the finishing touches" is also true.

This is a pure, harmonious and hospitable painting, but in the Cultural Revolution era, this painting was misinterpreted as a gang, belonging to the so-called "Four Old Works", how can it hang in my bathroom? That's all right! Immediately I hide the picture and hide it deep. During a meeting, I told Juntao about the situation that I couldn't hang up. About two weeks later, unexpectedly, Juntao handed me an old envelope and said that Feng Lao had redrawn it and matched it with a pair of couplets, so it might hang up.

Records of Imprinted Mud Events in Lu'an

Before 2006, the Department of Cultural Relics and Historical Materials in Jing'an District of Shanghai contacted Fu Jiliang to learn about the artistic achievements of Zhang Lu'an, a master of mud printing, and to prepare for the project recommendation and declaration to the Shanghai Municipal Cultural Bureau.

In 2006, a special film was recorded. Zhang Yongmin, son of Zhang Lu'an, Gao Xiong, friend of Zhang Lu'an, and Fu Jiliang, heir of Zhang Lu'an, were all invited to interview.

In June 2007, experts from the Ministry of Culture sent to Shanghai to demonstrate the handicraft project of Shanghai Lu'an Printing Mud; in the same month, the project was selected as the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list in Shanghai; in October of the same year, the "Shanghai Lu'an Printing Mud Technology" for 2007-2011 was formulated. ” Outline of five-year protection plan.

In June 2008, Shanghai Lu'an Ink Mud was selected as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects. In October, Gao Xiong and Fu Jiliang were recommended as representative successors of the first batch of intangible cultural heritage projects in Shanghai.

In 2009, Shen Peng, former chairman of the Chinese Calligrapher Association and a close friend of Fu Jiliang, inscribed "Imprinted clay of Guobao Lu'an" and "Imprinted clay of Fu Lu'an". Gao Xiong also deliberately wrote "The Origin of Run Lu'an Ink Mud" and named Fu Jiliang's Ink Mud "Run Lu'an Ink Mud".

In February 2009, Mr. Fu Jiliang, accompanied by his son, Mr. Fu Haixian, took his hand-made national treasure "Lu'an Printing Mud" to Beijing to attend the "Traditional Arts Exhibition of China's intangible cultural heritage". It was highly appreciated and cared by the leaders of the Party and the state, such as Li Lanqing and Liu Yandong, and urged the elderly to carry forward and inherit this skill.

In June 2009, Gao Xiong and Fu Jiliang were named as representative inheritors of the printing mud production technology (Shanghai Lu'an printing mud) of the national intangible cultural heritage project.

In 2010, Shanghai intangible cultural heritage protection center compiled "Lu'an printing clay production skills" and invited Mr. Fu Jiliang to personally shoot "Lu'an printing clay production skills feature film".

In November 2011, Mr. Fu Jiliang, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project printing mud production technology (Shanghai Lu'an printing mud), died. His son, Fu Haixian, collected the audio recordings of his father, Mr. Fu Jiliang, who taught the production of printing mud at Xiling Printing Society in Hangzhou in his early years, and donated them to the Shanghai Municipal Heritage Protection Center. And committed to the systematic inheritance and promotion of this special treasure of human civilization.

In May 2012, Mr. Fuhua, an 86-year-old old painter and founder of Shanghai Chinese Painting and Sculpture Academy, was invited to give a lecture on Lu'an Printing Mud and Chinese Painting to popularize the knowledge of Lu'an Printing Mud to the public.

In July 2012, Fu Haixian took part in the first "Non-Heritage" boutique auction held by Shanghai Duoyunxuan Auction House, sponsored by Shanghai intangible cultural heritage protection center, with Lu'an Yinmu made by his father in his early years. Three boxes of printing mud valued at thousands of yuan were eventually traded at 20,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan and 45,000 yuan, with an average value of 300 yuan per gram of printing mud, making them the biggest black horse in the audience. Jiang Shanyong, deputy director of the Culture Museum of Jing'an District, Shanghai, is not surprised by this. He said that before liberation, Lu'an printing mud had the saying of "one or two printing mud and one or two gold". Lu'an printing mud made by Fu Jiliang was never sold publicly and was mostly given to each other by high-end calligraphers and painters.

