Pearl rice paste

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Pearl rice paste  

Pearl rice paste is a delicacy. The main raw material of this dish is fresh pearl rice. The main condiment of this dish is sugar. This dish is mainly made by boiling.

Raw materials:

Fresh pearl rice 250 grams, sugar appropriate amount. Practice:

1. Wash Pearl rice, mash (mixer mixing) into pulp;

2. Put the pearl rice syrup into the boiling water pot, stirring constantly, putting in the appropriate amount of sugar, and cook it.

Invigorate the spleen and nourish the stomach, nourish yin and moisten dryness. It is suitable for the patients with insufficient spleen and kidney after operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and treatment of various cancers. The symptoms include weakness, lack of diet, depression and fatigue, thirst and dry throat.

A dosage:

Eat as you like.