Penglai Ocean Polar World

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Penglai Ocean Polar World

Penglai Ocean Polar World is located at the foot of Penglai Danya Mountain. It is adjacent to the famous Penglai Pavilion. It is invested by Penglai Haifeng Industrial Co., Ltd. for 460 million yuan. It is a comprehensive exhibition hall with ornamental, entertaining, interesting, thrilling and reflecting marine culture and marine science and technology. The exhibition area covers an area of 518,000 square meters. It is divided into 14 exhibition halls, including Tropical Rainforest Hall, Polar Hall, Shark Hall, Dolphin and Dolphin Dolphin Lion Hall, Turtle Hall, Seal Hall, Underwater Theatre, Four-Dimensional Motion Theatre, Multimedia Exhibition Hall and so on. It contains more than 1,000 rare marine organisms from equatorial Tropical Rainforest to Arctic Polar

Introduction of library area

In Asia's largest rainforest hall, waterfalls, tall bushes and fierce crocodiles will take you into a mysterious and dangerous world. Through the time tunnel of Penglai Ocean Polar World, you will arrive at the Polar Pavilion. In the white snow and ice world, polar bears, beluga whales, penguins, walruses and sea lions live freely.

The world's largest cylindrical cylinder and polymorphic submarine tunnel make visitors feel like they are in the blue sea. Nearly 1,000 species of marine organisms are within reach, and the beautiful underwater world is in full view.

Shark Hall, Hundred Seals Island, Turtle Island and mysterious, gorgeous seabed corals, let you experience different marine customs!

The Mermaid in the underwater theatre shuttles through the colorful ocean kingdom, which is amazing.

In the dolphin and sea lion performance hall, the funny sea lion, the intelligent dolphin exciting performance, the scene is hot, let you fully feel the wisdom of marine animals!

China's largest Popular Science Museum covers an area of more than 4200 square meters. It has nine exhibition areas, such as multimedia center, 4D dynamic cinema and exhibition hall of popular science museum. Through dynamic and static methods, you can learn more about the ocean, improve your awareness of ecological protection, protect the ocean and ecology, and leave a better and larger living space for future generations.

Tropical Rainforest Museum, Polar Zoo, Seabed World, Underwater Theatre, Big Cylinder, Exquisite Museum, Shark Museum, Turtle Museum, Seal Island, Multimedia Center, 4D Motion Cinema, Popular Science Museum, Dolphin and Dolphin Lion Museum, take you to perceive the ocean, approach animals, and live in harmony with nature!

Tropical Rainforest Hall

In the tropical rain forest hall, ferocious crocodiles and pythons make people feel thrilling and exciting; hippos'underwater space walk creates a kind of free-wheeling mood; the flowing waterfalls, cloudy jungles and ancient vines, karst caves and other landscapes show tourists the tropical rain forest scene of the Amazon River Basin in South America.

Polar Zoo

At the Polar Zoo, the penguins, weighing up to a ton of sea lions and polar bears, make visitors feel as if they are in the snow-capped polar world.

Through more than 100 meters of submarine tunnels, into the center of the ocean world. There are thousands of marine organisms from all over the world. The beautiful undersea scenery makes you dissolve into the mysterious and vast blue ocean; the wonderful performance of mermaid makes tourists more relaxed and happy, lingering and forgetting to return. The splendid performances of sea lions and dolphins bring tourists'interest to a climax. The sea lion counts, raises hands and rushes to answer quickly and accurately; the beach volleyball is exciting and fierce; the dolphin's underwater ballet, jumping and surfing, all show the beautiful pictures of human and nature, human and animal harmony and tacit understanding.

Science and Technology Zone

In addition to the large-scale exhibition area, Penglai Marine Polar World has also set up special interactive areas, sample areas and scientific research halls, highlighting the interactive, participatory and educational nature, undertaking the functions of disseminating knowledge of marine life and marine biological research to tourists, so that tourists can not only enjoy marine life, but also enter the ocean more, understand the ocean, and also for endangered marine animals. The domestication and breeding of species, grounding and rescue of marine organisms by mistake have created a platform.

