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No. 20 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Postal code: 200002

Telephone: (86)(21) 5101 3030


Peace Hotel is a landmark building in Shanghai. Located at No. 20 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, it is the first modern building in the history of modern architecture in Shanghai. It has the most distinctive nine-nation style suites and many distinctive restaurants, banquet halls, multi-functional halls, bars, roof sightseeing gardens and so on.

Peace Hotel is the first world famous hotel in China. Its turnover reached 188 million yuan in 2005, generating 66.68 million yuan and receiving 101,468 guests.

Basic introduction

The two buildings at the East intersection of Nanjing in Shanghai are called Peace Hotel. Peace Hotel North Building was built in 1929, formerly known as Huamao Hotel. It belongs to the Gothic architecture of Chicago School. It is 77 meters high and has twelve floors. The hotel is located at the intersection of Nanjing East Road and Bund in Shanghai. In 1929, Victor Sassoon, a Jewish businessman, conceived and founded a hotel called the Cathay Hotel, which later became the Peace Hotel.

Designed by Palmer & Turner, an architect of the Gothic Chicago School, the roof featured a green copper sheath at 77 meters above sea level. The exterior wall is made of granite blocks. It is entered by the revolving hall door. The floor of the hall is paved with milky white Italian marble. The top of the hall is bronze carved chandelier. It is luxurious and elegant. It has the reputation of "the first floor of the Far East".

The South Building of the Peace Hotel, originally Huizhong Hotel, is located at No. 23 East Nanjing Road with the main entrance near the 19th side door of the Bund. Built in 1908, Renaissance style

Construction history

On April 1, 2007, Peace Hotel suspended its room booking business in preparation for the comprehensive closure and renovation that will begin in the first half of the year.

As an important business card of the Bund World Architecture Complex and Shanghai's historical and cultural heritage, for a time, this century-old hotel has become the focus of attention, and set off an unprecedented upsurge of hotel cultural nostalgia. After three years of extensive renovation, the hotel's facade, marble floors, carved roofs, bronze chandeliers in the hall and other classical elements of "peace culture" are all retained, while the quality of service is further upgraded to become a "world classic hotel".

On July 28, 2010, after three years of renovation and a cost of HK$500 million, the Peace Hotel, once known as the First Floor of the Far East, was officially reopened as a 100-year-old landmark building on the Shanghai beach. Although the renovated hotel retains the Chinese name of "Peace Hotel", its English name has been changed to "Fairmont Peace Hotel" (Fairmont Peace Hotel). The elegantly decorated rooms and Suites combine modern technology with the most luxurious and comfortable accommodation facilities to give you an unparalleled Hotel tour. Luxury suites or premium suites offer a panoramic view of the Huangpu River and the Bund; the renowned nine-nation Suites record the immortal legend of the Old Peace Hotel; and the Sasson presidential suite on the top floor, once the place where Victor Sassoon, the original founder of the hotel lived.


After the completion of the hotel, Shanghai is famous for its luxury. It mainly receives celebrities from the financial, business and social circles of various countries. For example, General Marshall and Principal Stuart of the United States, Noel Coward's masterpiece Private Life was written in the Peace Hotel. In the 1930s and 1940s, Lu Xun and Song Qingling came to the hotel to meet foreign friends Chaplin and Bernard Shaw.

After liberation, the hotel reopened in 1956 and was named Peace Hotel. Peace Hotel has renovated and renovated its guest rooms and restaurants, while its architectural style remains the same as it did in the past. The guests staying here seem to be in the tunnel of time. They are imagining in the fusion and staggering of modern and traditional, fashionable and retro-historic.

Peace Hall, a typical Baroque Palace style.

Jazz bar, a typical English country bar, is famous for the performance of the old jazz band. The average age of the six musicians in the Peace Old Jazz Band is over seventy-five years old, and they have been on the Peace Hotel since the 1980s. Heads of State and Government of Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Finland, Spain and other countries have all visited.

Sassoon Pavilion, a private suite of the British Jewish Alice Victor Sassoon, is now the hotel's high-end banquet hall.

Longfeng Hall telephone booth, where the building is a dome, adopts the principle of acoustic echo in ancient Chinese architecture.

Historical evolution

In 1854 (the fourth year of Xianfeng in Qing Dynasty), the Southern Building of Peace Hotel, named "Central Hotel", was the first hotel with catering industry built by overseas Chinese in Shanghai.

On March 8, 1906, the Huizhong Hotel in the South Building of the Peace Hotel was rebuilt, with the earliest sanitary facilities and two elevators in Shanghai, as well as the earliest roof garden in Shanghai.

In 1909, Britain, the United States, France and other countries held a universal anti-smoking conference in Huizhong Hall.

In 1911, Sun Yat-sen went to Nanjing to take office as the interim president of the Republic of China. He attended the welcoming conference held in Huizhong Hall by all walks of life in Shanghai, and put forward the famous slogan "Revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard".