In September 2012, he was invited to participate in the "Shanghai Ethnic and Folk Culture Exposition 2012" sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Heritage Protection Center to actively promote the popularization of Lu'an clay printing.

In December 2012, at the autumn auction held by Xiling Seal Printing Society in 2012, Fu Jiliang, a famous modern and contemporary seal Carver and master of printing mud production, and a brochure of Huang Mufu Printing Spectrum, which was printed by Lu'an mud plate, were sold at the bottom price of 10,000 yuan, and the final transaction price was 120,000 yuan.

In January 2013, the unveiling ceremony of the Imprinting Mud Production Technology Seminar of Guobao Lu'an was held. Mr. Fu Haixian, the third generation representative successor of the national intangible cultural heritage project Imprinting Mud Production Technology (Shanghai Lu'an Imprinting Mud), the son of Fu Jiliang, participated in the ceremony and donated Shen Peng's original calligraphy mark of Imprinting Mud of Guobao Lu'an.

In June 2013, Fu Haixian was recognized by the relevant departments of Shanghai Municipal Non-Heritage as the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project printing mud production technology (Shanghai Lu'an printing mud) at the district level, and issued a certificate.

In September 2013, under the impetus of Jing'an District Cultural Bureau and Education Bureau, Guobao Lu'an Ink Mud Tradition Institute was married to Shanghai May 4th Middle School, a century-old famous school. A "Lu'an Ink Mud Tradition Workshop" was set up in the school, which made non-relics enter the campus. The lecture was given by Fu Haixian himself.

In June 2013, the relevant departments of Shanghai Municipal Non-Heritage Site in Fuhaixian were recognized as the representative inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage project printing mud production technology (Shanghai Lu'an printing mud) at the district level, and issued certificates.

On March 17, 2016, in response to the call of "non-heritage teaching materials" advocated by the Ministry of Culture, a school-based teaching material Seminar on "Lu'an printing clay making techniques" was held in Shanghai No.54 Middle School. The seminar included the non-heritage sites of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting, Shanghai School Outreach, Shanghai Municipal Non-heritage Protection Center, Shanghai Collectors Association, Shanghai Jing'an District Museum of Culture and History, Shanghai, Shanghai. Many leaders, such as Hai Education Press and Shanghai May 4th Middle School, participated in the discussion and actively gave their opinions and suggestions. The book will soon be published by Shanghai Education Publishing House.

On March 22, 2016, Lu'an Yinmu was invited to participate in the National Invitation Exhibition of Inheritance of the Inheritance of intangible Cultural Heritage, which was held at the Shanghai Beach Art Museum. The exhibition gathered more than 200 pieces of fine arts and crafts from 57 non-heritage protection units and inheritors in China. The exhibition is co-planned and organized by the China intangible cultural heritage protection center and the Shanghai Muyilin Museum of Silk Painting and Film and Television Administration. The exhibition is co-planned and organized by the Shanghai intangible cultural heritage protection center, the Shanghai intangible cultural heritage protection association, the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Industry Association and Muyilin Museum of Silk Painting and Art. Mr. Fu Haixian personally produced three types of printing paste, namely cinnabar, Zhu Gong and Hehe, as well as the printing spectrum and Tibetan stamps of the derivatives of printing paste, to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition lasted for nearly a month and was well received.

On April 22, 2016, Lu'an Yinmu was invited to attend the first Macau International Exposition of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ancient Art for 5 days. At the Venetian Golden Light Exhibition Center, Macau, a large number of non-relic exquisite works from many countries in the world and mainland China were gathered. This "grand" exhibition was unprecedented and produced by Mr. Fu Haixian himself. Once on display, Zhu Sha and Zhu Gong printing mud attracted countless eyes, and demonstrated the production of semi-finished products of Lu'an printing mud.

On April 24, 2016, Lu'an Yinmu, manufactured by Mr. Fu Haixian himself, participated in the second "Non-Heritage" Boutique Auction in Shanghai, sponsored by the Shanghai intangible cultural heritage protection center and sponsored by the Shanghai auction house. Two boxes of mud with an estimated price of 5,000 yuan were finally traded at 31,000 yuan and 32,000 yuan, with an average value of 300 yuan per gram of mud, which became the most expensive auction item in the whole venue and continued the myth of auction many years ago. Once again confirm the statement of "one or two mud and one or two gold".


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