Advantages of scenic spots

Penglai Ocean Polar World Penglai Ocean Polar World invested 460 million yuan, exhibited an area of 528,000 square meters, where nearly 1,000 species of marine organisms from all over the world are gathered. It is a comprehensive exhibition hall integrating ornamental, interesting, entertaining, intellectual and popular science education. It belongs to the whole country in terms of specifications and contents.

Flowing waterfalls, tall and dense jungles, you seem to have reached the primitive forests of the Amazon River Basin in South America. In this mysterious and dangerous tropical rainforest, there are hippos in the Amazon River Basin of South America, which are endemic to Africa. Limbs are short and thick, the body is like a thick barrel. The nostrils are on the same plane as the eyes and ears above the kiss end, so that when they are in water, they can smell, listen, see and breathe by exposing the top of their head. Their underwater and space-like walking creates a kind of artistic conception that makes people travel alone. Crocodiles are the king of the swamp ecological environment. They are extremely dangerous and powerful enough to crush a bison. Their horror is horrible.

Through the time tunnel of Penglai Ocean Polar World, through time and space, arrived at the Polar Pavilion. In the white ice and snow world, there are many polar marine organisms such as polar bears, penguins, sea lions, etc. Polar bears are the king of icebergs, the most King polar animals in the Arctic Circle, it is the bears that do not hibernate, and it is the first time that polar bears have visited the peninsula since ancient times. The North Sea Lion, which weighs more than a ton, is astonishing in its size.

In the oceanic polar world of Penglai, there is the largest oceanic cylinder in Asia. Here, you can see the coral scenery of the South Sea. Don't think that coral reefs are minerals. They are truly animal relics. Some large coral reefs are the result of the accumulation of coral families over several generations. And not all corals are branched, their colours vary with species, with a variety of shapes and shapes. Corals not only build the beautiful coral reefs in the ocean, but also create the charming coral islands. It is these skilled craftsmen who built the imperial garden of the Dragon King. It's amazing to see the magic of the ocean world. The polymorphic submarine tunnel seems to place visitors in the blue sea. Nearly 1,000 kinds of marine organisms, large groups of gentian, round swallow and military Cao float among them. They are within reach and have a good view of the beautiful underwater world. There are hundreds of fierce lemon sharks, nurse sharks and sucker sharks in the Shark House of the Polar Ocean World. Sharks are the most dangerous marine animals in the world. They are ferocious and quick to kill other fish and people. It dominates the waters and is a terrible killer in the sea!

Seals are strong survivors in the ocean. Seals are large in size and can be divided into many species, such as parrot seals and giant elephant seals. Seals are stubborn and temperamental, but they are very cute. You can make close contact with them on the island of seals in Penglai Ocean Polar World.

Traffic information

Penglai Ocean Polar World Self-driving Route:

Shanghai Direction: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway-Ninglian Expressway-Tongsan Expressway-Weiwu Expressway-Penglai Exit-down-northward straight to Penglai Long-distance Bus Station-Haigang Road-scenic spot along scenic spot sign to the west, and the scenic spot can be reached about 20 minutes after descending the expressway.

Beijing Direction: Beijing-Fuzhou, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway - Jiqing Expressway - Weilai Expressway - Weiwu Expressway - Penglai Exit - Go northward to Penglai Long-distance Bus Station - Haigang Road - Scenic Spot, it takes about 20 minutes to get off the Expressway.

Penglai Ocean Polar World Bus Route:

1. Get off at Ocean World Station by No. 5 bus in the city.

2. At the intersection of Penglai Long-distance Bus Station, there are tourist buses of Penglai Ocean Polar World. Passengers who come to visit are free to ride.

3. The Penglai taxi starts at 7 yuan. At the North intersection of the bus station, there are Penglai Ocean Polar World tourist buses. Passengers who come to visit are free to ride.

4. There are sightseeing buses to go out and other scenic spots in Penglai.

Practical information

The market price is 150 yuan.

Opening hours 7:00-19:00 a.m.

Children's 1.2m-1.4m discount ticket - $80 per person.

Active servicemen have valid certificates of 80 yuan per person; elderly people have old age certificates or identity cards of more than 80 yuan per person over 65 years of age.

Military disability certificate 80 yuan per person.


No. 88 Haigang Road East, Penglai City, Yantai City, Shandong Province

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