In 1926, the North Building of Peace Hotel began to be built.

In 1927, Chiang Kai-shek and Song Meiling held an engagement ceremony in Huizhong Hall.

On September 5, 1929, the North Building of the Peace Hotel was built and opened. Its cost exceeded 2.48 million yuan of silver. It has the reputation of "the first floor of the Far East".

In August 1933, Mr. Lu Xun, a Chinese writer, walked upstairs from here and met with Sir Marland of England.

In March 1936, American comedian Charlie Chaplin, the heroine of Modern Times, Pauline Gaudai, checked in to room 51 (room 568).

One of the most famous plays by British playwright Sir Noel Coward, Private Life, was written in Room 314.

Jiuxiao Hall, the hotel's high-level banquet hall, decorated with top-grade Larick art glass, the restaurant's outdoor balcony is the best place to view the Bund, Huangpu River and Pudong. It has received many heads of state and government at home and abroad.

In 1956, the Soviet naval fleet visited China and entered the Peace Hotel from the East Gate.

The Indian Navy fleet in 1957 and US President Bill Clinton in 1998 also entered through the East Gate.

In 1960, Marshal Bernard Montgomery of England visited China. He stayed in room 72 (room 778) on his way through Shanghai. During his stay in China, Chairman Mao Zedong met him.

In October 1963, the former Prime Minister of Japan, Zhansan Ishikahashi, once stayed in room 62 (room 678 now).

In January 1964, Premier Zhou Enlai met with French Prime Minister Edgar Full in the Ninth Hall. A few days later, China and France announced the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Premier Zhou Enlai worked in Room 742 in January 1965.

In 1971, the United States table tennis delegation was invited to visit China, stayed at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai, and held a grand welcome banquet in the Peace Hall.

Room 600-606 in this building was once the site of the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai

Chinese scientist Hua Luogeng once stayed in room 4403.

Hua Luogeng, a Chinese scientist, used to live in room 703.

Edgar Snow, an American journalist and author of A Journey to the West, traveled through Shanghai in 1960 and stayed in room 73 (room 788), then went to Beijing, where Chairman Mao Zedong met him.

In October 1987, Jiang Zemin was interviewed by American women journalists in Room 778.

American world boxing champion Mohammed Ali came to Shanghai with his wife in May 1994 and lived in room 643.

In 1988, Jiang Zemin held a banquet in the Peace Hall to welcome Mexican President Louis Echevilla.

On June 30, 1998, Shanghai Mayor Xu Kuangdi and his wife Hillary Clinton hosted a banquet at the Nine Xiao Hall.

In October 1998, Wang Daohan, President of the Association for Cross-Strait Relations, and Gu Zhenfu, Chairman of the Taiwan Strait Exchange Foundation, held the "Wang Ku Talks" in the Peace Hall.

Room facilities

Central air conditioning, alarm system, voice mail

Bar, safe, satellite TV

Domestic and International Long-distance and MODEM Interfaces

Wake-up, delivery, laundry and baby-watching services

The bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer

A fax machine is available in the administrative luxury room.

The bathroom in the suite is equipped with a massage bath.

Luxury rooms have two kinds of big bedrooms and double bedrooms, depending on the reservation.

Catering facilities

Peace Hotel has 18 Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, banquet halls and multi-functional conference halls, which can meet the needs of guests to hold various banquets, drinks, cold meals and conferences. Chinese cuisine is rich in variety. It serves Shanghai cuisine, Guangdong cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, especially Shanghai cuisine. Western food is French-style and is managed by French chefs. The conference hall has complete conference facilities, including slide projector, projector, video projector and simultaneous translation system. It is an ideal meeting place.

The catering department is divided into Jasmine bar, dragon and Phoenix hall, western restaurant, jazz bar, CIN CIN bar, VICTOR'S, banquet hall, each restaurant has its own characteristics.

Jasmine bar, to provide you with Chinese and Western tea, and a unique afternoon tea;

CIN CIN bar, very modern bar, here, you can choose one of hundreds of wines you like, coupled with a cigar, enjoy luxury life;

Jazz bar, get the deepest feeling and passion from the passionate performance of the famous old jazz band in Shanghai Beach.

Dragon and Phoenix Hall is a famous high-end Chinese restaurant in Shanghai. Provide the most classic Shanghai and Cantonese cuisine. Located on the 8th floor of the Peace Hotel, it has a classic and luxurious style and atmosphere. It is a nostalgic and charming place for guests and business contacts. There are four private compartments.

Huamao Pavilion, the predecessor of which was the "pickpocket" established in 1933, is a delicious place for Sir Sassoon and rich gentry around the world. It has been the top restaurant in Shanghai since the 1930s, where international politicians, celebrities and celebrities gather. Now it's European Restaurant.

VICTOR'S, named after the founder of the hotel, gives you dazzling Western Point.

Banquet hall, let you feel the luxury of classical Western-style palace in the East, Shanghai banquet preferred.