Plant resources in Guangan

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Plant resources in Guang'an

The forest vegetation in Guang'an City belongs to the vegetation area of evergreen broad-leaved forest and coniferous broad-leaved mixed forest in the middle subtropics. Gymnosperms include Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Ginkgo biloba and Metasequoia in Mesozoic, and Taxodiaceae in Cenozoic. The angiosperms include the families of sericeae, Celastraceae, rhamniaceae, Aceraceae, Magnoliaceae, Lauraceae, beech family, Hamamelidaceae, Betulaceae, Juglandaceae, stephaniaceae, rhododendraceae; in the Cenozoic, there are Celastraceae, illiaceae, tea family, calyx family, benzoaceae, Verbenaceae, bauxitaceae, purple fern family, Polygalaceae, Meliaceae, chimonaceae, etc. According to the investigation of forest resources, there are 392 species of plants (excluding nearly 1000 kinds of medicinal plants) in the territory, belonging to six categories of ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms, belonging to 116 families, including 12 families and 18 species of pteridophytes, 8 families and 27 species of gymnosperms and 96 families and 347 species of angiosperms. The types of forest vegetation in the territory include subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest, coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest, evergreen leaf forest, coniferous mixed forest, bamboo forest, shrub and artificial vegetation, etc. There are 2 kinds of national protected plants, including 2 species of Eucalyptus spinulosa, 2 species of rare plants under national protection.