Panzhihua scenic spot

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Panzhihua scenic spot

Gesala Ecotourism Area

Gesala Ecotourism Area is a national AAAA tourist attraction, a provincial tourist resort and a provincial ecotourism area. It is located in the northwest of Panzhihua City, about 110 km away from the urban area. There are ten thousand acres of pines, azalea sea, Yi People's customs and Tiankeng floor drain.

Ertan National Forest Park

Ertan National Forest Park is a national AAAA tourist attraction and a national industrial tourism demonstration site. It is located next to Yanbian County, more than 20 kilometers away from the urban area. It is located on the Chengdu Emei Mountain Xichang Panzhihua Kunming tourism hotline. The scenic area has the reputation of "mountain like Three Gorges, water surpassing Lijiang River". The majestic power station, the misty blue lake, the surrounding green mountains and the wild virgin forest constitute an extraordinary natural ink landscape painting, which is like a fairyland on earth. It is known as "a hundred mile Gallery, two beaches of ink and water".

Zhuanxu Dragon Cave in Miyi

Zhuanxu Longdong scenic spot in Miyi County, located in Baima Town, Miyi County, is about 5km east of guabang exit of G5 Beijing Kunming expressway, about 90km away from the urban area. It is adjacent to Anning River in front and longcuban mountain in the back. It is named after Zhuanxu's hometown.