Population of Mianyang

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Population of Mianyang

By the end of 2018, the total number of households in Mianyang was 2 million 61 thousand and 800, and the registered residence population was 5 million 362 thousand. At the end of the year, there were 4.857 million permanent residents, with the urbanization rate of 52.53%, 1.52% higher than that at the end of the previous year. In that year, 49827 people were born and 37377 died. The natural growth rate of population was 2.3 ‰.


Secretary of the municipal Party committee: Liu Chao

Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor: Yuan Fang

Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee: Liu Guangqiang, Xu Jincheng (temporary)

Executive vice mayor: Yan Chao

Vice mayors: LV Jian, Zhou Shu, Jiang Liying, Zhao Yingchun, Luo Meng, Liao Xuemei, Zheng Zhiheng

Secretary General: Liu Jiang

(as of October 2020)